Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Blog Freebie
Hearts As One
HI, everyone. Sorry I am late as I had over slept Friday morning and had to leave in a hurry for work. Then when I got home I had phone call after phone to attend to. But as I was uploading the links to 4share, I realized that I had all the file names wrong...Anyway HERE is Friday and Saturday links....the papers and the elements...I am going to a live play tomorrow evening with a friend and staying the night to help her move a couple pieces of furniture as she is renting out her condo. But we are calling it "Girls night". Yes, Dawn is taking sometime for name is on my to do list....LOL. Anyway, here are your goodies and I will be back Sunday evening with Alpha. ENJOY this and your WEEKEND!

Download Papers here

Download Elements here

Come back Sunday for the matching Alpha
WOO HOOO....I just noticed that my number of hits is well over
....Thank you so much for all the love and support!
WOW...In just a little over a year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sneak Peek...New Freebie kit....Tomorrow!
Hi everyone...just wanted to stop by and give you a sneak peek of what I have coming up tomorrow evening...I am very please with this one and I am sure you will like it as well.

It has been a lazy day for me..I was home as I traded day off so that my boss could have someone in the office tomorrow was they will all be out making snow for an even in Tampa, FL. It sure is cold enough for it...They should have lots of fun. And then I want to come home and get this posted for you...I just have a couple of things to zip up and upload see you tomorrow.

Make sure you stop by Linda's Blog, she has the cutest element she made for her "Love me Tender" blog freebie...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Good Morning I hope everyone is waking up late this morning and staying in their warm beds. As here is a weather up date from Central Florida.....BABY IT COLD OUTSIDE....29 degrees when I got up this morning. I got up late this morning so I can't babble here too much but I am not to sure what the hurry is, I work at an ice plant.....who needs ice in this weather???????? It is suppose to be even colder tonight with froze warnings. BRRRRR..

Here is a scrapatit I made with the Lovely Linda's new blog freebie "Love Me Tender"..I hope you enjoy it. I used it with a self portrait of my granddaughter, Brittany. She LOVES taking photo of herself, acting like a glamor girl. Her mother will come over and I usually ask her to bring her camera in so that I can download the photos from it and the last few times there has been TONS of pictures of Brittany. She is looking so grown up now and of course that is what she is trying ot do in the photos, LOOK grown up. If she only knew how much stress comes with being a GROWN UP..................................Enjoy!
Download Here
Linda's "Love Me Tender" Blog Freebie

PS. I hope you like the slide show I made for my little girl...when I know she has seen it I will move it to the bottom and put my Photograph song back on....I love YOU Dusty!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mel , Caryn and Erin's New blog FREEBIE Release

It is really late but I want to share this AWESOME collab that MEL, CARYN and ERIN did together called, "Grosgrain Girl" It was super to work with that I did a layout from each girls part of the collab....From the name you would think this kit was design for mainly girls, But Mel was very surprised that I two layouts of my grandSONS with it...I so enjoyed it and I hope that you go collect Grosgrain Girls for all your kids and grandkids as they all offer the Huge collab on their blogs as a FREEBIE...AWESOME job gals and PLEASE REMEMBER to leave them all some lovin by posting a comment on their blogs....just click on the images for each of them.

I meet these awesome gals being on Mel CT team...they are alot of fun the play with....Thank you all for sharing your awesome designs with me and your kind comments and stopping by my blog as well.

I will be back tomorrow with that freebie from Linda's New "Love Me Tender" Blog Freebie.

Mel's part of the collab

Day 7-Mikey's Money by Snowsmoon Designs Thank you Mel, Loved working with this one.

ERIN Part of the Collab

SISTER (Karley and Gracie) by Snowsmoon Design Thank you ERIN! Awesome job.
Baby Javi Loves to take pictures with mommy camera
" C H E E S E" by Snowsmoon Design

Will return in the morning with your goodies, I hope I am off to DREAMLAND.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Treasured Heritage Elements and some other news from My Digital World and Scrapland.

Good evening, I hope this finds all had or still having a wonderful weekend and staying is still cold here for us (37 degree at night). This is pretty cold for a suppose to be Tropical, palm trees and sandy beaches, one would not think we would be wearing a heavy winter jacket in the middle of the day much less shoes socks and long sleeves while walking on the beach....but the sun is shining, just not warming up enough (50 degrees for the high)...LOL. Yes this is unseasonably cold weather we are having, but I really don't mind since I am stuck behind a book about ancient art history. Oh joy, history isn't one of my favorite subject, but since it is isn't too bad...just boring reading.

OK, tomorrow Mel will be release her new blog kit, so I will post about that tomorrow, but I do have something from my friend Kathy at Kathy's Scraps with what is going on in her blog and digital world. I was very surprise to see that she collected and use "Tropical Flurries" from WIASWL collab. Although I do know she like bright and cheerful colors to scrap with. Very Nice job Kathy and thank you for all your support as I am working my way through school...please remember to leave her a comment on her blog. Just click the image to check it out...BUT don't for get to grab your freebie here first (down at the bottom of my post).

Look for another surprise from something I made with Linda's New "Love Me Tender" Blog freebie. I will post it tomorrow but you can click on this image to collect and read what is going on in Bon Scrapatit's Design digital world as well. Here is the new "Love Me Tender" isn't it wonderful, Great job Linda...

I have two more assignment to finish up tonight so I will catch up my slide shows with my photos for 365 project and my Week two and Three layouts this week some time. But I am keeping up with the photo a day. I did get a good shot (I think it will show up good) of the rocket that went up last night as well. Ok, enough babbling (and avoiding what I am suppose to be doing, Art Appreciation assignments.) Be back tomorrow evening with Mel's new blog freebie and a special treat from me too. Enjoy your evening......