Friday, December 12, 2008

Hi everyone, this is the last week of Walking In A Scrappy Wonderland. It has been so much fun working with these wonderful designer, Bon Scrapatit's Design aka Linda Walton, an awesome new digi friend,A Work in Progress aka Vicki Parker and the wonderful Mel_H from Mel's LightBulb Moments which I haven't told you yet, but I have joined her creative team as well as Linda's too! Make sure that you stop by to see what goodies they have in store for you also! REMEMBER, to thank them and post your lovin on their blogs..

I am feeling better and then I got my butt in gear and finished all my assignments so that I could have an extra week to play and get ready for the holidays. And to just have time to make previews for a few other goodies I have for you made from all parts of this wonderful collab, "Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland." It was alot of fun and I can't wait to start thinking up another theme and color palette for our next one, I hope it is soon...these designers are just awesome to work with.....

Well, I am away for the weekend so I will hopefully be back here on Sunday or Monday morning, with some of the goodies I have made with Linda, Vicki and Mel's part of this kit....Until til then, Here is my last part of the kit. And I do have an Alpha made up for you too...all other goodies will be coming next week.

Download Papers
Download Elements

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Freebie Quick Page from WIASWL
Well, I am feeling much better now for a couple of the stuffed up head is gone, and I am on Winter break from school...I finished up my last two assignments more reading, doing papers, and group project until JAN 6, 09! WOO HOO!

I am going away for the weekend but I have my last part of my kit all ready posted and ready to auto post on Friday...This is the first time so I hope it all works and post for you on time. I will try to check but I am not sure I will have internet for my laptop so lets keep my fingers crossed that I did it right. I am taking my laptop so that I can work on a few layouts while the baby is sleeping...I am taking my grandson with me, the youngest one, Xander. He is meeting his father for the first time and visting with his other grandma. So, not sure I will have that much time but a girl can't be away without nothing to do...LOL.

Here is your goodie for tonight, I made this quick page from Bon Scrapatit's Design aka Linda's part of WIASWL. I love the papers she made and the tree is awesome. She was kind enough to let me share this with you! WOO HOO, so please make sure you stop by her blog as well to collect her goodies and post a thank you on her blog. I hope you enjoy it and make sure you have my blog on follow as I will be posting extra goodies for the rest of the month.
Download QUICK PAGE here
This was made from Linda'a part of the Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland!
ENJOY! (0f course the QP is without the Photo of Ms. Santa....LOL.)
I was going to say something about this on my last post but didn't feel well and forgot about it, but my friend Kathy's Scraps has a daily download on her blog this month, The Ornamental Express. Her and some of the designers from the site she has been working with, at DigiScrap Station , have made some beautiful ordanemnts. SO Check out her blog too!

So, I have a few more things to get packed, so I am posting now, Hope you enjoy the Quick Page and all of Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland!!!!!!!