Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I wanted to stop by to Wish everyone a very Happy and SAFE New Year! Also to remind everyone to collect all the goodies from my blog as they will all be removed to start a new and clean up my 4 share account. I am taking the month of January to CLEAN up all my accounts, computer and start fresh with new stuff to share. But if you stop by this weekend I will have the alpha that matches my 12 days and my blog train goodies from Dec.

I also want to share a very special layout with you. A friend and gal I have been working with on Charlie's DigiScraps, Lou Ann aka Imgdonahue. It was picked for Gallery Standout at DST . Lou Ann it is one of the best I have seen in a while..the photo you used is AWESOME. Credits: Natalie Designs Open the Door The Magical Time and wordart from Playing with Overlays - Xmas by Natalie Designs

Happy New Years, Scrapland!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Chrismas and all through my house there's a messy in every corner and I am sure there may even be a mouse, so Santa is stopping by here early........ On, Christmas Eve as Santa has tons of last minute stuff to get ready before I go on my nights delivery and visiting so I wanted to take the time this morning to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and a HAPPY New Year.

I wont be around a computer for the next few day so I am posting Day 11 and Day 12 Christmas Day Now! But I first would like to thank you all for all the love and support YOU all have gave me over the year and years. A special wish for my Sisterhood of the Traveling DigiScrappers.....Love, Peace and Happiness girls with out you I would not have the drive and friendships I have today!....

Download Day 11 here
Download Day 12 here

As I am off to my family, driving out of site.........Merry Christmas to all and too all a GOOD Night!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just a reminder about our challenge, Days Gone By, "Christmas Past"

We know that things are going to get a little crazy for everyone, so I have decided to keep this challenge very the TITLE says, *Christmas Past* we would like to see ANYTHING from your past Christmas Holidays. I would love to see things from your childhood,but as I said, "Lets just keep it simple."

We are going to run this Challenge into the mid of January 2010 as I know that it is a very busy time for everyone, which will give us all time to post our layouts and for Linda and I to get a January Posting gift together for you. So we are going run this one until January 15, 2010.

If this is your FIRST time to the *DAYS GONE BY*, please read the

INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES for all the juicy details on what you may use to scrap with (ANYTHING!) You just KNOW we are looking forward to your MASTERPIECES filling the gallery and YOUR albums! Remember you must be registered for the links above to work. The links under my blog header are where you can register.

Here is Day 10 of  the 12 days Before Christmas

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hi everyone

Just a quick note and your Day 9 goodies. I have been working on paper scrap cards for my girls. So I printed some papers to use in the colors I wanted and Here is what I came up with. What do you think?

And here is a few of the Tags I printed and cut out, added some jute strings.

I am really having a lot of fun and keeping my hands and mind busy as I feel, like almost everyone else, sad that I can't or have the money do spend like I have in the past. BUT....oh a positive note, maybe it is a sign to go back the way I use to be, busy MAKING everyone I love something special. No matter how useless it was I so enjoyed making Christmas gift that came from the love in my heart. Some how things just got too busy and I had gotten away from it and those Christmas were always so heart filled and loved.

ok, enough babbling...Here is your Day 9 and I hope that you find it in your heart to make something special and show the little ones in your life the joy of GIVING!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with all you who look for and love CU Grab Bags....Designs By Sassy has the cuties one on sale right now for an unspeakable price..... 50 cents. YOU read that right...50 cents and it has got the CUTIES Christmas things in it. You can check it out HERE!


And I made you sample Printable page to Gfit Tags as an extra for today!

 (right click and open new tab so you don't for get Day 8's of the 12 days Before Christmas.)               

I am posting early today so that I can get a Hallmark Christmas movie watching time in as I am wrapping Christmas Gifts for Santa! But first I wanted you to see my little guys talking to Santa!

