Saturday, January 31, 2009


Day 29- First sighting of the nest.
Day 30 - First Sighting of an Eagle on a near by power line.
Day 31- At first I just saw this one in the nest peaking out over the side.

DAY 31 part 2 THERE IS A PAIR of EAGLES...

I am so excited to be able to share my exciting update on the eagles. Two days ago I spotted a new Eagles nest on the main road to our subdivision. which I explained to you a couple of days ago, well yesterday I spotted one of the Eagles on a near by power line. So I decided to go check out the site to see if I could see anything today. Well on my way to the store I spotted what I thought was one of the Eagles peaking hi head of the side of the nest. But as I was returning home I stopped on the other side of the site, and WOW...Both Male and Female...I have these photos zoomed in almost the full 18x zoom, so they are not really as clear as I would like but I didn't realize how exciting it would be. I am thinking of going to the wild life refuge next weekend if it is warmer, to see what I can see out there. It is out by the space center and their are two really big returning pair of Eagles that nest out there as well. So we will see.

Grandma Eldona and I are taking Xander to the Zoo tomorrow so his other grandma can spend some time with him.

I will be back to post you some more goody but would like to say Thank you gals (3) so far that have sent in layouts from my Heritage kits I have been posting for the last month or so...I will make a slide show as soon as I get a few more, if I don't get anymore, I will post them anyway. Lets give it another week.

ENJOY the rest of your weekend and the SUPER Bowl fans have a wonderful time tomorrow.

Until Later, thank you all for your support.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Freebies for Romantic Heritage and Spotting an Eagle's nest

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to see all that is enjoying this new kit that I have decided to post the rest of the kit now for you. The elements and both Alpha's posted here for you to download. Now I need something for you. LAYOUTS.... I have posted three Heritage kit over the last month and I would really love to have some layouts to show off. If you email me a preview size of your layout I will send you some more goodies.... email them to by February 12th so that I can make a slide show to added to my blog. I am asking you to email them so that I can send you a thank you gift personally. THANK YOU for all your support.

I have to share my Day 29 photo with you as I am really excite of what I found. Living in Florida, I have seen many flying Eagles, posted on fence posts, the ones in the Zoo, but I found a new Eagle nest today less than a 1/4 mile from my house. It is funny as I had seen this Eagle a few mornings, but by the time I could get the car stopped and camera in hand, of course it was out of sight. But tonight on my way home from work as I was driving the main road to my subdivision and going over the railroad track to my right are BIG power lines. I noticed something that looked like a Ospreys nest but as I got closer, the nesting material was too big for what they usually use. (we have lot of them on the highways in our area). So this is what I explains why I have seen this Eagle flying in the same area more than once..... I am not sure if I had told you but I love watching birds of prey flying and in the wild. Something about their ease and gliding seem to give me a since of peace and freedom feeling. I will for sure to be watch this nest is new pair of Eagles as this nest has not been there long.OK, enough are your goodies.

New Blog Freebie..........ROMANTIC HERITAGE

Well, it is late but I made it back...I finally got the preview finished and papers uploaded and ready. I hope that you enjoy this one...I just love the soft but heritage look to it.

I will be back tomorrow with the elements and more information on what I have in the works. Sweet Dreams Until tomorrow.Download the papers here

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I just wanted to share this with you today...A sale and crop at Treasure to Scap for more information. Check back to night you a new kit I have in store for you....HUGS and have a great Day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Freebie Alpha for Hearts As One link Fixed.

A quick up of you has noticed that the lowercase Q is not in the alpha set for Hearts As one....I have uploaded the Alpha again and the link is called RevisedAlpha....Here it is I will be back later with a little goodie for you in the morning.
Hearts As One

Monday, January 26, 2009

by Mel's Lightbulb Moments (Mel Haines) and A Work in Progress (Vicki Parker)

I wanted to share a few layouts and kits that my good friends are sharing from their blogs and a new kit Mel has in her store. I feel bad that I didn't upload these to her gallery in time for her to post them on her blog post so I am post tonight to show you what she is offering to share with Scrapland.

