Saturday, March 14, 2009

Freebie Collab "INTERLUDES" Extras
Snowsmoon's Design &
Bon Scrapatit Designs
Happy Saturday everyone. Sorry I missed posting last night. Here is an update on what Linda shared with us last night! First this darling little photo of one of her grandsons. He is so Cute!Here is the Alpha she shared with us...outstanding job Linda!
(click on the preview to go to her blog to download)

ANNOUCEMENT: Darlene has done it again....another layout with Family Treasures up for layout of the can go check it out here at One Single Seed.

I wanted to let you know why I didn't post last night. I had a day fulled three of the most darling three little boys, of course my grandsons. At 9pm when I got the last one to sleep, I pasted out.

It started Thursday after work by picking up #2 grandson (age 3), Baby Javi to stay the night with mam mawa. (he is the only one that gets away with calling me that, I have taught the Grands to call me "grandma"). We had dinner, played for a short while coloring book of Thomas with a lot of chattering, naming off all the characters and read his reading book, Thomas the Train (I am trying to teach him the difference between coloring books and story books). My little angel fell to sleep around 9:00 and so did grandma once I post Friday evening.

The next morning, we got up and had breakfast together. Packed him up to go pick up the baby, Xander for a visit to see his other grandma in Palm Bay. Xander and I have spent alot of time together and is VERY attached to me. When we got to Grandma Eldona's he remembered her right way. He is so cute but very independent. We decided to take him to a McDonalds playground. People must have thought we were crazy, two grown woman crawling around in the play tubes with a baby that didn't really want to be in them...want to just run and roam the big open room. I will have to post the pic later, I don't have it off the camera yet.

Tired and sleeping on the trip home, Xander was being dropped off safely at home and Mikey's (the oldest of the three) says, "Finally my turn!" Mikey and I chattered all the way home. When we got here, he seemed very quiet, not like himself at all. The boy usually is alway full of questions, and chatter. We worked together getting dinner on the table, which we planned on the trip to the house. WE ate, but he wasn't eatting like I know he does most of the time. I ask him to come here, "Let me feel your head....." Sure enough he had a slight fever. My little sweetheart replied to me, " I was afraid I would miss my turn if I said I didn't feel good!" I told him not to worry, I will get his bed ready (they love sleeping on the air mattress) and I will lay down with you and watch a little TV. He was out in no time.

I called my daughter and told her. She said it would be ok to stay, but if his fever got too high to call her right away. (Like a mom doesn't know that...LOL but she is a good mommy). I was in and out of sleep all night as I was afraid I wouldn't hear him. When he wake up, he was still feverish and wanted to go home to mommy. So we loaded up and off to take him home.

WHAT a "GRANDMA" weekend. I had so much fun, with my little guys. They all got their one on one turn with Grandma! And grandma isn't feeling bad for having to tell them, NO when they have asked to come home with me, which is everytime I stop to see them. (I have a Ford Ranger, which is a stick. I can only take one at a time because I can only fit one carseat in the cab with me. Grandma need a VAN...or maybe a BUS!)

Download Black Alpha

Download Red Alpha

Watch for Linda's Post tonight! I think she has a surprise for you as well. I will update this post when I get her preview.

OK, ladies I will have one download for you tomorrow, my final piece of "Interludes" and a sneak peek of what Stacy's Scraps and I have going on here in "My digital World" Tomorrow Evening.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Freebie Collab "INTERLUDES" Extras
Snowsmoon's Design &
Bon Scrapatit Designs
HAPPY FRIDAY everyone....Man where did the week go. I guess it has been hanging out and creating with my BBF Linda, as it has just flown by.

Scrappee aka Darlene

FIRST I have a BIG CONGRADS for Darlene aka SCRAPPEE as she won Layout of the WEEK yesterday.....check her our and leave her some Love...She use Monna Lainson Design's new kit, *FAMILY TRADITIONS*

I have another AWESOME layout by Scrappee aka
Darlene, one of our CT gal. Look what she emailed me today...I love what she has done with this awesome layout from Interludes. Thank you again, sweetie.
Next are layout I did with INTERLUDES....I really loved playing with this one. This was from when I went to my sister with my daughter for our Birthday "Girls Night OUT".

I have a replacement announcement from Linda about her date wheel, after we posted she notice something wrong with it so she redid it and has a replacement download for you
(see below the preview)
NOW for your new GOODIES...It is really late for me tonight and I don't have much to chatter about so tonight I am getting right to the point. Linda aka Bon Scrapatit Designs had an AWESOME Newsprint Epoxy Lowercase and numbers Alpha...I didn't have it to work with yet but I see I am going to have to them on her blog! (Link is below it.)
Download Newsprint Alpha on
Linda aka Bon Scrapatit Designs Blog

And I made two Scrapatits (Quick Pages) for you with Interludes. I couldn't decided which one I liked better so I decided to give you both of them as well. I used both with the same photo, what a difference the color comb makes. So that is it for tonight. REMEMBER the Grand OPENING at One Single Seed....awesome deals going on. I still have a couple of thing that I will be posting tomorrow for being my Alpha and a surprise. HAPPY SCRAPPING, send in your layouts and I would be glad to post them, but most of all I would just love to see them.

