Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good morning,

Well it's Thur and we are having a great time. We have been looking through mom's old family photos and having some good laughs, exspecially with my little sister. I have a bunch I am scanning in today to bring home. And my sister and I talked my mom into having a portrait made together. I had to laugh, as my mom is like, oh we can get an appointment or I really need to get my hair done. So, Amber and I got the phone book out and solved both of those problems (you have to remember, we are in a very remote area and these people here are so backwards and don't do anything with out it very well planned out months ahead of time). after about 3 hours of calling and meeting all mom's " we can't do that" . We are going today at 10:30 to get her hair done and 4:00pm to a beautiful park setting with the town photographer that does all the senior pictures for the schools in this area.

When we told her it was all set up, she says, "what are we going to wear? We told her all the same color tops, jeans and bare foot. So after we got my nieces to sleep so dad could watch them, off to Walmart for the same color tops but she wanted a little different style shirts for each of us (this was 10pm). Then when we got home, she wanted us to paint her toe nails. We all got pretty toes and off to bed we went. I am sure today is going to be a real adventure, she hates things done at the last minute and my sister and I get a kick out of it. But all in all, we are all having a GREAT time and one we will all be able treasure for a long time. She wouldn't let us take pictures, so I will have to journal these moments with our portrait.

Well it is my turn for shower, so I better get going. My dad has a house full of woman and has to jump in and out when he can, but I think he is enjoying us all being here. I will post all the rest of Pretty in Pink this Sunday when I get home (I forgot the CD, sorry). Thank you for stopping by to read about my MO adventure.



Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello everyone!

I am at my mom's and really enjoying my visit and have some across some slides my mom has decided to part with of me as a babies to 5 years old. Woo Hoo, Some I don't remember seeing.

The day we got here, we were greeted with a family cookout with about 50 some family members I had not see since I was a very young girl and a few I had never seen. Was so happy to be able to meet them and to see my nieces and newphews. My oldest brother Jim, and almost all of his family was there and thier new grandson. My uncle Speed, at least that is what we have always called him. I have a bunch of photos to share BUT I forgot my camera cord so I can't get the photos off my camera now to share with you...Will be making a Walmart run tomorrow, so I guess I will take the camera card and get a CD made so I can share them and I want to get copies of my mom and sisters pictures. Well, until a few days or I get some pictures to post.

Have a wonderful week and talk to you soon.

Hug, Dawn