 Visiting Santa 2009
Mikey, Santa, Xander and Baby Javi


Saturday, December 19, 2009

WOW, What a wonderful Day. Grandma's little Angels (you know the ones with horns) and I had a wonderful day, shopping for gift exchange (A new tradition I have started to teach them the GIVING to OTHERS part of Christmas). The boys got girls to buy for so after we got past the Transformers and making them realize girls are not going to really like them, they did great. We spent 2 hours letting them look for girls gifts and had a lot of laughs and they were so proud to stand in line and tell the cashier about what they were doing and paying for it themselves (grab bags came with 10 gift card to spend on their name the draw). Then they were so proud to put the change in the red pail for Salvation Army Bell ringer, telling the guy to have a very Merry Christmas and why they wanted to help other during Christmas that don't have anything. (GRANDMA is VERY PROUD of their little BIG HEARTS)!

Then we had one more stop to make for them doing so well, A VISIT to SANTA! For the month of Dec Cocoa Village has a ICE skating rink step up in the riverside park, and on the weekend SANTA comes to the park to visit so Dusty and I took them, with our own camera and let them talk to Santa. After telling Santa what they would like, Mikey (and then of course Baby Javi followed up too) by asking Santa to not for get the kids that don't have anything so they can get a new toy too! lesson of GIVING and THINKING of others really touch Mikey's heart. Baby JAVI is our kind and soft hearted one, so of course after hearing Mikey he did the same thing. TIMELESS memories for GRANDMA today! (IF they could only stay this age forever!)

OK...Grandma is tired out from my 12 hour day with my 3 little guys...which ended up with a new Christmas movie (new to them) The Grinch with Jim Carey. (PICs will be posted tomorrow)

Here is your Day 7 of 12 days Before Christmas....Enjoy

Friday, December 18, 2009

Well, it is now Friday and I finally got my house cleaned. So I can play most of the rest of the weekend. I wanted to share another new hair do...for whose of you that was the first hair cut last week on facebook, you will understand why I am saying ANOTHER. I didn't like the first cut as it was nothing like I asked her to do, but I thought maybe it was my thick head of hair and I would give it a couple of washing myself and try to style it myself...everything just kept falling to my I found a couple more of the pics of the hair style and told her to go shorter and try again. Well I am finding out that she is great with coloring, trims or long hair styles but not so good with newer hair styles that are not straight and even. First I will show you what I wanted. (Twilight fav will know who she is) 

Just a couple of things wrong is still to long and she cut too much from the neck and I cut the small feather bangs as she said "No bangs". So I guess I will let it grow some and find a new stylist. So enough about this...LOL. Good thing my hair grows really fast. 

First I would like to share a new Personal Use product Charlie's Digiscrap has in her store:

Next someone had stopped by my blog and asked me if I had printed my card I made on the inside so I thought I would post a pic of what I printed on the was a freebie word art but for the life of me I can't find the folder so that I can give the gal credit....I am so sorry. But will come edit this when I do find it. It is so cute...I believe she is from Ginger Snap, but as I said I will look it up and edit this.

Now I also want to show you a layout I did last night with the kit Summer Driggs did for a special friend of hers...Here is the post that I got the kit from and wanted you to please read it and please find  it in your heart to maybe donate a couple of dollars in return for the kit Summer made as a freebie for her called "Believe" . Thank you Summer you did a great job with the kit snd what a wonderful thing to do for your friend.

here is the kit:

Here is the layout I did with it as well as the candy wraps and Christmas card.

Ok I am off here for the much cleaning, I am tired. But it is done and I can sit back and enjoy it for the next few days. But here is Day 6

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well, today is my FRIDAY, WOO HOO! And it is really time to get my bunns in gear to finish up some digital Christmas Cards and gifts. So the next few days posts will be quick but when I can I will share what I am doing with you! I do have a couple of things I have been working on to show you.

First, I did get my side bar updated with our Days Gone By Posting Bonus....we have had a couple of people post already, which I really enjoy seeing your Christmas Past Layout! Remember that you are going to have a longer time this month to post, as we have extended it until Jan 15th 2010. I also added the daily links for my 12 days before Christmas links there as I will add each day there as well. That way I don't have to add all links each day here. 