Check back tomorrow for my Alpha for Interludes!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freebie Collab "INTERLUDES" Part 3 by
Snowsmoon's Design &
Bon Scrapatit Designs
Hi, everyone! A little early this evening, But I have a couple of things I would like to share with you. YOU have to check out this layout one of my CTs, Scrappee aka Darlene. I have always loved her work when we were both at 3 Scrapateers and The Scrapping Garden! Isn't it WONDERFUL...the field would be wonderful to walk through, wouldn't it. Thank you so much, sweetie. You did an AWSOME job....please stop by One Single Seed to give her some lovin. (click on the image to her layout in the gallery.)

And this layout is the first thing! I had to share it with you as it is the first layout I have seen that anyone has used my scrap kit, BUGS (you can get it from my store for $2.00 and I have to admit the kit is HUGE! LOTS AND LOTS OF BUG! 40 total) And remember that the Grand Opening of One Single Seed is still going on with all kinds of goodies on SALE and fun things going on.

Here is the next part of out collab, INTERLUDES. Linda has an awesome time piece and more newspaper print frames.....I think she did a wonderful with the elements. We both have different styles and once I had my papers done, I knew I could not do them justices as I usually don't do a lot of glitter, gems and I just knew Linda would do a much finer job at it...and wow she has really out did herself this time....Please make sure to leave her a comment on her blog as this bunch of elements are the best.
Download her elements on her blog here.

And here is my final part of the papers. Make sure you come back tomorrow for we still have a couple of goodies left up our sleeve. I would like to thank you all so much for all the wonderful comments and thank yous. That is what keeps me designing goodies for you.
Download Papers Part 3

Sweet dreams and make sure to check back here for more goodies from our "INTERLUDES"
Freebie Collab "INTERLUDES" Part 2 by
Snowsmoon's Design &
Bon Scrapatit Designs
Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoy the collab...I know that I have enjoyed work with Linda and we hope to be doing a lot more. This is going to be a quick post tonight, as I am tired and have an early morning. So I am going to leave you with your freebies and I hope I have something new to share with you tomorrow evening. Please remember that all my kits at One Single Seed are discounted down to $2.00 each and check out some of the fun they are having with their GRAND OPENING.

Download Bon Scrapatit Designs Here

Download Interludes Papers Part 2 Here!

Night all...until tomorrow, Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


by Bon Scrapatit Designs
and Snowsmoon's Design

WOO HOO, we did it GirlFriend.....OUR first one on one Collab. I am so excited even though it is 12:42 am and we are just posting...but it has been a FUN working together on skype and handing things back and forth with their drag and drop in the chat window and not having to wait for emails ect. It was an AWESOME way to put the final touches on this AWESOME Collab..."INTERLUDES". We both were working outside the box on this one. A real learning adventure for me! I remember the reaction I got when I said, "lets do something different, I will do the papers and you can do the elements"...Linda said, "Well, that would be different than others usually do, but I guess we could try it." So we started our adventure. And I am so very honored to have been able to finally get to do this with Linda. So stay tune for the rest of the week, we have lots more of "Interludes" for you each night the rest of the week.

So here is the WONDERFUL and TALENTED Miss Linda's first part of the Beautiful Embellishments.... Please make sure that you leave her LOTS of lovin and Praise, she works so hard to please everyone and I want her to know how EVERYONE loves and appreciates, BON SCRAPTIT DESIGNS for her wonderful talent and FREEBIES she shares with us.

Download the ELEMENTS here from Linda's BLOG

Download the PAPERS Part ONE here

SWEET DREAMS until tomorrow for the next part of our goodies, " Interludes".
Don't forget about the sale and Grand Opening at One Single Seed.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hi everyone! I am here to give you some insight as to what is going on In My Digital World this week! First, I want to share my overwhelming EXCITEMENT about a HUGE SURPRISE my BFF, Linda and I have for you .... BUT .... SHHHHH .... it IS a SURPRISE so just make sure to come back TOMORROW!!! This will be our VERY first collaboration together and you WON'T be sorry!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!! Okay, that is all I can say about that!

Another piece of BIG NEWS is that the site I have my store in, ONE SINGLE SEED is having their GRAND OPENING starting tomorrow! WOO HOO...the site is formerly Treasure to Scrap! ALL NEW LOOK and EXCITING new designers and things to keep you coming back for more. TONS for specials, chats and give aways like the AD says above.

I wanted you to know that all
my kits
are just $2.00 from today until the end of the month, as my part of the GRAND Opening! I did retire some of the kits, but I am working hard at getting a few more up in the store so that I can retire the rest of the old ones to make room for more exciting up to date kits. (Remember to keep reading there is a little more news! But if you are going to shop...please don't let me stop you! Come back to see the rest...LOL).

The gals over at Scrap That Idea have been working like bees getting new product in their new store! The two kits and layouts I have posted are from Mel Hains...AWESOME kits and I loved working with them...... Her store is here! And next we Stacey's Scraps and I will be collabing together blog freebies for you as well. Remember to support Mel, Stacey, Sarah and Vicki. They have been working hard for the last year trying to get to this point, so Please check out their NEW STORE and stop by their blog to give them lots of support and love for all their hard work and FREEBIES they give out weekly!

Good Night all...Sweet Dreams and REMEMBER...WE HAVE a SUPRISE FOR YOU!