Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, I finally got my store information straighten out and I was looking over the kits I have and I have decided to CLEAN HOUSE.....My whole store on sale! 60% off full size kits and paper packs are discounted too! You must hurry as these kits of going to be retired SOON! Out with OLD and in with some NEW! My Store is at TREASURES TO SCRAP!!!!! (finish reading the post first, get your freebie and then hurry on over before they are GONE).

They are making big changes through out the whole site and are looking for NEW Designers and Creative team....Here is the information for the CT CAll or email Laura at if you are interested.....

OK, I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer about the sneak peak I posted and I have included your freebies I made for you in this post, but I am going to wait a few days until I put the kit in the store as I had wrote above, I want to clean house first....


Now for your freebie, I don't want to make you wait for you freebie until I release the kit next week so here is the mini kit I made for you....I will have another goodie for you when I post that the kit is released. Enjoy and make sure you stop by
my store at Treasures to Scrap, it is all on SALE!
Blog Freebie Download Here

Sunday, December 28, 2008

As some of you may know, or not know, in anycase I have been doing some CT work for Mel Hains. She was one of the gals that I did "Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland" with. She has a few new kit already together for the New Year and in her store now or coming soon. This one was just released: MOMENTS is in her store at !Scrapbook .....It is AWESOME and I loved it so much I did two layout with it already....MAKE Sure you check out her blog as she has Freebies each time she releases a new kit.....Thank you MEL...this MOMENTS kit is AWESOME. Make sure you all leave her luv by commenting on her blog for all her wonderful work and time she puts into creating for us, PLEASE!

Here are the two layout I did with MOMENTS....
"DREAMS""Nana and Gracie"
I will be back tomorrow as I have a NEW RELEASE TOO! Yes, I finally got a kit together for the store and a freebie for you....How about a sneek peek? Check back here in the next day or two... As soon as I get the kit upload to the store I will post it here along with some goodies for you.

Snowflakes, Too! Coming toTreasures To Snowsmoon's Design. Enjoy and be back soon!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to all and to all a GREAT Holiday.....My Grandkids and nieces. I have a few days off so I will be getting some goodies together for you and my Holiday Photos.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hi, everyone....I have a little goodies to share with you....and a layout I did with Vicki Parker's Winter Wonderland Scrap kit at her store Eidou. It is an awesome will have to check it out.

Isn't it funny how when the kids get older, they seem to take longer to get a good picture of them together...Brittany and Chaz are no different. They are at the age that "Don't touch me" "Man, do I have to sit so close to her?" I am sure you know all the lines....But Grandma keeps making them do it over and over until I get a good photo of them, or at least try...LOL...This was last year at their house Christmas Day. I hope to have a few more layout made up while I am on Winter Break.......
Ok, Here is your Goodies. I made up a few tags you can print and use if you like....or use them for your layouts with WIASWL....Enjoy. I will have more goodies for you over the weekend.Download Printable Tags Here

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FREEBIE Snowy Alpha from WIASWL Collab Extras

Well, I am back and I wanted to share with you some exciting news. I have started doing a little Creative Designing for a couple of the gals I did WIASWL Collab with, Linda Walton and Mel Hains. Since going to school and trying to keep up with family, designing, blogging ect...I have not had time to do much creative designing, so...I am doing little designing, mainly only for my blog, and trying sometime to relax and scrap.

Mel Hains.....Who has an AWESOME sale going on at a Store she is retiring from and you can grab her AWESOME deal on her whole STORE Here at Snap & Scrap.....

Mel has the cutiest designes and is now selling at a new place, iScrapbook. Her new release is called: Garden Love (click to check it out.) Here are a couple of Layouts I put together using Garden Love.Page 1...My niece Karley "Sharing Cousins two page Layout" on Thanksgiving.

Page 2 you can see Xander was only wanting that cute!

