Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and other news!

First I would like to draw your attention to the new slide show I added to the top of these posts. These are the kits I have in my store at One Single Seed, that will be removed at the end of the month. April 1, they will be gone forever....making room for all new stuff and some reworked stuff I have had on my blog. So for those of you that have asked about them, some of them will be in the store soon! SO if you see something you like in the new slide show get over to my store before they are gone for good. Oh, yea....they are all on sale for $2.00 each.
Thank you all for all your support and encouragement.

Now I wanted to share a couple more layouts I have recieved from my collab with Bon Scrapatit's Design, "Interludes"!

This layout is sent to me from my daughter, Dusty! She is back now that she had her power supply fixed on her computer. AWESOME job, sweetie and I want you all to know that she will be joining me to do some CT work with Darlene! Sassy, who is on break and getting ready for her April wedding, Monna and Linda are also joining together to blog together and many more surprise in store for you over the summer. Thank you gals for all your support. It is going to be fun!AND this one from Scrapcat 4914 Thank you so much for sending this layout to me with Linda and my "Interludes" collab....great job!

by Stacey's Scraps and Snowsmoon's Design

Here is a Quick Page from one of Stacey's CTeam, Melissa from her blog. Make sure you leave her a comment on her blog for this very cute quick page. Great job, Melissa! Also stop by Stacey's blog for her second set of elements.

Here is my quick pages that my good Friend, Monna Lainson Design and myself made with Spring Breeze Collab from Stacey's Scraps and myself.
Download Here (fixed, I hope)

I will have something new for you on Monday so make sure you check back here then! Have a wonderful weekend and who knows, I may pop in here before then too!
Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stacey's Scraps and Snowsmoon's Design

Well, I hope everything is ok, I haven't heard from Stacey's Scraps yet this evening. So I am posting now and will come back to change her link so that it goes to her post. I have been working like a real busy bee the last few weeks and I really thought that I was ahead of the game. Caught up with all the designing commencements, well I screwed up for got to get our one CT to work with this one. I guess it is getting time to look for a few more. Any way....Here is what we came up with. Hope you enjoy it and your elements are at the bottom and Don't for get to go get Stacey's too....Leave her lots of comments as well for her hard work. (Thanks, Stacey this was fun.)
My dear Friend and next collab partner, Monna Lainson Design did this one for me last night after realizing I thought I was ahead of myself for once and forgot to get this kit to someone to do layouts for me, so Monna, Darlene and I worked out buns off last night and this morning before work so I could post these tonight....You gals are SO SWEET! I love what you gals did with this kit. Please stop by Monna's Blog for me and show her some lovin for working so hard with this. Thanks again!
MY CT and friend DARLENE did this one for me in a days notice....isn't it AWESOME... I love the photo and it turned out so cute, Thank you so much Darlene!
I put this one together for my sister as today is Karleys Birthday, Happy Birthday sweetie!
Download Stacey Elements Here
(she hasn't posted yet but is linked to her main blog link)

DOWNLOAD Elements one
Download Elements two Here

Stop tomorrow for a couple more goodies.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Collab with Stacey's Scraps and Snowsmoon's Design

Here is a bright change of things. As we all look forward to signs of spring...."Spring Breeze" catches your eye! This bright and cheerful collab I put together with Stacey's Scraps. You can get Stacey's [art of this collab here and please check out what her CT team has done...WOO HOO...great job gals! Here is Stacey' blog for her papers and I will try to finish up a layout or two by tomorrows post...
ENJOY the SPRING BREEZE!Stacey Papers Here
Download Papers
Make sure you come back tomorrow for the elements.
WILL BE POSTING Spring Breeze as soon as I get home from work....!
Here is the last part of my INTERLUDES Collab ! A couple of bracket pages and frames. I hope you enjoyed this collab as much as I did making. I have had a busy weekend so I am posting on the fly...check back here for tomorrow another collab....see below. Also check out Linda blog for a Beautiful Scrapatit she put together for you.... OUTSTANDING Girlfriend....

Download Here

As said above, I will just be posting a quick post tonight....I did a collab with Stacey of Stacey's Scrap and ww will be giving out a very cute collab this week. Here is a sneek peek!
Sweet dreams and see you all tomorrow. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support. I so appreciate them all!