Saturday, July 12, 2008

FREEBIE Part one
HI, everyone... I hope you are having a great weekend. I have been sitting here most of the day and not getting must done...just kind of surfing around trying to get my creative juices flowing again. Somedays it works and others, like today...well not working so well. I have a couple of projects I need to get started one and just haven't come up with most of anything. BUT.....I have been playing around with this new project for you bloggers...My new Kit, Bugs Alive. Not sure how many part there will be yet, but here is the first part for you!
Link has been removed and Kit is going into my Stores
Bugs Alive
I hope you all enjoyed our 6x6 Album made for the Cosmo Cricket blackboard Album, Kate. If you missed it, you will be able to get it free with the purchase of my kit, Family Photo's, I have put in two of my stores, Digital Scrap Garden (coming soon) or The Scrapping Garden. It will be discounted until July 19, and the album is a bonus that comes along with the kit. I do plan on adding more to Family Photos in the future, but will surely let you know. I hope that you will support my designing by shopping in any of my stores...Next month I am running a super keep stopping by here as I will keep you updated when it starts.
Sweet dreams and I hope to be posting again tomorrow evening with more of BUGS ALIVE.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sneak Preview and Freebie Frame cluster from: Bugs Alive!
Good morning everyone. Boy what a busy week, but IT'S FRIDAY! And I have been playing around with all the new actions I have purchased from the last couple of sales I found. I have kind of designed this kit backwards, I made all the elements first and still working on background papers. I want something for you so I thought I would start this kit out by giving you a frame cluster....What do you think? I have more grandsons than granddaughter so I am always trying new things out for BOYS. And tons of photos to work with.
I talked to Linda last night and she is SOOOO enjoying her daughters visit. Make sure you all check out her new kit she is sharing, "Summer Weddings". She has really out did herself with this one. (most of her previews are in a slideside in my left column). Her work really amazes me, always full of detail and tons of love goes into each of her piece. AWESOME girlfriend.
Well I am off to work, to finish up this work week...I hope you enjoy your FRIDAY and I will be here to start the new goodies I have in store for you....Love you guys and THANK YOU for EACH and everyone of YOU for all your awesome comments you leave here on my blog and 4share.
Link has been removed and Kit is going into my Stores

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Freebie...Final Pages to Family Photo scalloped Blackboard Album
HI everyone, I didn't get to the computer in time last night to post this. These pages are two more created by my daughter, Dusty. We are having alot of fun working on these together and she is very helpful in letting me know what I need to add to the kit to make it complete. She is going to start online college next month so I know she will not have as much time to scrap with school and the boys, but she is really finally growing up....looking for the future for her and the boys. I am so proud of her.
Reminder, remember the challenge below and please get all 4 downloads to the album before Saturday morning as I am going to remove the links and add the album to my kit, which I will be uploading to my store this weekend. I hope you enjoyed it and of course I have some else in store for you...very colorful and fun. I am going to try to print one out and put together as a sample and a gift for my mom, using the photos from the family reunion they had on my visit to visit them. Remember to watch daily as I am able to slip something in for a suprise for you....make sure you check during the weekend.
Well I am off to check email and to try to get something ready for some of my deadline. Hugs and as always thank you SOOOOO much for all your support and loving comments. I do read them all and I hope I don't miss anything important...if you every have a question please feel free to email me at ....Sweet Dreams.
Sorry link has been removed, but is now available FREE with the purchase of my scrap kit Family Photo's

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Freebie Part 3
Here is the Cover and the Back page to the Scalloped Album made with my "Family Photo's" Kit.
I will return in the morning to finish posting the's late! Sweet Dreams!
I am back, Good Morning gals! I wanted to share with you that you can now purchase the Cosmo BlackBoard Books at The Scrapping Garden. I hope to see your finished FAMILY PHOTO'S Albums in your favorite Gallery. When you get your finish PLEASE Send me a link to your finish album, I'd love to see it.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I am looking for a store that sell the train albums....I would love to make my own templates to share with you and more of these adorable train album. Isn't funny how there are so many cute thing for girls but you can hardly find really sute stuff for boys.
Well, I am off to work. I think we have two more pages and you will have a full album. I hope you enjoy them and USE them, they are quick and easy gift for any of your family. They could even be printed on cardstock !
Thank you for your support.
Sorry link has been removed, but is now available FREE with the purchase of my scrap kit Family Photo's

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Your Freebie and Linda's Suprise Album....
HI gals....Just a few words and then I am off to bed. It has been a long day! Xanders Photo shot went well...once he warmed up to the gal, he was smiling away. A little slowing, but was very please with how she spent the time to get some good shots. It was the first time we have tried Target Photo Center. We usually go to Walmart. Our appointment was at 11:45 and we didn't leave until 1:15 where at Walmart they run you in ans out in about 20 minutes. I can't wait to get them.

Here is the preview of the Train Album SURPRISE Hybrid album I made Linda. She has been so busy getting ready for her daughters visit and other things on her list, I finally asked her to please look through the CD so that I could show you before it had was totally forgotten. I purchased the templates from Michelle Filo aka Mushy from Little Dreamer Designs and had asked for permission to buy a CU license so I could make a few to sell, but she said the gals on her site frown on CU, so all I can do is share the cute little train preview with you. Above is the preview of Kaleb's Train Album. Isn't it just TOO CUTE! I just found out it is a chip board book album maybe I can make my own templates and then share with you.....anyway Linda Loved it.
Well I only got two more pages done to share tonight. I am hoping Dusty and I can get the other 4 done in the next day or two. I need to get a couple of kits together for my stores before they kick me out...LOL. Seems like I just get back in the swing of thing, here. I play with things for the blog, as I am having fun and LOVE hearing from you all and sharing with you, but I need to get to work....I did make 7 more papers for Family Photo's Add will be shared here first with you sometime before next weekend, but this is one kit I want to sell and put in the stores. You all have been wonderful letting me know how much you like it, so I thought it may sell well also.
Sweet dreams and See ya tomorrow! Your freebie is below.

Sorry link has been removed, but is now available FREE with the purchase of my scrap kit Family Photo's