Friday, November 02, 2007

Tomorrow is a new Holiday exspecially for us DIGITAL Scrappers. It is National Digital Scrapbooking Day! For all who has become addicted, it is giving us another SPECIAL day to sit at our computer all day, chatting in our favorite sites, downloading as many freebies as we can get and buying what we can or can't not afforded because it is on SALE. But remember to tell anyone complaining to you, you spend too much time Digital Scrapping, that one day when I am gone everyone in the family will be able to share our family memories that are better documented with special journaling and dates along with who and where they are. Much better than some of our Grandma's boxes of photos, which more times than not, leave us guessing all these things above.

I would like to share a new adventure Kathy Brandt and I have taken over, Scrap Kit Challenge. She and I had been working on this monthy challenge together and Kathy had been asked if she would like to take it over. Wow, our own site! But we didn't have much time to get everything together, we pulled it off. Our site went live last weekend. Learning, Creating and Sharing Together is what this site is all about.

It is a site for those wanting to learn to design and create digital scrap kit on their own. You have to sign up for sign here, and then each week we have planned out what part of the kit we are working on. We have tons of free tutorials to use for almost every graphic program, and you work at what you feel comfortable at. We have a yahoo group where you can ask the memebers or us questions if you are having trouble with something your working on along with our site being full of information to all stages of learning. So I visit you to join Kathy and I in Learning, Creating and Sharing Together at SCRAP KIT CHALLENGE.

(sorry Link has been removed)
Here is my special mini kit for National Digital Scrapbooking Day! I will be adding a few more piece each week for the Nov of November for a nice mini kit I wanted to share with all my digital friends. Again, thank you for all your support and bookmark my page so that you can come back for more FREEBIE FUN! Happy National Digital Scrapbooking Day from Snowsmoon's Design.