NOW for your Freebie, Two Alphas and Snow Flakes to go with the Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland Collab, with Linda, Vicki and Mel. See my side panel for their blog links for their parts to the Collab and other AWESOME goodies they have going on!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I am back...I do need to get to work so I will leave you with a couple of goodies and edit the post this evening and more chatter...Have a wonderful day! I made these quick pages with Mel's part of our Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland......
Quick Page One

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hi everyone, this is the last week of Walking In A Scrappy Wonderland. It has been so much fun working with these wonderful designer, Bon Scrapatit's Design aka Linda Walton, an awesome new digi friend,A Work in Progress aka Vicki Parker and the wonderful Mel_H from Mel's LightBulb Moments which I haven't told you yet, but I have joined her creative team as well as Linda's too! Make sure that you stop by to see what goodies they have in store for you also! REMEMBER, to thank them and post your lovin on their blogs..

I am feeling better and then I got my butt in gear and finished all my assignments so that I could have an extra week to play and get ready for the holidays. And to just have time to make previews for a few other goodies I have for you made from all parts of this wonderful collab, "Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland." It was alot of fun and I can't wait to start thinking up another theme and color palette for our next one, I hope it is soon...these designers are just awesome to work with.....

Well, I am away for the weekend so I will hopefully be back here on Sunday or Monday morning, with some of the goodies I have made with Linda, Vicki and Mel's part of this kit....Until til then, Here is my last part of the kit. And I do have an Alpha made up for you too...all other goodies will be coming next week.

Download Papers
Download Elements

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Freebie Quick Page from WIASWL
Well, I am feeling much better now for a couple of the stuffed up head is gone, and I am on Winter break from school...I finished up my last two assignments more reading, doing papers, and group project until JAN 6, 09! WOO HOO!

I am going away for the weekend but I have my last part of my kit all ready posted and ready to auto post on Friday...This is the first time so I hope it all works and post for you on time. I will try to check but I am not sure I will have internet for my laptop so lets keep my fingers crossed that I did it right. I am taking my laptop so that I can work on a few layouts while the baby is sleeping...I am taking my grandson with me, the youngest one, Xander. He is meeting his father for the first time and visting with his other grandma. So, not sure I will have that much time but a girl can't be away without nothing to do...LOL.

Here is your goodie for tonight, I made this quick page from Bon Scrapatit's Design aka Linda's part of WIASWL. I love the papers she made and the tree is awesome. She was kind enough to let me share this with you! WOO HOO, so please make sure you stop by her blog as well to collect her goodies and post a thank you on her blog. I hope you enjoy it and make sure you have my blog on follow as I will be posting extra goodies for the rest of the month.
Download QUICK PAGE here
This was made from Linda'a part of the Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland!
ENJOY! (0f course the QP is without the Photo of Ms. Santa....LOL.)
I was going to say something about this on my last post but didn't feel well and forgot about it, but my friend Kathy's Scraps has a daily download on her blog this month, The Ornamental Express. Her and some of the designers from the site she has been working with, at DigiScrap Station , have made some beautiful ordanemnts. SO Check out her blog too!

So, I have a few more things to get packed, so I am posting now, Hope you enjoy the Quick Page and all of Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland!!!!!!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Week 3 back in the morning to finish my post...not feel well! Hugs and enjoy!Download Elements

Download Papers 1

Download Papers 2

Friday, November 28, 2008

Here are the little darlings, my nieces....Little Miss Karely...1 year old and Miss Gracie 4 years. The layout was made with a little bit of all our kits so far from "Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland".

Credit: Background paper (altered) by Mel, Frame (altered and not included in blog train kit), flowers, wrath, alpha by see below by Vicki and Sparkles byLinda....that you gals for the AWESOME parts of the kits. (Frame, "Framing Workshop" and Alpha, "Going Dotty" at Scrap N Art was made Vicki, A work in Progess but is not included in our blog train kit). Thank you so much to sharing your designs.

I am a little late this evening getting this posted but I was enjoying my sister and my nieces company. They came down from Jacksonville, FL for Our Family Gathering for Thanksgiving. We all had a wonderful time and I hope to scrap a few photos tonight and post them as we got a couple of good ones this time. My, how fast the little ones grow when you don't see them as often as the others. I see my grandson's almost daily, I don't notice it as often. And of course cute as a button...

