Thursday, February 03, 2011

Good morning Scrapland!
We are over “hump day” and it is almost to the weekend, WOO HOO. I hope this finds you safe and not snowed in without utilities!  What a snow storm the United States had this week. 30 some states were affected. Seeing some of the videos and news reports made me feel glad I was in one of the few states that didn’t get it. I so remember the snow storm in the 1970’s around Thanksgiving. Kind of the same thing, 20 plus inches dumped over night. Not fun at all as we were visiting our grandma in Auburn Hills, Michigan (was called Auburn Heights back in the day). We lived in Independence, KY and they closed Interstate 75  the day we were to return home. My brother and I had concert tickets to see Electric Light Orchestra in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can only imagine two teenagers falling apart because we couldn’t get home in time for the concert. Funny the things that were important to us back then…(little blast from the past!)

I wanted to share a Blog Goodie with you, but first have some exciting give away I'd like to share with you.  My BFF, Bon Scrapatit Designs aka Linda Walton is offering on her blog.  It is so SWEET!
“ Win a $10.00 Gift Certificate”
to ANY Digital Scrapbooking Store of your Choice
You can find all the details H*E*R*E.
I will share with you the two kits she is asking you to use. I did four layouts using her new kit, “Warm Winter Wishes”. I so love it!!!! My blog goodie are made with “Warm Winter Wishes”, as she was so kind to let me share them with you as scrapatits.  My layouts will not be entered, as I have been doing some taste testing for her and sharing mine as Scrapatits for you.
OK, Here are the two kits:
You can download Warm Winter Wishes H*E*R*E

You can download her Friends, Dreams, Memories  H*E*R*E

Here are the RULES and please read  rest of the details from Linda’s Blog when you visit and/or download the kits.
Rules are as follows:
  • You must use pieces from either the kit you download today, *Warm Winter Wishes* or from the *Friends. Dreams. Memories.* kit, which is still available for download on the side bar if you've not already done so 
  • You may use templates as long as proper credit is given (you may view my layout HERE for an example of giving proper credit when uploading your layouts to public galleries)
  • Upload your layout(s) HERE (membership is open and does not require you to wait for approval)
  • Return to Bon Scrapatit Designs blog and post a link to your layout in the Bon Scrapatit Design's Flickr pool in the comment box of the post I establish specifically for your links.  This way I can easily use to choose a winner and/or winners!  (I will post and link at the very top of my blog for easy access)
  • You may create as many layouts as you wish.  This, of course, will increase your chances of winning! Speed scrapping is fine, but out of fairness to all, I ask that you do your best and not just throw a layout together.  In other words, create a page that you would consider print worthy for a photo book or album *wink*
  • Have fun and get your scrap on!

Deadline for posting layouts to the group pool and linking back here is 12:00 pm PST on Valentine's Day, February 14th!

I would like to  share the layouts I created with WARM WINTER WISHES. I had so much fun playing with this kit. And it is funny, my first reaction to seeing the preview was “this one is going to be a real challenge for me”. SURPRISE….I did two layouts the night Linda shared it with me. Got up the next morning and did two more. I think WARM WINTER WISHES helped me get my MOJO back, that is for sure! Thank YOU Girlfriend…tee hee! Please note that my layouts will not be entered in the give away, as I have been doing some taste testing for her before she released the kit, but here they are.



Everything in my layouts are from the kit except the stitching, which  is not included in Warm Winter Wishes,
(Credit goes to Redju for her CU Stitching)

I hope you enjoy Warm Winter Wishes as much as I do. It is an awesome digital scrap kit to work with. A very good addition to the Menu at Bon Scrapatit Designs.  Please remember to thank Linda for her hard work by sharing your layouts with her. One of the best rewards a designer can receive, to see what people have created their special memories with  their designs. Thank you so much, Linda!

Here are two of the Scrapatits  I would share.  I hope you enjoy them.
Download your Blog Goodies HERE!
I will be back in a day or two to share more photos of another couple of events I attended during the holiday and my mini vacation. I have to  go through them to resize and pick out the best ones. I have a tendency to take “too many” as my kids say.…he he!
Happy Scrapping,

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy New Year, Blog Friends!!!!

I can’t believe it has been so long since I have posted to my blog. To sum it up an one sentence, I had been very burnt out and lost my creative flow. Life has been a big contributor to that for me. BUT it is time to, “Pick myself up, dust my self off and START all over again!”

SO with that said, I will take baby steps here, and post a little about a few things I would like to share with Scrapland and my friends/followers. Plus I have been doing some sewing and quilting. Something I haven’t done in a long time. I so enjoyed it. Can’t wait to share with you!

I did say before I became MIA, that I was working on some rag quilts, lap size throws for my little guys and I can now show them to you, now that Christmas has come and gone and they have them.

The first one is the one I made Javier. He was the one who was at Wal-mart with me one day as I was getting some fabric for the baby quilt I made for Linda Walton’s Granddaughter, BABY Girl! (humm, did I share the final pictures with you. I will have to look). Funny we were in Wal-mart with the boys yesterday and Dusty got some fabric to make a laptop cover out of and as we were standing, waiting for the clerk to cut the fabric, Javier came walking up to us with two more bolts of fabric (one with Curious George, which he said was for him and the other was from the Disney movie, Cars for his brother Xander). Dusty and I looked at each other and started laughing before he even said a word about them. I asked him, “Baby Javi, are you going to start sewing too?” He replied,”NO! These are for you to make another quilt for us.” (remember, he is only 6 years old. Smart as a whip, he thinks!). Of course, Xander who was with us too, says, “Yes Grandma, Yes. We want you to make us another quilt because it has been REALLY cold!”  But no, they did not sucker Grandma this time, as that is how I got started one these! They did turn out really CUTE, don’t you think? I made a pillow and personalized sham (pillow case), with opening in the back with room enough to keep the quilt in it when they are not using it. THEY love them!!!! But Poor Mikey, I still don’t have his done. He is the oldest and I am making his bigger. That is what I am working on now!


(this picture is from my cell phone, can’t find the one I took with my camera. Sorry it isn’t better)



I started making these around the same time of my last post, my vacation to visit my parents, getting back it was Thanksgiving, then my daughter and the boys were moving and they had come to stay with me for two weeks until the apartment was ready. Then of course Christmas was just around the corner ect ect… There were two events in the middle of all that I went to for my older grandkids had . . . SOOOO I have a lot to share with you over the next few weeks.

So miss this form of communication. Our personal blogs seems to be falling by the wayside since the newer social networking have become so popular. FaceBook and Twitter are fun and a quick way to share and keep up with each other, BUT…blogging is much more personable, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, if you have a facebook account, you know that I am on it A LOT…but I still like visting my digi-scrap and designer friends on their personal blogs.

Which brings me to my BFF’s blog, Bon Scrapatits Designs aka Linda Walton who just posted an adorable sneak preview of her new release called, “Warm Winter Wishes”.





AND she has also a little TASTE of her “Scrapatit “ for you.



Check Linda’s blog out and a Taste of her designing we all Love! 

Will be posting more as soon as she releases her kit and I get the photos together of my trip to Bloomfield MO!