Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just a quick note...I have had a few of you say that the symbols link doesn't work. But each time I have read the comments, I have checked them and I have had no problem...So it must by 4share. Please keep trying but if you like email mail at and I will send you another link from mediafire. OH, I am beat...I just have my references to add to my first term paper to heand in by Sunday and I am done with all the assignments for thei week. I am a little nerves as I haven't wrote a paper like this in YEARS.....Have a wonderful Saturday and I will have some goodies for you as soon as I get this paper turned in...SWEET DREAMS and TTYL.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

FINALLY....FREEBIE Alpha is all decorated and Ready for YOU!

GOOD Morning everyone! It has been an exciting week so far. My first day in college went very well and learning my way around the virtual campus was really kind of fun. My first paper is do this Sunday and I am all finished except the references page...WOO HOO. As I said before now I wish I would of pay more attention to how my kids were to put their yearly science projects together, but I have it donw now. Not sure how many of you know that one of my CT's is my daughter, Dusty aka mikeyjavimami2124. Well, is she...LOL but she is attending college at AIU also. What a fast learner and smart girl, if I say so myself. It is so awesome to be able to share and learn together with her. Since she moved back to Florida and lived close for about the last year and a half we have become very close as friends. And what an awesome feeling that is as she was a real tough cookies as she was growing up. But has always been MY baby girl! (Love you sweetie)

Credit for layout: Kez

Check this out: This is the first Layout someone that has downoload Bugs Alive sent me a link to there layout....isn't she cute...THANK YOU SO Much for sharing with me...Awesome job on this layout! (Layout is linked to her blog!)

I finally finished this alpha last night. It turned out pretty cute I have to say so my self. I have removed the links for the first three posts to get them ready for my store for the first month of August. I will leave the alpha up until then as it is a pretty file in itself, so I won't need to change any of it.... I have alittle secret for YOU! month I have the Daily Download at The Scrapping Garden and It matchs this kit as well as a FREEBIE add on kit if you purchase one of my kits during the month of August from The Scrapping Garden...and yes I will have a discount on all my kit there TOO! WOO HOO so I just now came up with a name for the collection...My SUMMER FUN PACK. I will be posting the preview and link here next week!

MY new DailyDown Here on my blog!

P L U S....I will be starting a daily download here and I need your input...should I use the same color palette so it all matchs for the month of AUG or Start a new idea...? I am adding a poll on the top left of my blog for a few days where you can answer this question......PLEASE LEAVE YOUR VOTE!

AS always THANK YOU all for your love and support. Your kind words in your comments here and on 4share. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO COMMENT either place, but I hope you would comment here....ENJOY YOUR ALPHA and talk to you soon!

NEW DOWNLOAD Here CAPS (this one is NEW)

the lower case are repeats from before sorry if this was confusing

DOWNLOAD lower case and DOWNLOAD Symbols

(this is the same as I posted below)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good morning everyone! Just a quick note and to let you know all know (Jill thank you for posting about the missing letters) That I forgot to upload the symbols and numbers which include the lower case t u v ....I guess post so late at night isn't always good. So I am just Posting the link for that now ans posting you the rest when I get home from work as I need to make a preview.

My first day on the virual campus went well. I am enjoying this first class, as it is about business planning and how the affect the areas in which you open one. Being a bookkeeper for about 18 years for four different companys, it is easy for me so the reading is easy for me to understand. BUT MS Office 2007...that was a diffent story. As much as I have used Word, I didn't realize what all the little buttons across the top were for and didn't use them. It was funny as we have to type our assignment in a APA format and I had found a template on MS for it so I downloaded it and all those button at the top changed...couldn't found anything. Point being, it sure wasn't like the old school typing class. TOO many options. LOL...Well ladies and gents I need to get off to work so I will leave you with the missing parts of you alpha until tonight.

DOWNLOAD Missing Alpha and symbols and numbers