Saturday, June 07, 2008

Your Part 4 of the New Arrival Blue...FREEBIES for all.
I am back... I am sorry that I didn't get this posted last night but as You can see I decided it was time for a new look. I have to share something funny with you all, I received an email yesterday from a glad who stops by my blog pretty regularly, that I had misspelled on my title of the (old blog header) the word Digital wrong. What I think is so funny about this is nobody else said a word for over eight months until now....Thank you Paula for letting me know. Pushed me into doing what I have been wanting to do for a few months now, change my Blog header. I hope you like it. I am pretty please with it, but I was up til 4am trying to get it to center on the page. I wouldn't unless I made it that I will leave it like this until I feel like learning how to get it to center being a little smaller.
I really love it when you post here on the blog, gives me encourgement to design me to share with you. Well it has been great sharing this Baby Kit with you, as we only have one more part to share....The girly PINK, but not until Monday as I was cleaning up the files so that I can get Linda's Birthday gift burnt onto a dvd, I found a few more things to share with you from the Blue and the green. So the never-ending kit still keeps coming your way. now what you have been waiting for, tonights Blue Part 4 of NEW ARRIVAL. Enjoy and until tomorrow night...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My new Release "Friends" Freebie for YOU!
Hi, gals. This week is birthday Treasure To Scraps bash and I would like to share with you what is going on over there. I hope that you like the new Qp,s for this evening port. I am still working on the alpha for the Part 4 for the Blue kit.
SPECIAL B Day Request
I have a SPECIAL REQUEST: Ok, here is the scoop! Next Wed is Linda aka Bon Scrapatit birthday and I was hoping you could help me out by filled here email with 4x6 Brag Book pages for the Blue and Green New Arrival.If you are willing and can make Brag Book pleae email me ASAP ( Please send them to me asap By June 9th the lastest so that I can add them to a DVD. Please remember to mail your full size png file to me June 9th. This brag book will be for her new Grandson and for Her Birthday.....Please....
OK enough rumbling on...My new Kit release Bonus is posted below...Enjoy and come back tomorrow for more goodies and Linda's Birthday Surprises.!

FREEBIE Part 3 and part 3-2 New ARRIVAL!
I got a little carried away with this part of the kit. But this Blue part of the kit is for my dear friend "New Grandma" Bon Scrapatit Designs as I have said before. I really have something cute I found today but don't want to post it yet as it is part of the surprise I am sending to her...after she sees it I will gladly post it and share where I got it...I think you will love it too! It was almost like it was made just for this kit. Don't want to ruin her surprise. With that said it may be Friday night before I post again, I need to still finish the alpha for the blue part that will be added with the final part of the blue.

I am very honored to say that I have had two or three gals post this kit on their blogs with links to mine...WOO HOO. It is almost like being published. Thank you very much...I will look them up before I post again to share with you and it will be my way of thanking them. Off to Dreamland...I hope that I can sleep. I was already in bed once and couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I would come say hello and get this part of the kit to you....SWEET DREAMS all and will be back soon!

Again thank you for all your support and wonderful comments. I will get in to 4share tomorrow and read through some more of your comments that dont get posted here...I love them all so much and fuels me to share with you even more. Download One

PS. Dont forget to check out Linda's new kit that will be out in her store soon! I added her slide show of it to my side bar. And below is a sample she has on her blog for YOU!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Freebie...Part 2 of the Blue!
OK, here you go, Part 2 of the New Arrival of the Blue. I have been working on getting the previews made up and the blue split up and as you can see on the preview...YES there will be 4 parts to this color. I so loved make this color and color combo as I have 4 grandsons, and I don't have many of their baby portraits scrapped, mainly this kit was made for a best friends new GRANDSON, Kaleb...Linda aka Bon Scrapatit Designs. Don't for get to check out her blog, she has been busy as a bee getting thing caught I like to put it, GET'er DONE! I love her new Half and half she has made with the denim.
Well, is getting late and after three or four night up til 1am or 2am...this ole lady needs some beauty sleep! Have fun and enjoy this next part! <<<<>>>>

Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Linda!
(don't Want to be late)
Ok, Here is a Quickpage I was working on and I thought I would get a couple of others done but I have been working at getting my last few comments to my stores finished up, so I decided to post this one and as a bonus which is a green alpha but I didn't get a preivew made for it yet. It is almost like the numbers, just green. I have a plaid set but I still need make them in their own files...So I will add them to something else for you. Sorry I didn't get this posted before I started the blue. I have been working on this kit for about 2 months, so somethings are finished and others are not. The neverending New Arrival kit goes on and on and on....LOL.
I would like to share a couple of new kits I have up in my stores for the month of June (done ahead of time so that I can just relax and blog!) with you. This first kit is made in honor of Linda's Birthday, that is coming up soon!!!! I have learned alot from her and become very close to her even out side of the digi world and I so hope that some day soon we will be able to meet face to face...we talk on the phone regularly and become very close, you would never know we haven't meet face to face. I feel like I have known her for years and that we have a TRUE friendship....this is where the name of my two new kits came from....."Heart Filled Friends" and "Friends". Here are the previews. (titles are linked to my kit in the one of my stores)

"FRIENDS" by Snowsmoon's Design at The Scrapping Garden

The description reads in the store:

We have meet many special digi FRIENDS on the internet … I designed this kit specially for a SPECIAL Digi Friend whose birthday is coming up this month. This kit was made in honor of all I have learned from her and all of my digi FRIENDS. Happy Birthday Linda aka Bon Scrapatit Designs….Bonus 4 12x12 Quick pages!

"Heart Filled Friends" (kind of an Add on to Friends)

OK, I am starting to ramble. I am not that good at journaling or writing So I think I will stop now. Until tomorrow...Hugs to all and I hope you enjoy this Last part of the Green (maybe the last part, it is the everlasting Kit...LOL). SWEET DREAMS....................................nite!
(Sorry no preview)
PS...if you are missing any of the parts of this series of kits please email me at

Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Arrival in Blue Part ONE
Well gals I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I have been working at getting organized to go on vacation and finish up on a few things I needed to turn in to a coulpe of the store before I go. I will be leaving in the middle of the week, but getting my house in order alot of work getting ready to leave and then when you get home you need a vacation from your vacation...LOL. Well I hope you enjoyed the first part of New Arrival, I have took down the links for the first few and by the ned of the week I will be taking down the green parts as well. I am going to get them together to put in my stores as a baby mega kit, I hope. It took me forever to get the Mother Earth series together and in the stores.
I will post a few previews of my new release tomorrow and here's hoping you enjoy the next few parts...yes, I am leaving the pink for last, sorry girls, but you'll be glad as I have a few more goodies to add to it.
Enjoy your day and until tomorrow.....oh I almost forgot, the top slide show is for you to add your layouts to made with NEW ARRIVAL Series. PLEASE add it so that we all can see them. If you have trouble getting it in, email me at and I will add it for you.
sorry link has been removed
P.S. Sorry If I am confusing you all, I am sorry. I didn't have part three of the kit ready (the preview) and it had been two days since I posted so I want to get you something. I will be posting part 4 of the Green, I hope tonight. Enjoy your day! (thank you Jody!)