Friday, June 13, 2008

Freebie part 4 of Pretty in Pink!

I only have a few minutes so without alot to babbling, Here is Part 4. I am leaving for the airport soon and It will be Monday before I can post again, (I think) so....Thank you everyone for helping me make Linda's Birthday so AWESOME! and Here is your Freebie. There will be a couple more post for this and we will be on to something else, I promise. (yes there is an apha, tags and frames.) I have them with me, so until Monday.....Have a wonderful Weekend.!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Freebie "Pretty in Pink" part 3 of New Arrival
Well, gals this Party has worn me out...he he. I wanted to get this post tonight as I am be a couple of days before I post again, need to get my packing finished up and a few things around the house before getting to the airport at 4am Saturday Morning. But keep checking as If I get time I do have a few more posts with this Pretty in Pink! I am trying it with me so that I can post while I am visiting at my family's in Missouri. I hope you had fun celabrating Miss Linda's Birthday today! And if you are reading this Linda, May everyday be as special as the next for you! Happy Birthday, girlfriend.
Sweet Dream everyone!
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PS. Make sure you get the Green and Blue donwloaded before the next time I post as I will be removing the links. The whole kit will be available for sale in my store in July!
Alright Gals....LETS BUMP this up....Flood Miss Linda's blog with comments....PLEASE.... Happy Birthday.....Stop by Here! This is a party....Let's show Miss Linda How much we love her!!!
Freebie for YOU!
New Arrival-Pretty in Pink! AND......
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday Dear Sweet LINDA!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!
Yes today is Linda aka Bon Scrapatit's Design Birthday TODAY and I would like to "GET this Party STARTED"!...he he he
She has been my greatest inspiration, and I have learn a lot about digital scrapping from her from the very beginning, it was hse who showed me the ropes and helped my along. She was my CT lead, when I started and has always been my proof reader for important doc...(as I am sure you have seen, I have the world worst grammar and can't spell for a hoot.) biggest cheer lead and most of all has become My best friend. Over the last four year we have both "COME A LONG WAY BABY" and the best is yet to come! So please join me in wishing her the Happiest of Birthdays ever today!
(please stop by her blog and wish her Happy birthday...Here!). Hugs, Girlfriend!
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Freebie...NewArrival...Pretty in PINK
Well It's HERE...just what alot of you have been patiently waiting for. Not sure how many post this is going to take, but I am have a great time playing with these Colors....I hope you enjoy! Thank you ladies for all your kind words and for posting comments. Linda's CD is just about ready to burn now....I can't wait to show you a few things on it. I don't want to ruin the surprise for her so I will post them when I get back home. Over 1 gig...WOO HOO!
Well, I am off....until tomorrow. Only one more day til Linda's (Bon Scrapatit's Design) BIRTHDAY! Sweet Dreams !

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Final Part of the Green and the Blue FREEBIE for YOU!

Well, it's late again. I really have to stop doing this to myself. I realize a person can't go on and on with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep and be their best and brightest....LOL. But I am having fun. I had to make myself stop, as I need to get to the part you all have been waiting for and sure hope I don't disappoint you.

I have a special thanks to Debbie for sending in 5 beauiful bragbooks for Linda's Gift. They turned out so cute. As soon as Linda sees all the goodies (when I get home from my visit to my moms) I will post a little slide show so that you can see what everyone made with the never ending New Arrival Baby kit. Also love to say thank you for ALL the AWESOME comments you have been leaving here on my blog. It so makes my day to hear from you and how sweet you all are. Ok...on with the I can go to bed. Good thing I don't have to go to work tomorrow....LOL but have to start getting ready to leave, I so hate packing but even more so, I hate to unpack. Living out of that suitcase for days til it gets put away....Enjoy the goodies I found while getting Linda's DVD together last night and today, just waiting for a few more things from her friends and will burn and mail to her, ready to use.

Download One

Download Two

Download Three

SWEET DREAMS, Until tomorrow...Yes, with the PINK!