Saturday, July 05, 2008

Freebie from my scrap kit FAMILY ALBUM
HI, I hope everyone had a great Indepenance Day (thoses of your from here in the states). It was a quiet one here, the kids all had their own plans but we are getting together tomorrow. Dusty and I are going to meet my oldest daughter for brunch and taking Xander, my youngest grandson, to get his first portrait made. It is so hard to believe he is almost 10 months old. He is growing so fast. I was driving to work on Thursday and realized we hadn't taken him wish us luck. Our appointment is at 11:30 am. I hope it isn't too close to his nap time and we have trouble with him being happy!
I would like to share something with you that my daughter and I had for an album I brought for a challenge at Treasures To Scrap . Dusty is doing an awesome job working as one of my CTs and learning very fast to use PSE, without much help from me as I don't know the program. I was a PSP user before I started PSCS 2. I would like to share one of her gallerys with you also. I thinks she is getting very creative now that she is getting the hang of the program.
Anyway the challenge was a while ago, that didn't get finished on time, in fact we haven't printed these yet but plan to tomorrow and get started with this. I had been to a chat with the maker of these Cosmo Cricket Blackboard Kate's Album one night a TTS, in fact Linda and I were both there. Spent too much money and neither of us have finished the project yet, but we had a good time in the chat with the gals and guy from Cosmo.
You can purchase the Blackboard albums at TTS Here . An AWESOME example of the album made up Eliz Bailey from TTS gallery for the challenge.
You all have a wonderful evening and will keep you posted on this Album. We will have 6 more QP for you in the next day or two. And MAYBE an example of the real thing......(my fingers are crossed hoping we can). Also tomorrow I will be posting you a preview of the SUPRISE I had on Linda's Birthday CD I made her. She finally looked through it and Now I can show you, but I have to make up a preview as I only sent her the album on the CD and a photo of the gal that made the template example of the album. Until tomorrow, Sweet Dreams.

Sorry link has been removed, but is now available FREE with the purchase of my scrap kit Family Photo's

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Freebies found....I have been cleaning House!!!

Look what I found...I have been doing some desk top cleaning and I found a really nice 12x12 set of Quick pages for you. So I thought it would be fun to have a challenge this month. And for playing along you will receive a a 18 page BragBook from this same collection.

Bonus 18 page Brad Book for doing the whole challenge

There is a two parts to this challenge and You will have until the end of the month to to email me your information.
July 3 through July 31, 2008

First Part
1. Use 3 of the 5 12x12 QPs pages below with photos from your favorite vacation. Please make sure you journal some place on your layout the City, State and/or Country with date. The year if you don't remember the full date.

2. Post them in any gallery you usually post in and email the links (email at the end of the challenge) so I can go give it some lovin and see what your favorite vacation was.
3.Purchase one of the Mother Earth Collection scrap kits from any one of my stores, send me the purchase date (which must be between July 3 and July 31) the name of the kit along with the order number in your email with the links and YOU will receive the whole 18 Page Bragbook. Add July Blog Challenge in the subject line of your email, please. I don't want to miss anyones email.
Please have fun with this. If you only get to do the first part of the challenge, I will sending you the posting gift if you email your links. I can't wait to see all those favorite vacation photos of everyone. I have a couple of layout of mine I will have to find and post for you...a few years ago when we traveled to Okinawa, Japan to visit my brother. It sure was a trip of a life time....but I will tell you more about that later when I post's getting late...SWEET dreams everyone!
PS. Please feel free to download the 12 x 12 Quick Pages even though you may not what to do my challenge!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have to say that I did have a much better day today. Thank you all for your up lifting comments. I really enjoy reading them and love hearing from you as you stop by to collect this kit, Family Photo's. I am making it for my first all the same kit album for my girls and going to surprise them by having them printed by either Shutterfly or one of the other ones. DO ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTION which one is the best???? This is the last part I have made up so far but after working with it, I think I will make an add on in the next month or two. I have a couple of fun summer kits in mind. One I have started and the other is only a color palette at the moment. he he..tonight I just goofed off, knowing that I had this ready for you to post tonight. Trying to get those creative juices flowing.
I hope to have something ready for Friday, but if I don't I wanted everyone to know that I hope you have a safe and festive July 4th. I am sure the web will be quiet, with everyone having their back yard BBQs, spending time with love ones and watching the fireworks, so I want to let you know that I wish you all a Wonderful Holiday! Enjoy your families, say a PRAY for all the service men and their families who are still serving in Iracq (sp?) for our country so we can have our INDEPENANCE we celebrate every 4th of July. Who knows maybe I will come up with a special freebie so that you can show me ALL the Family Photo's you took over the 4th....and know that I so appreciate all the support and encouragement you give me.
I have to say I was a pretty cute baby...but after 50 years of of raising four kids puts a toll on the old body. LOL I am using this kit to make the girls both a 8x8 board book for Christmas. I so really enjoyed see some of the photos my mom had never shared with us. This was one of them but I have lots more to do. I have to do at least 12 pages for the books for them. Besides it's always fun scrapping baby photos, right? I know I really enjoy it.

Sorry, link has been removed. Will be putting together and getting into my stores soon!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Freebie is finally here...sorry for being late!!!

What a day...I got up early and still never got this posted for you. I got a call early in the morning from my boss, they couldn't get the fax machine working. So I had to leave the house in a hurry, I finally got back home about 2pm and sat down here to pay some bills and go through the snail mail that was piling up beside my deck since I had left for my mom's. And before I knew it it was dinner time. This may sound like, AND.....(everyone has these days) Now I know that I don't do well when someone calling me away from my normal everyday coffee and morning computer time...Kinda like getting your coffee and reading the news paper before starting your day.

Enough baddling, Here is the third part of FAMILY PHOTO'S. I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful tomorrow (morning). Hugs until tomrrow..... Again that you all for your awesome comments and I hope to be on time with tomorrow nights post...I do have it all ready for you this time......

This is me at the age 4, the summer before I started school. My grandma had this made in a dime store downtown Pontiac MI. I remeber it must of been her favorite as she had an 8x10 in her bedroom. Ok ...see below for your Part 3. ENJOY!

Sorry, link has been removed. Will be putting together and getting into my stores soon!
Sorry for being late, but I will post the last part in the morning, its al ready for go!

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be posting the next part ot Family Photo's in the morning. And giving you an uplate on what has been going on this weekend. Mainly I wanted to THank ALL of you for posting comments here on my blog!!!! It really makes my day and I love hearing from you all! You are so kind and it gives my so much encouragement to share with you my designs, YOU are the push and my drive behind my designing. Remember to check out Linda Blog too, she has a wonderful new kit called Summer Wedding......I should have your goodies posted by 10am EST....Sweet Dreams to you all!Are they BEAUTIFUL.....Go leave her some lovin!