Friday, October 09, 2009

Hi everyone,

Wow what a busy couple of seems like every time I want to get back to scrapping and designing, someone in the family has something else going on. I have been to high school football games to see my grandson march in the band, JV basketball games where Brittany is cheer-leading and spending as much time with my "boys' as much as I can. BUT to be honest, I am so enjoying my family so much. Of course they are all sick of the camera being in their face but I tell them as long as I am keeping this up, I am gathering memories to preserve to future generation.....

OK, now down to business. Charlie's Digiscraps just released a new kit at Digiscrap Obsession today. What a super versatile kit this one is. I just downloaded it yesterday and did up one for Charlie last night and two more today. AWESOME job Charlie....I love this one a lot.

True Love is on sale at DSO for a release price of 50% off. So go over and get it on sale TODAY!
Tomorrow I will be back with a couple of goodies for you from ALL BOY and ALL BOY ADD-ON and remember my FRESH NOW LOOK BUNDLE is on sale for $4.00 at Designs By Sassy.

REMINDER of the "DAYS GONE BY" Challenge Lind ans I have going on through the month of OCT. See links ABOVE postings....Night all!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I know to some of you this is a day later than I said but we had just a few more things to make sure we had it all setup right for you. We now have our own Forum and Gallery which Linda aka Bon Scrapatit Design, Sarah aka Designs By Sassy and myself came together calling it SCRAPLAND EXPRESS. In order to keep the monthly challenge which Linda and I started last month going the Forum and Gallery are still under construction but We all hope that you join us in OCTOBER'S Challenge. The links above are to registries to Scrapland Express Forum and Gallery as you will need to register before the other links will work for you.

Monthly Blog Challenge
with Bon Scrapatit Designs and Snowsmoon's Design

This month's *DAYS GONE BY* challenge is for y'all to create a layout (one page, two-page spread OR more!) telling about one (or several) of your FAVORITE memories in celebrating the Autumn/Fall season! I realize that half of the world is now in their summer months, however, you can still scrap a FAVORITE Autumn/Fall memory with us!

A few ideas might include a Halloween carnival, trick-or-treating, a trip to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, a Harvest celebration at church, a barn dance, raking leaves, a sports event, apple-picking and/or baking apple pies. How about a VERY special holiday and/or celebration in your community and/or country OR, perhaps, even a TRIP somewhere out-of-town or out of the country! Did you travel to see an area noted for it's BEAUTIFUL Autumn/Fall foliage? Surprise us!

Once you have completed your layout according to the GUIDELINES, upload you "masterpiece(s)" HERE and then return to this thread to post your link. If you need assistance in how to post your gallery link, see GUIDELINES.

Below is a preview of this month's Posting Bonus

I will be back tonight to add permanent links to the Forum Challenge and Gallery...and of course a couple goodies for you as well. Make sure you keep watch for Linda to post as well as she has a little goodie for you too....poor gal was up til wee hours of the morning making sure all was posted and working for us.