Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, JJ.

"Happy Birthday, JJ!"

It has been a long week of not feeling the best. And I have been a little under the weather, so not too much got accomplished especially storytelling wise. I did get a few goody in the mail, that did get opened but that is about it. After four different doctor appointments with two different doctors, I finally found out yesterday what is going on with my aging body. I am passing a kidney stone. On the down side today, my co-work called me and said that the boss said to stay home one more day to make sure things are doing ok and I am able to sit all day. WOO HOO, staying and may be able to do something scrapping wise, we will see.

Sunday we took my partner to dinner for his birthday to one of his favorite restaurant. His dad and girlfriend came over to visit and went with us. 
It was a rainy day, but when we got there is was dry and warm enough to sit out on the deck with the river view. Had a really nice time, just wish the pain wouldn't of not distracted me from taking more pic! 

I almost forgot, the prints came from Persnickety. I love how they came out and did get them trimmed and put into pocket page. This page had a white border that I really didn't think was going to be there, but I made it work. I trimmed the white from one of the pics and decided to check the size, then decided to leave it on the others. Going to have to make sure the size is different next time. The other 12 x 12 pages turned out GREAT, too!

 Friday, on the drive home, I saw the funniest sign on a truck that really made me laugh after taking a hard look at the wording to make sure I was reading it correctly. It was a small maintenance business box truck. I took a pic for my weekly album....(I add the gray writing with my phone app). SERIOUSLY....LOL.

That is about all the update worth writing about for this week, but we will see what I come up with for the rest of this week.

Happy Scrapping and Storytelling!