Sunday, February 07, 2010

PJ Scrappin Weekend

I wanted to share what I did all weekend before I call it time to give it a break and do some laundry and maybe even get dressed. Yes, that is right I haven’t got dress from my jammie all weekend. It started by a speed crop I attended at Hummie’s World. They were having a PJ Party and the addiction kicked in and well I am still sitting here, a couple of break to eat and sleep, but I have been scrapping since then.

I stared by this one…the speed crop hosted by Hummie self…..


Credits: Heartfully Yours by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Then I scrolled through her forum and found another couple of challenges to play with one of the I already posted as I had to get caught up with my Creative team work after losing all the time with my down computer but I will post it again.


Credits: Heartfully Yours by Bon Scrapatit Designs


Credits: China Blue by LouCee’s Creations


Credits: Forever & Always by LouCee’s Creations

Then I wanted to work on the pictures I got off my daughter’s computer of the Opening Night of New Moon so I got out my Twilight Bundle I had bought from Flerg over at Studio Girls and I did this one. My daughter Dusty saw it on Facebook and commnet something about me being sandwiched between to vampires…I reminded her that I was Wolf Girl long before the Twilight Series so she better remember WHO’S land she was on!!! ….LOL.


Credits: Twilight Bundle by Flergs

And I just finished this “Island Retreat” layout for a friend from some pics she had posted on Facebook….Enjoy Miss Laura and Sister Pruny.


Credits: Blaze by Flergs…

So I also posted the last part of the Freebie I was giving away to my facebook group, Project 52 Weeks of 2010. You can find the Freebies on the group blog. But Look what I found as I was posting this… my friend Kathy did with the freebie kit I had been post for the group…AWESOME job Kathy and Happy Birthday to your Grandma.




and the posted to the group blog…. I think my creative juices are just about gone for the weekend. Well, not really but my arm is aching so I guess I need to get away from the computer for the night. Enjoy the Super Bowl (those who watch) and See you in a few day with FEBRUARY’s “Day Gone By”.

All good things must come to an end…Happy SCRAPPIN!

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