Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day....Walking down memory lane.

I hope this finds everyone having a great weekend and feeling as Grateful and Thankful as I am on this MEMORIAL DAY....all my brothers served our country and so very thankful and proud of them for doing so and that they are all very proud AMERICANS. Thoughts and prayers to those whom were not as fortunate as our family is to have them home with us.

I have spent the weekend walking down memory lane, sorting through my old paper photos. I was actually finishing up the organizing job I had started a year or so ago. Just about got it all filed. I will be so glad to start the storytelling part of this Project Life. I am trying hard to get the paper photo's arranged and start my album with them. I have about 35 years of paper photo's until I changed over to digital....I have so much going through my head about this project but my main purpose is telling my life story with all these captured memories. Hoping to leave my kids with a story to go along with shoe boxes of photographs I have collected over the last 55 years. 

All of that said to say, getting a page finished to share is a larger order than I had expected...I have my goals set on what I want it to say, but actually getting, what I want it to look like is something a bit overwhelming faced with too many options to go with. One thing that is been a challenge is that during the 60's and 70's there were so many different size photo's, so they have to be trimmed and mounted or wait til that size page protects are made. I know I could start in the middle where the photo's get more standard in sizes. What is a girl to do? Paper scrapping has always been a challenge. No second chances once you undo button like I have used a lot in PS.

I could go on and on about the things I have been coming up against but it is a start and just sitting here looking through them has brought me a wonderful stand in time looking at all the blessing I have to cherish. So I will carry on and update you with the progress as it gets started in the right direction.