Well, I have to share that two of the gals Linda and I did this collab with, Vicki and Mel just announced they are opening new stores, So please make sure you check out their blogs carefully. I will try to collect the information by the next time I post with links to Vicki's and Mel's new stores. Also check out my side panel as I post a new preview for Mels Week 2...and awaiting Linda's new preview also, but it may be a couple of days as she has two little's ones in the house for the weekend and is still having some computer issues.

Well here is my part of the Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland- Week 2. I hope you enjoy it, and tomorrow I will be back with a extra surprise for you if you start posting layouts of any of WALKING IN A SCRAPPY stop back someitme Sunday morning (EST) for more details. Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving (USA)... as I did and I will be back soon!

Download 1 - Elements
Download 2 - Papers 1
Download 3 - Papers 2

Enjoy and please remember to give credit and love to all who share their wonderful and generous designs during the Holiday Season by remembering to leave them a comment on their blog!
and to all a Good Night until next Week!

Friday, November 21, 2008

What a wondeful way so start off my Week of what has been a very cold one here in Florida. It sure has got me in the holiday mood...So grab you coffee, hot cocoa, or favorite beverage...Linda, Vicki, Mel and I are going to take you on a 4 week walk through our Blog train party called,

I am going to start out by showing you our main previews and most of what we are planning on sharing with you for the next four weeks. Each one is linked to each others blogs through the posts so that you can collect all of our holiday mega kit.

First off here is the preview of mine...I tried very hard to step out side of the box working with bright color palette and more of a clean line instead of my usual grungy, look...but as you can see, I did get alittle of it in there. At the end of all our previews is my week one part of the kit...

See below for my Week One part of the Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland after I share all the other gals part of our Holiday Blog Party, "Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland"

As most of you know that Linda of Bon Scrapatit Designs and I are long time digi-scrapping friends and for as long as we have known each other we have never designed together. Well here have it...A long awaited time has pasted and we have finally got together with a couple of other awesome gals to bring you all Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland.
to visit and collect more of Walking in a Scrapping Wonderland here is
Bon Scrapatit Designs aka Linda Walton

Here is Mel's Light Bulb Moments. Mel has put together a kind of bright "Tropical Look" to her part of the Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland blog train. She loves bright colors and she and I decided to go with more of a tropical wintery look as we both live in warmer climates and never have snow for our holiday seasons. I love what she came up with...the sunglasses are the hoot. As much as I tried working out side of my box...I don't think it come close to what Mel has in store for you! AWESOME job was a real pleasure working with you and hope we can do this again. I am so glad to have meet you and Vicki through my wonderful friend, Linda. Thank you gals for including me!

to visit and collect more of Walking in a Scrapping Wonderland here is
Mel's Light Bulb Moments aka Mel Hains

Here is A Work in Progress aka designs by Vicki. She and Linda tried working mainly with the tradional colors and more of a grungy look as it a was "stepping out of their comfort zone" and as you can see she had a wonderful time. So much so she made two different looks to share over the next four week ....Please make sure you leave her lots of love and comments for her outstanding job...AWESOME job Vicki.....I really love it!
to visit and collect more of Walking in a Scrapping Wonderland here is
A Work in Progress - designs by Vicki

OK, and now here is my Week one part of this Blog train...during the week I will be adding the links to Linda, Vicki, and Mels Blogs for their part of Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland Blog Party to my left side panel at the top so that you can see them all month in one area. I am so proud to have been able to work with these ladies and I hope you all enjoy your fun and cheerful Holiday Mega kit. Happy Scrapping!Tropical Flurries - Week One of Four

Download Week One Papers

Download Week One Elements

Enjoy and please remember to give credit and love to all who share their wonderful and generous designs during the Holiday Season by remembering to leave them a comment on their blog!
and to all a Good Night until next Week!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

GOOD morning all!

