Monday, March 03, 2014

Week 8...A little late but a real busy week.

I am behind so this post is going to be a rough outline of Week 8 and I am looking forward to posting Week 9.

Sunday-Had a wonderful dinner with JJ's family in Orlando At Joe's Crab Shack. Debi Bratcher and Johnny (JJ's dad) along with Debi's kids, Allison and Timothy. Thank you guys, it was fun! Even though I had to skip around the restaurant on a Stick horse wearing a ratty looking straw hat while everyone sang, Happy Birthday! (I played along and they said thanks for being a good sport. 

Monday- I decided to stay home from work as my back (which I did find out is a pinched nerve) was hurting and I really just didn't feel up to dealing with the world. RELAX and DID NOTHING!

Tuesday- Wednesday Some of the same things in a daily work week. I did find with new sign of spring in a trimmed back tree at my place of work. I know the leaves look like fall, but this bird worked so hard for the last few days building the nest.

Thursday- started out the same as any other week but the thing that happened is the reason I have fell behind on my blogging, scrapping BUT...I am going to keep my new outlook and not share what caused the messy and depressing mood I had gone through over the last week and half. LIFE is just too short to look back over it.
Week 8- Inspirational Quote
Friday- I backed up an over night bag and went to my daughters house for the night so that I could go with her to look at houses. Went to dinner with Lisa, Alexis and Jasmine. It was fun catching up with her and seeing the girls. By the time we got home and relaxing it was late so we decided to go to bed early so that  we could eat breakfast before we had to meet Bluma, lady who was showing us the houses, to look at six different house for Jessica to check out to buy. (That lady was a mission to sell a house that is for sure).

Saturday-This is the one she liked and so she decided to put in an offer.

Somewhere in this week my new storage 12 x 12 scrapbook paper containers came. Caught you up on the HAPPY SPACE next week.

Happier Day to come!