Friday, August 21, 2009

*Summer Blessings*
by Charlie's Digiscraps at Digi Scrap Obsession

Here is what I created with Summer Blessings(some items have been recolored)
And saved it for you as a QP....thank you Charlie for letting me share your wonderful new kit! Now get on over to get this awesome kit while it is on sale...Enjoy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"OOPIES DAISIES" by Bon Scrapatit Designs

HI everyone,

I am taking a break tonight and getting you a little goody and updating you on a couple of things. As I posted last time I am going to be opening a store at Digi Scrap Obsession the first of Sept and I have been repacking, designing new kits and getting them ready for my Opening. In between trying to stay calm from all the crap my kids are going through....but I won't go there. Too much drama. Scrapland is my SPACE and I don't want to cloud it with all about THEM!!! Besides it is nothing much than just growing up and stuff like that.

As you know or should I say read from Miss Linda's last blog post, she has had a few troubles of her own with her kids, too! Linda, Know that my thoughts and prays are with you... here is a layout she did about it...linked to her blog so that you can read, but collect your goodies first then go to hers she just post this a day or two ago!

Linda's John's accident...thank God he is ok and I pray for you all getting through all this...

Now this layout is of my MOM, as I told you that my parents were down this summer for a visit and were here for a couple of weeks, man I really miss her...So wish we lived closer. Anyway, she belongs to a Red Hat Group in Bloomfield, MO. and I want to share this photo with you as I think and know that she looks SOOOOO HAPPY and that she is totally enjoying her friendships she has found with the RED HAT Ladies....MOM, you look SO Happy and PRETTY in you RED HAT! And I truly have a SPECIAL Friend in you! LOVE you! is Linda's goody and mine is below....Enjoy and I will be back tomorrow with a kit release from Charlie's DigiScraps...Its a cute one!!!! until tomorrow!
Download your goodies Here

Please make sure you go over to Linda's Blog and Thank her for her goodies!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Morning Scrapland I hope the finds everyone having a great weekend and enjoying the last few days of your kids summer vacation (well those of you in the US anyway) I have a few things to share with you and your final part of the Blog Goodies 4. It is a little late but Snowsmoon's Design has been lost in PSCS2 creating new items, repacking old store kits and getting ready for my NEW store...AS of Last week, I am now on the design team of.......drum roll please!!!


I dont of offically open until Sept but I wanted to share with you now so that you know why I have been regularly post here. I am very excited to be part of a hoppin, fun and very creative bunch of ladies that I have been hanging out with for the last few months. What is really cool is that all of the girls I love working with, creating stuff for and CT work are all here under one awesome site....woo hoo. I get the best of both worlds here as I love doing CT work as well as design. I only have the problem to solve of who is working with my stuff....but keep a watch out this week, Linda, Sassy and I are working on that one, so stay tuned..... I will be putting together a news letter on a bi monthly schedule with extra goodyonly found with in the newsletter, challenges ect so PLEASE scroll back up to the top and sign up. OUR issues will be coming out around Sept 15. This newsletter will be not only about what is going on in my digi world but, Linda aka BonScrapatit Designs, Designs by Sassy and Charlie's DigiScraps as well as special things going on with all the gals at DigiScrap Obsession.

NOW on with What is going on in Charlie's Digi world....she released this AWESOME and STARY new kit on FRIDAY. I love it so much I had to do two layouts with it as I wanted to use what I love out of the kit.

****A Stary Night***
by Charlie's Digiscraps at DSO!

It is on a new release price for a few more days so HERE is where you can get that but remember to come back here for your goodies.

Check out the gallery HERE for the other CT gals have done with this awesome STARY kit.

Here is you last part ot the Blog Goodies #4.... sorry it is late but I have been a busy working on the new items for my new store...
The last Part of this Blog Goodies 4 was made with KimB also from DSO. You can get her AWESOME CU products here in her store, just click on the image. And dont for get that she has a new HUGE Grab BAG ...... anyway here is what I used to make the last few items in the Blog Goodies 4 freebie.

If you click on the image it will take you to Kims store where you can purchase this awesome CU Goodies. Below is the last part of my Blog Goodie number 4 part three.
DOWNLOAD Part three of these Goodies

(please remember that these are for personal use only)