Friday, January 15, 2010

SNEAK Peek for Cold Weather Add On Freebie!

It's Friday and boy am I glad this week is over....Have just been playing around today and got hooked up and in Facebook most of the day...LOL. Isn't it funny how is sucks you in and you can be there for hours and I don't even play the app games!

I have a friend that has her own site now, so I was a post on Facebook about a Brag About It! Challenge and signed up for it. It was a fun, quick thing to do and I had fun with it. Her name is Sarah Ellis of Scrappity Doo Dah. Here is forum thread with the challenge called Brag About It. Here is the page I did. I added the photo of my parents for the preview.

They had so much fun on their visit this past summer in the hot tub! 

Now for a sneak peek of my Cold Weather Add ON.... was going to post it at the beginning of the month, but I decided to post it Monday for you, at least the papers and Tues the Elements. So keep you eyes out!


I really like this part of the kit but don't forget to to go here for the first part of the kit, Cold Weather! (Scroll down to post #35).

See you back here on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Morning Scrapland!

Well I have a few things to share but not a lot of time so this will be quick! It has been a lazy week so far, I come home from work an pretty much veg in front of the tube! (Not like me, but it is still cold here and just trying to stay warm!)

First off, I have been playing around with With Week two at the Scrap off and I have to admit, these colors are hard for me to work with.  but anyway here is my week two:

SMD_DSAScrapoff_Wk2-SiblingSecond I have also been surfing around trying out new things and I have tried a new color challenge this month. Hummie’s World has a monthly Designers Challenge which is on going each month. She asks that you go to her forum to collect the freebies from it. Here is my part…I had used it for my Project 52 Weeks of 2010 I posted on facebook group.

SMD_ColdWeather_FullPrevYou can find this Freebie here and I do have more for you that goes with this but still working on the preview. It is post #35 and you don’t have to be logged, but please read on first as I have a goodie here for you first.

Download “Cold Weather” Here!



This is my mom from "Days Gone by" and I got this photo when my sister and I went to visit mom a couple of summers ago. I scanned it in, fixed it some and as I was looking through the photos I had got from the trip tonight, I had to scrap this one.

The photo was take in at her grandmother's porch in Pontiac, MI in 1949. She was 9. I hope you like it mom As I am trying to get an album together so my kids know my family from "Days Gone By"!

Download it here 

Please make sure you stop by and give Linda some lovin, Enjoy!