Saturday, April 26, 2008

Well, I was MIA tonight as my daughters and I decided to start doing some paper scrapping. I really enjoyed spending time with them. We laughted and talk about old time and managed to get a page or two put together. Infact they both got two pages finished.

Dusty's First Papers scrapping_page one
Here is her second.

This one is Jessica. I am very proud of her...this is have very first Scrappig (Dusty does do digi scrapping) but Jessica hasn't tried it at all.

Envolope I made ....

This one is mine. My First Paper Scrapping...

..Digital is the way to go...this took all night.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Just wanted you to know that the crop went well. Lynn and I had quite a few show up. Make sure you stop by the Scrapping Garden to get you My Little Boy kit for $2.10 and check out the forum for the challenge that goes along with it.

Well, I think Kathy and I have pretty well go the Creative Team straighten out and She has offered to be my CT Leader. Thank you Kathy for all the hard work you have done to get me on the right track with my CCT. and GIRLS you are doing a wonderful job! I hope I didn't miss anyone layouts for comments, but I will get over and check things out over the weekend.

PK, I have another Quick Page for you from my two new releases...well one of them are in my stores. The kit is A Mothers Love and a few things for DSG May megas that is not yet released. We will be working hard over the weekend, getting things ready for NDS and Mothers. Digital Scrap Garden is having a BIG, DID I say BIG HUGE contest and A Beautiful Mega kit that we are hiding all over the site. Keep watch for more information.....Speaking of DGS..We have a new LOOK....check it out Here. We had a Big upgrade for our forum. It is really nice and Dawne did an AWESOME job with the graphic....until next til.

I hope you like this one! Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chat Invitation and Something for YOU....Freebie
I would like to invite you to join us at The Scrapping Garden for a New Month Crop we are having tonight called "Quick Page Swap with Dawn & Lynn". Lynn and I have created a colab kit called "My Little Boy". Basically you purchase the kit for $2.10, Make a 8x8 QP and a 4x6 BragBook page and you will receive all this: My Little Boy Scrap Kit, at least 10 8x8 QP and at least 10 4x6 bragbook pages. WOW what a deal! If you join use at the chat you will also get 6 element Freebies which match the kit, along what a link to get a few a papers from both Lynn and my Designer Sampler Freebies.

And here is the first of many Special Mothers Days Surprise I have in store for you. I hope to see you at the crop tonight in The Scrapping Garden Chatroom at 9pm EST.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Gift FOR YOU....FREEBIE Mini Kit!

Going on In MY World......Freebie Mini Kit Called, A GIFT FOR YOU!

COMING SOON to all MY STORES...This week at the intro price of 25% off til April 25th. " A Mother's Love"

HI everyone...I hoped to have gotten here sooner to update this, but have been helping my new CTs get organized in a group. Which my Lead Ct, Kathy Brandt is doing a wonderful job helping me set up.

Scrap Kit Challenge for the our Theme this month...Newborn Wonder. The gals did a wonderful job putting this theme together...You'll have to stop by our site May first for a TON of Freebies, as we share our creations with everyone for the whole. This one is a wonderful huge Baby challange.

Digital Scrap Garden -Sneek preview of my part of A new mega kit for our National Scrapbooking Day, May 3 at Digital Scrap Garden. We are having a BIG Contest..You have to keep watching here or on the site for more information, but we are giving away a $50.00 Gift CERTIFATE for a SHUTTERFLY printed Story Book, which included enough for a 20 page 8x8 story Book and SHIPPING! All the designer are hard at work getting this MEGA Kit together and you will be getting it FREE on NSD day by looking for all the piece through out the site and Then posting a layout with ONLY the pieces to this kit....that will enter you in the drawing we are having on Mother's DAY. You will have one week to get your layouts post to our gallery, and you name added to the drawing. Keep checking here or on the site for more information!

The Scrapping Garden -A new challenge that I have started with another designer at The Scrapping Garden, Lynn Reloza called "QuickPage Swap with Laynn and Dawn" Keep checking for a kit preview, as Lynn has not posted the information yet. This was my first colab kit I have done with another designer, what CT's can hardly wait to post their Layout with this adorable kit called, "My Little Boy" ! PLEASE stop by our chat for LOTS of fun and of course...Lots of FREEBIES! April 23, at 9pm EST. Looks like they had lots of Fun.
Treasures To Scrap- I donated my first Treasure Chest Mega Kit which my CT LOVED...Please see below another Slide show of there work on this BEAUTIFUL kit....I can't wait to see the rest...The Mega Kit will be released, May 1.

" A GIFT FOR YOU"...I hope you enjoy it and Please email me your links to anything you have made with my freebies. Your downloads are H*E*R*E, H*E*R*E and H*E*R*E! Enjoy! and Have a Wonderful DAy! (thanks for all your suppost).