I love this little collab Mel and Vicki did together. The color palette is awesome and the papers are outstanding. Since I am on Mel's Creative team I have did a layout of only her part of the kit and I have one started that I will be back to post to show you with Vicki's part.....Click on the images, and it will take you to their blogs. There you will see all the awesome work their CT have done as well.
Down by the Lily Pond by Mel and Vicki

I used the photo I took on Day 23 of my project 365. I was on my way home form work and stopped by the roadside park to see if I could find some wild life or some interesting to take for my project and stood there by the water looking over the river. It was so calm and peaceful...but a cold day so I didn't see much wild life as I usually do so I thought I need to get creative here as it was almost getting too dark to photograph anything....the rivers edges, so calm and clear I could see the bottom even through the that was it. Day 23, The River's Edge.

Next is a mew kit Mel has in her store at !Scrapbook. What a wonderful kit to scrap the one you "Forever Love".
Forever Love by Mel Haines in her store at !scrapbook
This is my sister, Amber, on her special day in 2002 (no, I don't remember the date, CRS has really been in full swing lately).....they looked so happy then as they both seem even more in love now.

I will be back with a layout with A Work in Progress, Vicki Parkers part of the collab her and Mel did "Down by the Lily Pond". You can get her part if you click on the image below...Be Back soon!
Please make sure that you leave these gals lots of love by posting a comment on their blogs...and thank you so much for stopping by. Thank all of you that has stopped by to collect my freebies the last couple of days. I see that a lot of you have been collecting and I appreciate all the lovely comments here on my blog as well as on 4share....I will have a new goodie for you in a couple of days.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am Back...with your Alpha for "Hearts As One".

I have been a busy scrapper today, I just relaxed and decided to sit back and do some layouts today when I got home from my little get away. I had a wonderful time. Visited with a friend, helped her move a few things, she took me out to dinner and we went to see a play at the Melbourne Theatrical (local theather group). The play was called "Driving Miss Daisy". It was really enjoyable. I had never been to one as I explained my last post...I hope to go see another soon with her. She and her partner belong to the group and they have a great time together. Then we went to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream so that I could share my (new) favorite ice cream with them, "Strawberry Cheesecake".

I stopped by to see the grandbabies on the way home and boy they were so excited to see "Grandmama". Mikey was hanging out the door and Baby Javi was standing on the steps, "Grandmama, Grandmama is here." And my little man, Xander standing in the door way, reaching for me as he always is....I love being greeted so lovingly. After our usual hugs and kisses and a few pictures, as Grandma can't wait to capture their sweet little faces all happy, Xander started climbing on the coffee table, that they had just moved back in the living room since Xander started crawling. He got so mad because mommy won't let him climb on it, I got this picture in the first layout below. I did it with a freebie I collected from Sarah of Sweet Blossom Designs. You can find it HERE.

Here is "Xander's Mad Face" layout is did. Thank you so much Sara, this freebie is wonderful and awesome to work with.Credits: Numb3er by Sweet Blossoms Design
TITLED: Xander's Mad Face.

This next one I did for my MOM for Mother's Day...yes a little ahead of myself, but I made this with Bon Scrapatit's Blog Freebie "Love me Tender" and Just had to use it for my mom, as it is her favorite colors and I know she would love. The photos were the ones the three of us had made this past summer when my sister and I went to visit her. I called this one Treasured Memories.

Credits: Love Me Tender by Bon Scrapatit Designs

This one is Hearts As One and I used a template I had got for a challenge but I can't remember where I got it from...I do know who's template it is. Credits for template goes to Mandak and her blog is HERE.

Here is one I did with my new Freebie. I would like you to know that the picture of me and Dusty was taken by Mikey, he is five and really thought he was something, getting to use grandma's new camera. Not too bad...I guess.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this kit as much as I did making it your alpha is below. Remember tomorrow is Monday and Mel and Vicki has a new Collab coming is so cute. Make sure you check it out.

Hearts as One by Snowsmoon's Design
Enjoy and I will be back soon with something new for you....just give me a few days to finish it up. HUGS and thank you all soe stopping by and leaving all the wonderful comments here on my blog. I surely treasure them....Good Night.