Thursday, August 28, 2008

Leilani Queral and a NAME: Timeless Treasures

Congradulation Leilani ! Thank you all for sending in names and with all of them I received I shouldn't have trouble finding a name for any of my designs. LOL....I am running a little late this morning so this will be short but...Sweet. I have a sample of next months freebie for you. As I put the final preview togehter these just didn't seem to go or look good so I saved them for you!

I really hope you had fun this month. I am going to have to start my next class so it may be Monday before I get back here. Enjoy your freebie and I will see you all later.
Leilani, Could you send me a layout of TIMELESS TREASURES? We would all love to see something from you so that we can all send you some love and hugs. THANK YOU! I will email you your coupon for your prize.

Linda aka Bon Scrapatit Designs Thank you so much for helping us out....Remember gals to stop by Linda's to check out what she has....Summer Wedding is an awesome Freebie!

Happy Scrapping, Hugs

Monday, August 25, 2008

Good morning EVERYONE!

I have the five runners up and will be posting the vote poll this morning....Sorry it's a little late, I had internet problems late night but I will be back with everything posted within a couple of hours at the most.

Hugs! OK....I am back and ready to postCongradulation on winning the first round.

Mood Swings by Susanne (ChinaBlue)
Rustic Getaway by Cher
Time Worn Memories by Valerie Skiba
Timeless Treasures by Leilani Queral
Grungy Antiquity by Sandy Smith

I want to thank you for all the wonderful ideas. It was a lot of fun collecting and getting everyone's ideas for naming this kit. There were over 200 names Linda (Bon Scrapatit Designs) had to pick from... And over 100 people sent them in. WOW... I am so happy to know that there are that many people who regularly visit my blog. I didn't advertise this any place else. It has me over whelmed with happiness and appreciation that I am able to design scrap kits that future generations to see their Family Scrapbooks and know all about their families special moments. Thank you so much!

I wanted to email the winners first before I posted the voting poll. So because of circumstances that were not in my control, I am going to extend the voting through Wednesday 12:00 pm and announce the winner THURSDAY MORNING!

I will be back this evening with the final part to "Name this Kit". HUGS and again, thank you for ALL the love and support you give is my greatest inspiration for designing is YOU! My blog follower, family and Friends.

"Scrapping OUR Memories for future Generation!"