Second, I want to let you know that any of my live links for any of my freebies will be removed December 31, 2009! So if you have missed anything in the last little while you will still be able to download if you have the time to go through my posts to find them. As I am uploading the 12 days before Christmas I noticed I still have alot of links still there...wont clean out until then...OK?

Next I want to share a Quick pages I did for my sister. She had the cutest idea for pictures to make her Christmas Card and I used one of the pic she sent me... Aren't they the cutest little bakers!

And I made this CD Insert and label for my good intentions of burning a DVD of all the layouts and special photos of our family gathering during 2009! I hope I get them done....biggest part of the project is going through all the photos we have taken this year....WOW I did realize how many I, alone, had taken. It is going to be a job! (this is what I will be working this next few days.) Wish me luck! Hopefully I will be more organized next year...LOL!

Credits for both of these are my Christmas Past Posting Bonus kit and 12 days of Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hi everyone, 

I just got home so I am going to post this and call it a night...Happy Scrapping! See You tomorrow. . . .Enjoy!

Download Day 4       Day 3      Day 2      Day 1

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 3 of 12 days before Christmas Freebies!

Hi everyone. Well life just doesn't stop, the closer to Christmas, the most I am finding myself just too over whelmed! But I am sure almost all of you can relate. As my daughter and I was talking about tonight, having great expectations of what IT SHOULD be or how we think things should be is totally getting in the way of being happy during these days of preparing for what we want/think our holiday to be. So I think I have to start "keeping things REAL" and stop looking for more! . . . Well enough venting.... 

I did get a few pictures uploaded so that I can share my project with you...I found these from a newsletter, sorry can't remember which one, but they are the cutest match box printables. Made by Krisi's Kreations. Krisi made them with a kit by Man in the moon Designs called Tis the Season at Scrap Matters. She does amazing hybrid craft and I just had to make a few of them up. I did print and put together a couple of Krisi's and then used a wonderful freebie kit called "Believe" by Summer Driggs! But I am sorry Summer, I can't remember where I got my kit, but I love did a wonderful job with it.

Aren't they cute????

Here is the card I made with 
"Believe" by Summer Driggs

Happy Scrapping and back tomorrow with another project I have been working on and more of my 12 Days Before Christmas.

Monday, December 14, 2009

12 days until Christmas Day 2

Well, I am still working on a few Christmas goodies and I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I found and making some cute matchbox candy boxes. They are turning out so cute...can't wait to share with you. Things got a little crazy this evening with one of my girls so I am just getting settled for the I will have to show you what goodies I am making tomorrow evening.

Here is your day 2 of my 12 Days Before Christmas but want to remind you that if you collect all the goodies and post a layout with your favorite Christmas Past with our Days Gone By blog Challenge I have a few more goodies in store for you! 

(tomorrow I will added these links to my side bar incase you miss any, ok!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Grab Brag

Welcome to my 12 Days until Christmas GRAB Bag Still goodies. I will be posting daily download in a Grab Bag. The kit you will be collecting does match my Posting Bonus. I will be back tomorrow with another Download and more information and sharing what I am working on...Sweet Days ..

PS....I will update you tomorrow of what I am working on...having fun crafting some christmas gifts. Don't for get about Days Gone by and to come back tomorrow for Day 2 of the 12 days until Christmas.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

“Christmas Past”….Dec “Days Gone By” and the 12 days of Christmas Coming SOON!

Well I am a little late at getting this posted, but Holiday rush has already hit my household or something as it seems like I just don't have enough time in a day here's the deal. We know that things are going to get a little crazy for everyone, so I have decided to keep this challenge very the TITLE says, *Christmas Past* we would like to see ANYTHING from your past Christmas Holidays. I would love to see things from your childhood,but as I said, "Lets just keep it simple."

