Saturday, September 25, 2010

New kits and CT work Catch up

Happy FRIDAY and I am very excited to to say that I got good news from the doctor today, well mostly. Other than what I already knew, my blood pressure is been running on the high side, all my other tests came back good. She said most of what has been making me feel bad is two things, One and most of all, STRESS. and Two I have carpultonal (not sure it is spelled right and spell check in Live Writer didn’t know either…LOL. TOO much (trackball) sitting at the computer. This may be also caused by a pinched nerve in my neck or the tension in my neck again, caused by STRESS.

So, it was a good thing I had already planned a trip away from everything and everyone that is causing the STRESS in my life at the moment. I am excited to be going to visit my mom for two week (Oct 6 through Oct 20). I have been doing a lot of thinking the last few days and I am trying very hard to stop ignoring my self and health because most of what has got me this way are things I can’t control or want to.

Between now and Oct 6, I will be getting caught up on a few things my designers have coming up or have already released and while I am gone I am going to try to stay off the computer as my laptop bite the dust a while ago and I don’t like using other peoples computer, especial if they don't have PSCS4 or the tools I use to scrap. Should give my arm and hand a rest too. I have a couple of books I am taking so I have something to do on the plane and the evenings. I am so ready to sit around and do NOTHING and relax with a book or two!


AT Scrap That Idea

OK, enough about me…the first kit I would like to share with you is one that a very dear friend from across the BIG pond made for me as her CT Appreciation. A WORK IN PROGRESS aka Vicki made a beautiful kit call, “New Day” for Dawn. She had each of her CT give her a color palette and she made a kit from it. I so love it, I got one layout done and have been finding more pictures I want to use it for.


AWP_NewDay_FullPreview AWP_NewDay_PapersPreview

You can find “New DAY” for Dawn in her store here… on new release sale price of $3.00.


at Digiridoo Scraps

I also used DigiDesigns by Denise New Template set called, “Slightly Askew” Templates (CU friendly).


 Denise has her whole store on sale for 50% off until the end of the month. You can check out her store here. You should check it out.

STACEY’S SCRAPS @ Scrap That Idea

Here is the kit that I had posted a preview for that Stacey had her Facebook Fans try to guess what kind of kit it was….

Credits: Template by Kim B (Freebie)

The kit is called,


in here store here.

Stacey'sScraps_FangorFur_kit Stacey'sScraps_FangorFur_pp Stacey'sScraps_FangorFur_alpha Stacey'sScraps_FangorFur_wa

Here is another New release Stacey has in her store called,

“ Shabby Chic”

I think this kit is adorable!


Stacey'sScraps_ShabbyChic_pp-web Stacey'sScraps_ShabbyChic_alpha-web

Lou Cee’s CReations at Digirioo Scraps

OK, I have one more to share and I will be back in a couple of days with a few Commercial Use Products Loucee and Charlie have out this month.

This kit is called,

“Dandy Dogs”.

You can find it in her store HERE.

image.php2 image.php

I hope I haven’t forgot any but I will go through and check for anything else new my awesome designers have released or I have a kit to use next week.  But before I go I have another Layout I did with my new freebie called “No Tricks, Just Treats 2”.


Credit: Scarppy0510 Templates-Freebie Template but there was no other TOU or preview to credit better than this, but thank you for the inspirations.

Happy Scrapping and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 


Friday, September 24, 2010

No Tricks, Just Treat 2 Freebie!

I am so sorry some of you have had trouble downloading some of my links. I have them fixed on 4shared and I have posted them again here as well for you! Also for your trouble I have made Quick Page 01 for another goodies for you!


I am off to the doctor and will be going to see my grandson march in the high school band tonight and Saturday to a musical play my granddaughter is in tomorrow night…Alice in Wonderland. Of course more pictures to come. Enjoy your weekend and keep a look out for Linda’s new goodies she is working on!


Alpha 1

Shadowed Elements 2

Elements 2-2

Papers 1

Papers 2

Papers 3


Quick page 1


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Good morning Scrapland and Bloggers!
I am excited to celebrate OUR BLOGOVERSARY with you.  This being my 3rd year of blogging and sharing with you from My Digital World~ and with my BFF who took a while to get me to really enjoy blogging. Bon Scrapatit Designs AKA Linda Walton AKA my BFF, both started out together on a very well know site working together and getting know each other.  I’ll have you know we were rolling ideas off each other all the time. Chatting on where we wanted this new personal way to share our creative digital scrapping and designing  talents we had started learning, lots of times together for hours on Skype! As we learned, we shared with you. But I have to admit that I fought it at first, as I don’t have a very good talent of putting words together to express what I am trying to say most of the time, but with my BFF’s help, patients and lots of editing, I learned to express without asking Linda to edit all I had to say and share with you. She always said, “Four eyes are better than two.” We have had MANY MANY laughs together and tears as well but without Linda’s help, I don’t think I would of blogged long this long at all. I learned to enjoy sharing through words and goodies for you with a lot of inspiration, support of my readers and my BFF. I can not thank you enough, Linda for all your support, patients, loving encouragement to share though my creative talents of scrapping through my Blog! Love you girlfriend and Happy Blogoversary to you too!
OK, now as I was looking through my first few blog posts, I came up with the idea for what I wanted to share with you on my special day, My BLOGOVERSARY! I stared a kit with a color palette someone had shared with me and got about 12 papers made and decided to put that kit on hold and REVISE (extremely, REVISE) the first kit I shared on my blog 3 years ago. Remember, TitleWell I dug out the previews to share with you…HOW PRIMATIVE is this…..LOL!
 But I have come a long way from this I think.

Here is the new previews What do you think? I hope you like it and enjoy the new and improved “No Tricks, Just Treats 2” I will be back tomorrow to share more with you as Linda is behind her PS and working at some goodies for you too, as it is her blogoversary this week too! I would so loves to see some layouts of your trick or treaters, so please leave a comment here or on my facebook I will have an open album or you can email me a preview to
I want you all to know that I love sharing with you and am so thankful for all that follow me and support me, as YOU are what keeps me blogging and sharing with you! Have a wonderful day and I will be back tomorrow.
Happy Scrapping!

DOWNLOAD 1    (alpha)
DOWNLOAD 2 (shadowed elements)