I am so excited to announce that I will be sharing with you for the next four weeks a Walk through Scrapland with a few dear friends of mine. We have put together a awesome mega kit "Walking In A SCRAPPY WONDERLAND". This BLog Train is full of WINTERY and HOLIDAY fun, a new little twist on the holiday scrapping just for you. I have been hanging out with three other designers, when I have had the time and relaxed making your my part of Walking In a Scrappy Wonderland! The special friends have been very busy too so we could all come together to share this with YOU!

As most of you know, Bon Scrapatit aka Linda is a very dear and close friend and this will be out first ever collab together, which I am very honored and proud of working with all these gals! Next is A Work in Progess aka Vicki Parker and another special lady I have meet through these two gals is Mel Hains of Mel's Lightbulb Moments. It has been fun and what is so cool is that we are from all over the world and we being you "WALKING IN A SCRAPPY WONDLAND." Below is my Sneak Preview and make sure your stop by Mel, Vicki and Linda's blogs to see theirs.

I have a SURPRISE sneak preview gift for you for being gone so long with out any goodies for you. So at the bottom, click on the package for a special sneak preview gift. I will be posting my first weeks mini kit tomorrow, it will be the first of four......ENJOY

SEE you all then....Have fun just Walking in a SCRAPPY Wonderland!

Here is my sneak preview:
and here is your Sneak Peak Gift:
REMEMBER Click the package for you Sneak Peek Gift and come back tomorrow for our blog train

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Morning everyone!

I have had a couple of you stop by to say hello and ask if I am ok.....well basically YES! I have started the worst or should I say the hardest part of my college courses, College Albegra. I have spent the last 5 days trying to understand and make some kind of since out of it. I guess there isn't any that I can find, but I did find that our weekly chat will be going over most all of our work together in a chat, that we can go back into and use to help do the assignments. I just found that last night. What a relief, through it isn't the same problems but ones just like this may be a LONG five weeks. But I am determined to GETTER DONE!

I have been working on something for you guys with a couple of other designers for the holidays so keep watching. I will leave it as a surprise but it should be post on Nov 21. I am hope to give you a surprise peak but will have no details about our fun, this weekend. Special Freebie to get you started.

Hugs to all and thank you gals for asking about me. I will try to post more information as time allows....THANK YOU ALL for ALL your SUPPORT! (exspecially you Secret Santa gals who I am working with).

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trick or Treaters!
Just wanted to share a few gooblins with you. They visit my house regularly..... We had a wonderful time, but Grandma is tired! So I spent the afternoon Scrapping! Here is what I can up with. Credits are below each layout.
"Grim Halloween" by Misfits Scrapz (Yvette)
Busy Boy Templates by Andrea Gold
Thank you so much for the wonderful Halloween Kit and templates Ladies.

Red Paper from Little dragon by Veronika Perglerova aka Nikolette
Busy boy Template by Andrea Gold
Thank you ladies!CREDITS: Hocus Pocus Quick Page by Christy Skaggs
Sweet Dreams all and I will be back soon with some goodies!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Freebie for Friday and Happy Halloween!
Good morning,

Just a quick note to say Happy Halloween and to hand out some goodies, No Tricks....Just Treats! I am getting ready for the boys to come up this evening to go trick or treating. I am just as excited as they are. I am having them come out early enough so grandma can take lots of pictures....of course.

I will be back to share my little trick or treater's with you tomorrow.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Download Alpha Here

Monday, October 27, 2008


Good morning everyone in Scrap Land...

It is finally Fall here in Florida. The weather most people move to Florida to enjoy. I have to say, I love the chilly morning but so miss the fall colors there is only a couple of thing that change here, there is one tree that gets these little lantern thing on them that are orange and the traffic on the road and in the sky get worst as all the snowbirds start arriving. I am going to make it a point to go out the wild life park as they have an awesome bird watching tower in the middle of it. Of course with my camera, or maybe I will borrow my boss awesome camera as I would love to catch some of the awesome birds of prey, mainly the balled eagle. There are two sites in the park where you can stop and look over to their nest. Being Fall I will only get to see what birds are arriving for the winter, but come spring...nesting birds are sited out there all the time. SO we will see.

I have a layout I would love to share with you. It was created by one of my followers, KrisG. I think she did an awesome job and I would love it a lot if you would go post comments on her blog.

