Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well United States has had some really bad weather this winter. It seems much colder than winters in the past, or maybe I am just getting older and I can’t handle them anymore, but I can’t move much farther south. I already live in Florida and it is the place all the snowbirds travel to get out of the cold. But every other day it has been down in the 30’s and cold northern wind…usually we get about one week of it a year but this has been going on since December. I know, most of you all live up in much colder weather, but it is cold for us! Anyway my point is that I have been nursing a cold that started as a sore throat, then thinking I am better, started in my chest and cough for 2 or 3 weeks and NOW it’s in my head/sinuses. Sorry for venting but I am “SICK of being SICK”. Besides the computer problems I have had over the month of January. (sorry of venting and carrying one).

After a crash course in PSE 8, I finally got a posting bonus together for those of you who have been following our Blog Challenge called “DAYS GONE BY”. Now that the holidays are over and thinks have settle down, I am hoping more of you decide to join us in our challenge of scrapping our past for our children. Each month we have a little twist to make thing fun and interesting and With Valentines Day in a few Days, the twist for February is simple one. Scrap your SPECIAL someone from your past. The love of your life, sweetheart or someone very close to you. And then post them in our GALLERY and a link to it in the Forum. “Days Gone By” general information is HERE… Just have fun with it. Here is the posting Gift….

I hope you like it and if you have any questions, please leave them in the forum for Feb 2010. And here is a special goodie for you just for a start to getting our posting bonus. I hope you like it and I can’t wait to see what you post about your SPECIAL SWEETIE.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

PJ Scrappin Weekend

I wanted to share what I did all weekend before I call it time to give it a break and do some laundry and maybe even get dressed. Yes, that is right I haven’t got dress from my jammie all weekend. It started by a speed crop I attended at Hummie’s World. They were having a PJ Party and the addiction kicked in and well I am still sitting here, a couple of break to eat and sleep, but I have been scrapping since then.

I stared by this one…the speed crop hosted by Hummie self…..


Credits: Heartfully Yours by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Then I scrolled through her forum and found another couple of challenges to play with one of the I already posted as I had to get caught up with my Creative team work after losing all the time with my down computer but I will post it again.


Credits: Heartfully Yours by Bon Scrapatit Designs


Credits: China Blue by LouCee’s Creations


Credits: Forever & Always by LouCee’s Creations

Then I wanted to work on the pictures I got off my daughter’s computer of the Opening Night of New Moon so I got out my Twilight Bundle I had bought from Flerg over at Studio Girls and I did this one. My daughter Dusty saw it on Facebook and commnet something about me being sandwiched between to vampires…I reminded her that I was Wolf Girl long before the Twilight Series so she better remember WHO’S land she was on!!! ….LOL.


Credits: Twilight Bundle by Flergs

And I just finished this “Island Retreat” layout for a friend from some pics she had posted on Facebook….Enjoy Miss Laura and Sister Pruny.


Credits: Blaze by Flergs…

So I also posted the last part of the Freebie I was giving away to my facebook group, Project 52 Weeks of 2010. You can find the Freebies on the group blog. But Look what I found as I was posting this… my friend Kathy did with the freebie kit I had been post for the group…AWESOME job Kathy and Happy Birthday to your Grandma.




and the posted to the group blog…. I think my creative juices are just about gone for the weekend. Well, not really but my arm is aching so I guess I need to get away from the computer for the night. Enjoy the Super Bowl (those who watch) and See you in a few day with FEBRUARY’s “Day Gone By”.

All good things must come to an end…Happy SCRAPPIN!

Good morning and I hope you are all ready to some awesome new kit that the gals I create for has New in their stores, on sale just in time for SUPER BOWL Sunday. Well, it is not really a Super Bowl Sale or anything, I just thought you may be having some extra time today to cyber shop with most men being tied up getting ready for the BIG game today. So grab you favorite beverage as I have a lot to share with you.

First I will start with a couple of CU products Charlie’s Scraps has in her stores at DSO and DSV. But have some news that is kind of sad, but good sales for you! I have been creating for Charlie’s Digiscrap for over a year now and I often wonder how she does it, two stores (which she advertises everywhere it seems), photographic business, family which includes a little one. SIMPLY an AMAZING woman. Her Photographic business has really taken off, so something had to go so she will be closing her Store at DSO and is not going to be designing personal use kits. She has a great sale going on in her store at DSO…..
She will still have her store and design commercial use product at DSV and her is her part of the Feb Grab Bag she has… for $9.00 which makes it only $1.00 per items in the bag…what a great deal.

  This is Charlie part of the kit, aren’t they so cute!
She also has her Charming #1 in the store from last months GB…on sale for 50% off.
OK…Now it is LouCee’s Creations new personal use Products along with her new CU products as well.. She has two new personal use kits that were so fun to play with. Here the first on which was a collab she did with the girls at DSO called Forever & After: A Love Story
Her part is 
and the layout I did with it is 
SMD_Jump4LovePreNext is one called China Blue, Beautiful job LouCee…..
lcc-ChinaBlue-previewand my layout for this one is of my granddaughter, Brittany who loves taking pictures mainly of herself. Something she does when she is bored.  I also did this for a scraplift challenge over at Hummie’s World PJ Party she had yesterday. Thanks Margaret for the wonderful inspiration.
You can find LouCee’s China Blue in her store on sale. And her part of the Collab is Forever & After here

Here is Loucee's New Commerical Use Products she just added to her store
I will be back later with more about my day of “Scrappin in my PJ’s with Hummie’s World! Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday (here in the states) and everyone else I hope you have an AWESOME day too!