Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Morning everyone!

I have had a couple of you stop by to say hello and ask if I am ok.....well basically YES! I have started the worst or should I say the hardest part of my college courses, College Albegra. I have spent the last 5 days trying to understand and make some kind of since out of it. I guess there isn't any that I can find, but I did find that our weekly chat will be going over most all of our work together in a chat, that we can go back into and use to help do the assignments. I just found that last night. What a relief, through it isn't the same problems but ones just like this may be a LONG five weeks. But I am determined to GETTER DONE!

I have been working on something for you guys with a couple of other designers for the holidays so keep watching. I will leave it as a surprise but it should be post on Nov 21. I am hope to give you a surprise peak but will have no details about our fun, this weekend. Special Freebie to get you started.

Hugs to all and thank you gals for asking about me. I will try to post more information as time allows....THANK YOU ALL for ALL your SUPPORT! (exspecially you Secret Santa gals who I am working with).


KrisG said...

OMG, College Algebra!!!! Good luck! I think I was okay with that course, but I know I had other "problem" classes and feel your pain. We'll be here when you PASS!!!

Robbi and Mike said...

So good to see you are still plugging away at Algebra, and thanks for posting to let us know all is well! Good luck with your chat and will check on you later in tht week :) Hugs!

Lisa said...

Good luck to you in the weeks to come in your math class! Sounds like a lot of hard work! You should be very proud of yourself!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!
So good to see your post!!!!!!
I sure has heck would be in the same boat as you!!!!!!!
Will put you in my prayers for it to get easier for you along with a HUGE GIANT HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!

martiegras said...

I can't leave a comment on 4share but it wont even after I logged in but I wanted to say thanks for the freebies.

Also I feel for you, I took stats and it almost killed me. lol