PLEASE! Give her LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE! Her blog is: H * E * R * E

By the way, KrisG let me know that I didn't added the link to the papers, which I previewed in my last post (see below). I added them there with the preview again. THANK YOU, KRISG!

Also REMEMBER that you only have a few days days left to download FALL Splendor from the BLOG PARTY, (Links in the side panel up towards the top! Links will be remover for Fading Fall on NOV. 1..

sorry, if you missed the elements in this preview here is the link for them too but they were posted in my last post! Which on Digital Freebies didn't show up as my preview, it showed up as Linda's Preview for Chance of Rain....I guess I better watch how I post things.
Elements ONLY from last post Download

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank goodness it is Friday....I wanted to get you your goodies this morning as my evening are being spent working on my Group project and I still have a lot to do with two other assignments.

I hope you are enjoying this Fading Summer. I would love to see you layouts so PLEASE send them to me so that I can post them. If you do so, I will have a few extra goodies for you. (I need to finish them up) So please send me what you have finished!!!!

Well, I can tell it is going to be a busy weekend and I have a new collab to work on...It is a surprise so I can't tell you, but it is with some AWESOME designers and I can't wait to get started, but school comes first (man...but I am learning and still do very well).

It may be raining today in scrapland...oh you have to check out Chance of Rain by Bon Scrapatit's Design. It is just AWESOME!.....Super job Miss Linda! Remember to give her lots of love and thanks for her Super work! Isn't it beautiful!

You all enjoy your weekend and I will try to get back here Monday with a few more goodies..REMEMBER everything in my store at TTS is on sale for 40% off.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am having a SALE!
Fading Summer Quick Page 3
My kits are all on sale at Treasures To Scrap til the end of the month!
40% off all my designs at TTS

Just a quick hello and goodings too! Here is a Quick Page I made trying to learn and relaxing for me....I will be back tomorrow to share the rest of the kit with you! Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Scrapping!

Download Quick Page 3 Here

Monday, October 20, 2008


OK...I am back. Not morning anymore but it is a good AFTERNOON. I have a new Freebie kit I put together for you. It is the kit I did the QP I posted last night for you. I had alot of fun making this kit. With the Blog Party still going on til the end of the month and this new freebie, I have removed all other links to any of the freebies I have had on my blog. The reason I am telling you this is I am going to try to get them put together and in to a store for those who have asked about previous kits I have had on my blog, like Bugs Alive, Tropical Fun and many more. My one and only store needs a new face lift and I dont have alot of time to design so when I do, I usually just share them for free first and then HOPE I can get them in a store to direct the requests to, so when I get them uploaded to a store I will announce it HERE.

<<<<<<Special Award I have Received>>>>>>
I need to address an issue I have not had time to BUT so APPRECIATE the gals who have gave them to me, is the many AWARDS that go around on the blogs. First I would like to say to all of you that have shared them with me, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. The main reason for not acting on them is there is no way I can pick just a few special blog friends and or special designer to award as I feel that everyone has their own specialty and being a designer and a scrapper, I know that each of us put our heart and soul into our work in hopes that we make our fellow scrappers, followers and friends happy enough for them to download our goodies and use them in scrapping their special memories for their future generations to know who, what and where our special moments took place and share them with our families friends for years to come. I am sorry and I am not trying to cop out on being part to these SPECIAL Awards....I just feel that all of us are SPECIAL and SHARING with YOU is really very REWARDING enough for me.

Well I finally made it back. WHAT a week... I wanted to say that I am sorry for not getting back here sooner, but my nose has been in a book as I had 15 chapter to read the week and 4 projects due...I gotter done but man. Taking two classes is a lot for a full time working gal. reward has been I have a 4.0 GPA. And YES VERY proud of the ole college gal!

I have a few things I wanted to share with you but I will post them in the morning with a mini kit I made these two QPs with. You all have been checking on me, thank you for that so I wamted you to have these tonight and I will post more for you tomorrow. SWEET DREAMS to all and talk to you all in the morning.....HUGS!