Friday, November 23, 2007

I usually don't really post personal things here, but I thought you would get a good laugh out of this.

(bet you're wondering why this photo of mismatched shoes????? read on)

It just proves that too much of an adicition My Digital World really is. Wed night I stayed up WAY too late, 3am knowing that I had tons to do to prepare to the family Thanksgiving Dinner/Birthday Party for two my grandsons. A trip to Walmart early in the morning to get the birthday gifts I hadn't purchased yet and a couple of thing for our dinner...(didn't want to go fight the day before a holiday crowd after work) besides I wanted to get my new kit finished...LOL. I crawled out of bed around 7am and threw on my clothes and thought, there won't be anyone at Walmart this early on Thanksgiving. WELL, sleepy eyed and no coffee, I got my SHOES on and left for the store. And DIDN'T realize until I got home, prepare the things for our dinner, packed everything up to go to our hosts house, my daughter Jessica, went to the door to get my SHOES on to go....I REALLY WEAR ONE Black and ONE Brown shoe to Walmart that morning. AND yes the store had LOTS of last minute people in it. If someone noticed, they didn't say....but I died laughing. And I hope you all realize that I am truly ADDICTED to My Digital World!

Ok, I have alot to post tonight as I have finally got everything ready for your freebies for this Week and last. Things have been kinda of crazy in my digital and personal life the last two week. Lots of Exciting thing happened so...I'll start out with explaining alittle more about me opening a store at Digital Scrap Garden.

I started posting my layouts for the world scrapping tour, and found DSG. Nice and very personable site. I really enjoyed checking them out on my daily round on the web to see them love people had been commenting to my layouts. I surfed around the site and found a neat Challenge I would enjoy doing, and I have been stopping by there daily since. They were so sweet and had even ask me to do some CT work for them, when the light bulb started going off...why not ask them if I can apply to be a designer on their design team? To my SURPRISE they said YES! I feel very comfortable with them and so enjoy being part of their design team....Thank You, Ladybug, Purple Frog and Flutter for the very SPECIAL introduction to your site and the support you ladies have gave me to take the next step in My Digital World. Make Sure you all stop by and check out their site and challenges.

My new "I Believe in Santa" Series. First part is called "Believe". Thank you for looking and make sure you check next week for an Alpha I will give away that will go with the whole series.

FREEBIE TIME...sorry to keep you waiting!

As I said above, this has been a crazy time the last couple of weeks. Here it is Friday again and I had not got you last week part of my weekly Freebie. So I am posting both weeks this evening. A designers work is NEVER done...LOL but so much fun!

Ok, Here is your Week 3 and Week 4! I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE send me a link to your layouts...I WOULD LOVE TO SEE them

Sorry Links have been removed

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I would like to say I'm sorry that I am late getting to my blog post this week, so I am posting a quick up date to let you know that I will be uploading your new freebies tonight. I have been working hard for almost a week now getting my kits ready to put in my first digital online Store at the site Digital Scrap Garden. I am so excited and didn't want to post anything until it was final. I will be post more about this tonight along with the freebies for the week 3 and 4.

I hope that everyone has A wonderful Thanksgiving Day and remember to get out those cameras!

Happy Thanksgiving!