We are going to run this Challenge into the mid of January 2010 as I know that it is a very busy time for everyone, which will give us all time to post our layouts and for Linda and I to get a January Posting gift together for you. So we are going run this one until January 15, 2010.

If this is your FIRST time to the *DAYS GONE BY*, please read the

INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES for all the juicy details on what you may use to scrap with (ANYTHING!) You just KNOW we are looking forward to your MASTERPIECES filling the gallery and YOUR albums! Remember you must be registered for the links above to work. The links under my blog header are where you can register.


Starting on Dec 14, 2009, I am going to be starting my

 12 days (Before) of Christmas

Just look for this little card  each of the days as kind of a GRAB BAG Surprise  and read below for more details….


This is a special way to be able for me to share with you my holiday joy as It gives me  real  joy to have you all as friends! It is my way to thank you for all the wonderful comments, love and support you have gave me during the year. So collect all 12 downloads. Each day I will add the new one and leave them all live in case you miss a day or two. (Dec 28 I will remove all the links)

These daily downloads match the Christmas Past posting bonus for our DAYS GONE BY challenge, so you will have a good size  freebie if you do both. All it takes is one layout of your Christmas Past and collect the 12 Days gifts and leave me a comment as you download on my blog….big Christmas Freebie kit with an EXTRA gift under your tree!….So Santa will be watching, if I see that you do both I have a special gift I will email YOU. So come join the FUN!

Happy Scrapping and REMEMBER to Collect my 12 days of Christmas starting Monday Dec 14th!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Update on what’s coming soon…..Freebie QP from A Work in Progress’s new kit Vintage Chic at Scrap That Idea.


Hi everyone, just a quick post for a update of what is coming this next week in My Digital World

First I would like to share a couple of things with you.

Charlie’s DigiScrap is the Designer of the Month at DSO..and has her Entire store on special at DSO and DSV on SALE 50% off the entire month of December (this includes Commercial Use). But , thats not all lol, she also have this awesome  BRAND NEW Super Glitter Bundle (CU/PU/S4H/S4o) that contains 30 glitter styles and 30 jpegs, for only $2!!!!!!! (normally $7).


Secondly, I was gifted with an AWESOME new kit by A Work in Progress aka Vicki Parker from Scrap That Idea. It is called Vintage Chic…and that it is. I love what she did with this one, very chic like but also Vintage for heritage scrapping, my favorite. I did this layout for my mom… favorite picture of here in her school days.



And this one I did for Xander’s Grandma…..I also used Charlie’s Calendar Template which you can find HERE in her store. 


Coming SOON!

1.) Tomorrow-

Days Gone By Dec Challenge –Posting Bonus

2.) 12 days of Christmas-

Daily Freebies starting Dec 14 – 25  (which matches the Days Gone By Posting Bonus. Look for the Daily Gift Packages.)

               Download the Quick Page Here and enjoy!

See you tomorrow morning!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Morning! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed all the sales, family, long weekend (those who got one) and most of all photographed you wonderful memories. 

During the hussle and bussle of the next holiday coming up I hope that you get a few relaxing moments to collect the wonderful freebies from The Blog Train Blog. There are 100 well known designers that have signed up to this Dec, and from what I have seen so far you don't want to miss this one. 

Here is my part:
I will be posting the slide show and links in my side bar as soon as I get the code tomorrow.

Your next stop is: Creative Victorian 
I am sure you will find lots of goodies this train ride....Happy Holiday!

PS....Reminder "Days Gone By" 

Linda and I will be extending Novembers Challenge for one more week to give everyone who was so busy getting ready for Thanksgiving a chance to post. 

I hope you enjoy the next few days down loading this wonderful collection. Please keep watch as there are more goodies to come this month from My Digital World. 

