Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bugs Alive Freebie Part three......
Well, hours and hours later, I finally got this ready for posting. It seemed like everyone wanted a part of me today! I spent a big part of the day on the phone. Usually it is very quiet here on Saturday. JJ is out mowing and taking care of his lawncare business and I have a usually QUIET house...Not today! It could mean tomorrow is going to be...(I am saying hopfully).
I spent the most part of the morning surfing around the virtual campus, checking out my college classes and my first few assignments...Boy not only I'm I having to read for the classes, but I have to learn to write a paper to turn in for each assignment. Cover page, title page with index, Body of the reseach and then the resources page. BIG warning all over the site, NO coping anything with out a credit for it. It is funny as I never really realized why elementary school age kids had to do the yearly science projects but to my is to learn how to put together assignment papers for college courses. Didn't realize what I was in for. Thought it was going to a few chapters and do an oline quiz and maybe one reseach paper, but in my first 8 weeks class we have to do one for each assignment (8 total) and also have an outline directions for posting comments in the teachers forum. Being active in the forum is a big part of the grade too! ....I sure have my work cut out for me. If any of you really know me, I hate forums...All that digging for information and usually so many OLD threads, with things that happened MONTHS ago, in some years ago..if it's done and over with DELETE IT! Is my feelings on is half of the grade so I better get use to it! At least I enjoy to topic and the reading of chapters goes by pretty quick. Already read most of the first three chapters, which is where my first assignment comes from. I will keep you posted...hopefully with out bording you to death!
So here is part 3 of the Bugs Alive kit...It includes the lower case alpha and numbers / symbols...the Cap part of the alpha is about half finished. When I get done here, I am going to try to finish most of it up to post soon (see I didn't promise tomorrow, but hoping). I want to get started on a kit for Aug for my friends that visit me here each day. I hope you enjoy this.
Thank you so much for all your comments both here and in 4share. I have decided to do the daily download for the month of Aug. Please remember few things...if I miss a day, I will post the next days, along with the days I missed. I will leave four days up at all times. If the link is missing, it means it has been removed. But Please keep me on my toes and let me know if you are missing any by emailing me.
Have a wonderful tomorrow....HUGS to all!
Link has been removed and Kit is going into my Stores

Friday, July 18, 2008


I wanted everyone to know that my scalloped template album DOES NOT fit the Kate Cosmo Blackboard album....I purchased a template set to make these and thought it would fit them but they are made for another Scalloped edge board album, called Scallop Album by BasicGrey. I am so sorry I didn't test it BEFORE I posted it here...I went JJ Grandmother 74 birthday last night for dinner and bought home the photos and made the album for her, got everything printed and started to glue the first piece to the blackboard and it wouldn't line up....Well luckly I had orders a few of the new albums we are seeing qp made and ordered one from Treasure To Scrap as they have a paper scrapping store too, and I had gotten one of these Scallop Albums, IT FIT! WOO HOO project saved.... Please REMEMBER this if you downloaded it, to get the right album. I put this in my store as a bonus for purchasing my kit so I am going to go through my recpt and email everyone....SORRY...lesson learned...test them out FIRST!

Ok, be back in a few hours to post your next freebie......

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi everyone

Just a quick note that I will be posting another part to Bugs Alive tomorrow. I have been getting signed up to go to college for my assocated degree in Business Medical Coding and Billing. It is along time coming but I am finally going for IT! WOO HOO College my age LOL. But really I am very proud to be furthering my education no matter what age I am.

Thank you all for your love and support. Your kind words mean the world to me. I have been staying up in the top 20's on all the blog rolls...because of you stopping by here. So that is why I want to Thank you all. But to let you know that I will have to do what I can for the next year while attending classes...but I will be here, so PLEASE keep stopping by. I will keep you posted! And at least stop for a few moments to say hello!

I need your input...what do you think about a daily download, that way I can get one kit ready per month and have it already for posting each morning before I go to work...PLEASE let me know if you think it would work??????

Hugs and have a wonderful DAY....SCRAPPING!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Freebie Bugs Alive Part 2
Good morning Gals
Not a lot of babbling this morning, but wanted to post the next part of Bugs Alive. I am working on an awesome Alpha collection to go with this kit so make sure you return in the next couple of days....The file is really big so I will be giving it to you in a few parts. I alos have some more elements to share to go with it too. So stay tuned...Have a wonderful day.
Link has been removed and Kit is going into my Stores