Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have been cleaning out my design hard drive and I found a few things that I could share with you so I put this one together for you. I am starting another collab with a very special person soon and will give more details soon! (who, what and when)LOL. I will be back tomorrow with the link for the Elements to this little goodies and a few layouts for a collab Mel Haines just finished up, as soon as she posts it, I will post my layouts and show you this AWESOME goodies she will have for you.

I did get a layout finished for my WEEK 1 for the 365 photo challenge and I almost have my week two finished too woo hoo... I will have a couple very special photos for Day 13 and 15th will upload them soon to my slide show....Enjoy this little goodie....

Credits for Week one is: Rustic Sunset by Mel_H Which is in her store !Scrapbook and she has a little freebie her for you with it....Here. I love the rich color palette and the papers are awesome.

Well until tomorrow....I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Download Paper 1
Download Paper 2
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for your elements to Treasured Heritage.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Blog Freebie....Heritage Love!

Here is a little something I found while cleaning off my desktop. It was part of a Treasure Chest color palette for the month of November that I don't think I had got finished with the Holidays and school...just wanted to share something with you all that have been stopping by. I know it isn't bright and cheerful, but I thought it would go nice with some Heritage Love Story.....LOL

Well I hope you enjoy...I am working on a charity collab and then a surprise for you that I am working on a collab with someone between school and all I am not sure when but I have to relax sometime. That is why I got caught up in scrapping the last few days...I so miss it and I want to try to keep up with 365 and do layouts for some, but not all days...I will get the next few days off my camera tomorrow and post them by the weekend. Hope you enjoy your goodies....HUGS!

Download Papers
Download Elements
Sorry no layouts with it...will try to use this and post tomorrow. Thank you all for your support!

Well it was my first week back in classes so I haven't done much in the way of designing, but I have been relaxing by doing some scrapping. As I am cleaning up my hard drive I have found a couple of kits I bought and haven't used yet...imagine that, finding a kit you haven't used yet...LOL. And how many do you have????? But we won't go there....250 gig drive with 200 gig full of nothing but digital scrapping and photos.

This first one is my Day one photo for the 365 photo challenge... read comments below each one!

Day 1- We have been going to the Quick's house for New Year's dinner for about four years now. Laura and Gerry are good friends of ours and with the holidays being so busy, we get together on this day each year to have a special dinner and visit.

Credits: Going Dotty Alpha-A work in progress,Template-Andrea Gold, Winter Kiss-Nikki Beaudreau and (Number) Chubby Alpha-Kitty Design. Stitching by Cyntha Angiel.Christmas Wishes (Frame) by Lorie M.

Day 9 - By request of my BFF, Linda, I decided to take a few pictures of my "feathered babies" The first one is Ruby and the second is Elmo, which I haven't scrapped yet but will do and add late this week.

Ruby is an Grand Eclectics(one of the only parrots that you can tell the females-which are red from the males-which are green), that I got as a hatchling and hand feed her after her first 6 weeks with her mother, Scarlet (a bird I hand feed at a pet store that I worked at years ago). Scarlet ended up being donated to the Brevard Zoo as her owner couldn't handle her (they are known as being biters and one person birds). Anyway Scarlet laid her first egg after she arrived at her new home, Charlie (my ex-husband works at the zoo as a Keeper) found her egg in time to take it into the nursery to be put in an incubator. A few weeks after she hatched, Charlie's boss asked if he wanted the bird as he had found the egg and took care of it plus he also knew and had handled Scarlet from the pet store...we are talking about an $800.00 bird retail...just a little history. There is more to that history but I won't bother with how I ended up with her.

The hatchling was my beloved "RUBY". She Hatched the same day as my first grandson, Chaz, was born, Dec 26. 15 years ago. But over the years, Ruby has become VERY VERY attached to JJ (my partner) and doesn't have nothing to do with me. She even goes as far as trying to attack me, (yes the hand that feeds her) if she is out of the cage on the floor and sees me (boy would that be a picture for the 365 photo challenge...LOL). So needless to say she is no longer my bird, my "Baby Girl" (one of the words I taught her) is JJ's Bird.
Yes she is a biter too, except for JJ, He can do anything with her, which she loves. Doesn't talk much, but can sure get you hopping by thinking your cell phone is ringing.

Credits: Dawn to Dusk by Flerg Font: Stencil

Day 6- I stopped by to see my sweet little guys to see them ride their new bikes. As they were getting excited and wanting to run out the door, I stopped them to take this photo and being so excited about going out side, they weren't to happy to stop for ANOTHER photo, Grandma!

Credits: Jeanealogy by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Well, I hope to have a few goodies for you all by the end of the week. I started a little something and will post as soon as I get it all together. Have a wonderful week and see you around scrapland!