I will be posting our the December "DAYS GONE BY" this weekend. You wont want to miss it! And I want to thank all of you that posted in November as we so enjoy seeing your creations and memories of your Days Gone By!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Release .....From Charlie
Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I have been working on a couple of project for the holidays coming up and I used a wonderful new kit that Charlie's DigiScraps just put in her store. Also wanted to remember you that we have all her store on sale all month. Just right click on the images and open with a new tab so that you can see the rest of my post.

And before I get started explaining what I am posting here, I want you to know that I will be back to designing and will have two Christmas Blog train ready for you next month, but also have a couple things coming up for you before that as I only have 175 pages left in finishing up on the Twilight series....Breaking Dawn. This one was almost double of the other three, but I just can't put them down. The girls and I are going together for the opening night to see "New MOON"...Girls NIGHT...I am sure that I will be a couple of days cleaning house, but after that I will be in full design mode to GETTER done!

Here is the newest kit Charlie just put in her store, FIRST NOEL. It is super to work with and so many different uses too, she has it as a full kit and add ons separate or as a bundle. And if you get over to her store and get it before the end of the month, you will get it a bigger discount. 39% off.
Full Kit

This is Mikey, and I am using this for one of the pages I am making in an 8x8 album for his other grandma for him to give her for Christmas.

This one is also for his grandma, this is one of my favorite pictures of him with my daughter.

I used these templates and making a calendar for Xander's Grandma. I will share more of them with you soon.

Well, that is it for now. I will have a goodie for you soon and hope you all enjoy your day!
Happy Scrapping.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Days Gone By Blog Challenge Reminder
Freebie from "Glitter Fall" and
LouCee Creations CT Team and New Release

Hi everyone,

I would like to share a few things that has been going on in My Digital World... not much mojo for designing, but I have been getting some scrapping done. And working on a few templates that are sized for Shutterfly 8X8 Printing, I will be updating you on that later in the month. So Grab your favorite drink.....

(Please remember to right click on any links and open new tab so it doesn't take you away from my other news or your goodies)

First, I would like to share a NEW RELEASE by a friend I met through Charlie's DigiScraps, her name is LouCee Creations. You may know her from DigiScrap Obsession. I have admired her work and used a few kits that she has gifted me with in the past, but would like to announce that I have joined her Creative Team. LouCee and Charlie work pretty close together and I so LOVE working with both of your designs. Thank you LouCee!

Snow HO HO by LouCee Creations

Now in her store at DSO
and below is a layout I did with Snow Ho Ho, cute kit and so many ways you could use it. It is one of my favorite pictures of Mikey from the first year we told him about leaving cookies and milk for Santa.

Now for the Days Gone By reminder, I got to play with Linda's "Glitter Fall" Posting of course it is lots of goodies for scrapping just about anything but very good for my month layout for my DAYS GONE BY.

"GLITTER FALL" by Bon Scrapatit Designs
Posting Bonus for Nov Blog Challenge
You will find the full details here in our forum and please excuse our decor as we are still working on the graphics for Scrapland Express. Below are the links to the November Challenge details and gallery. You will have to be registered for them to work. If you look under my header, those links take you the register for both.

With the theme we picked for November, scrapping what you are most thankful for, I found this photo of myself with my mom and Grandmothers, who came to visit my mom in CA after I was born. They both lived in Michigan at the time. I was about 3 months old and living in Santa Ana, CA. So I am so thankful for the very important ladies in my life. They were or are still a GREAT inspiration in my life. So without say, they are what I am most thankful for. And below I would like to share this as a quick page with you. I will be sharing the word art with you later in the week...I hope you enjoy your goodies and I can't wait to see what you scrap which you are most Thankful for....

November *Days Gone By* Blog Challenge with Bon Scrapatit Designs and Snowsmoon's Design
Credits: Glitter Fall by Bon Scrapatit Designs
Wordart Fonts: Birth of a Hero, Big Mummy and Arial Narrow

Download Here

Please stop by Linda's Blog to thank her for letting me share this Quick page with you.
Happy Scrapping!