Friday, October 05, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well Ladies...all your hard work has finally got me to this, My First Digital Scrap Kit. Woo Hoo.... I would like to thank all the wonderful people I have meet along the way. To all of you that helped me jump all the hurdles, learn all the short cuts, and the right way to post some wonderful layouts from all my mentors. I started out by checking out a digital site my friend told me about, 3SCRAPATEERS. That was Lianne Carper's mother, telling me about all the beautiful things her daughter designed. Well I went out and bought Paint Shop Pro and started playing around with it. For the for some time all I did was copy and paste. Then after repeat returns to the 3S site, I found a call for mods. This way I could earn some kits and see what everyone was posting. About three months later I joined the Creative Team, where I first started working with my BEST FRIEND, Linda Walton. She worked so hard proofing everything I had to post...grammar is still bad but she has helped alot. After joining the CTeam,the events that followed kind of running together, Crops, Chats, Special events, and Challenges. Nearly a year had past and they had their Beach Retreat which I gladly attended. This was the first time meeting each other, the Diva's together in NC, at Brenda Cooks beautiful beach front home. meet and touch so many of the gals I had been emailing and chatting with. One of the most touching moment was getting to meet Karen Halgen, the big hugs was very tearful. We had a wonderful time. Stacey Kluczny even got to fly from Canada with her family the meet her two partners for the first time. It was a special time for all of us. Next, I was asked to join their Home Team, which is where I meet and start working with Kathy Brandt . What a wonderful time we had working on the newsletter and a monthly crop and challenge called Power Holidays, which we did for a whole year. During December of 2006 we started putting together 3Scrapateers first ezine . It was an awesome task but with Kathy's organizational skill things went pretty well. We pulled it off and the second ezine that came out a couple of month after the first and a newsletter in between. After almost three years with these ladies, I took a break on May of this learn in more depth how to design with PSCS2. So the Kit is made for you to see all the hard work you put into me, paid off. Now I want to take this moment to Thank YOU ALL, everyone of you who has touched my digital life, each in your own special way are so SPECIAL to me.

Brenda, Lianne and Stacey,
3SCRAPATEERS will always be part of my life and thank you so much for helping me shine my wings so that I can fly!