Thursday, May 29, 2008

FREEBIES for tonight, New ARRIVAL

Green numbers and Frames

with an added bonus, 2 torn borders


Hi gals, I am posting the green numbers and frames for you Green part of New Arrival. Well I have one more part to this and then I guess we will start the Blue and Pink Parts. As you are scrapping with these, Please let me know wht we are missing for putting a baby album together. You can leave and requests when you comments here or on 4share. I do check them both pretty regular incase someone is havig trouble with a link. I will also remember to look on my side panel to see if my email address is there incase you need to request something or report a bad link.

I posted the bonus part of the Fathers Memories through pm's on Digital Scrap Garden this evening, thank you gals for posting my Freebie Quick Page I posted here. You can still grab it here and post it here if you would like to recieve the posting bonus to Father's Memories.

You all have an AWESOME Friday and an even better weekend. We'll see what I come up with for tomorrow for YOU! Hugs to all!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FREEBIE Part 4- Orange and Yellow!!!!
Well gals, here is part 4 of the Orange and I was looking at what I had been making for the other two colors we haven't got to yet and because everyone really likes these two color sets, I decided to make a few of the frames, numbers for each month old the baby is and a couple of mats with stitched's just keeps growing but it is fun sharing with you ladies and I know it is something you all like! I am making a Pink and Blue sets too, but I am saving them to post as I will be on vacation for the month of June. I am getting them all made, zipped and uploaded, so all I have to do is post them for you while I am way!
Well, again it is late....oh before I forget...remember to post your QP from here on my blog below, Fathers Day! Post it here at Digital Scrap Garden and I will pm you the posting bonus part of the kit. It is due on Saturday, May 31.
Night all...until tomorrow for another part of the Green New Arrival!
HUGS and Thank you for all your support! AND THANK YOU, Linda (Bon Scrapatit Design) for sending your readers to see my never ending New Arrival Baby kit! You are an awesome FRIEND and remember, "Getter Done!". Hugs!

Good Morning,

In reading all the comments I have been getting the last few days, I am so overwhelmed by everyones really loving the kit, I am going to repost the Orange/Yellow part, for thoses who missed it. Thank you very much for all your comments and I am so enjoying this series. It keeps growing and growing.....LOL. But it's fun and it all came about for two reasons, first the color palette and theme was from my challenge group, Scrap Kit Challenge, I have with my very good Friend, Kathy. As I was doing the parts for each week of the challegne, I learned that my Best Friend, Linda (Bon Scrapatit)was going to be a GRANDMAAA soon to a beautiful little boy! Well, I so want to do something very special for Linda, as I have learned SOOOOO much from her thru the last few years working with her very closely thru another site. This has so grown into a Monster Mega Baby Kit......LOL. So I wanted to share with all you glas that visit my blog. And now that I am posting the parts here, it is even growing more....but It's fun and I love to share and make others Happy!

So, for all you that missed the first part of this NEW ARRIVAL Baby kit....Here are the links. I have put the links back for YOU!!!!!! Thank you for all your support, Keep coming back this may be the never ending Baby Kit....LOL. HUGS!

Orange/Yellow Part One Part Two Part Three

I have another part to the Orange and Yellow I will be posting tonight for you! PLEASE email me a link to anything you make and post with my New ARRIVEL(Look, I even corrected the spelling....LOL)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Freebie and saying Hello!
Good Morning everyone! Well it is back to work in the real world this morning. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and got to do some relaxing, or had some fun. We had a nice quiet stay at home weekend. Must be a sign of getting older when that is what seems nicer than running around and always having something to do. LOL....
Here is your next part to the baby kit and it may be a couple of days before the next couple are ready. Enjoy your day and PLEASE email me you layouts so that I can see what you are creating with these goodies.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Well, it is about 2am...I am just going to get this posted for you and hit the hay! I hope you are enjoying these goodies....Please hurry and get your first three parts, as the links will be expired Tuesday morning. I will be posting more in a day or two....there will be about 5 or 6 more parts to this Baby Mega kit....Happy scrapping and PLEASE email me a link to your layouts...I would so love to see them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

for part three of the Orange and Yellow. Tonight I will be posting the first part of the blue and green so remember to stop back this evening....I can't wait for you to see so I have been post faster than I should...but so excited to share with you. Please remember to email me a link to any layouts you post with this I would love to see them....Have a wonderful day and I will be post more tonight.