Saturday, August 23, 2008

FREEBIE and Thank you for all your replies to
"Name this Kit".

Well ladies, I have been so busy today putting the last touches on my final paper for my first finished college class. I really hope I keep doing as well on my next few classes to come. But I have to say, you get what you put into to it. Most of my classes are about Business Administration, and I have been working as a bookkeeper for about 20 years so it helps knowing some of what they are talking about. But enough about this...time to play.

At midnight tonight is the cut off for emailing in your names for the Name this kit. I will be emailing the list to Linda Walton aka Bon Scrapatit Designs late tonight. I talked to her today and she will get her five picks back to me tomorrow evening before I do my posting. There will be a poll in the top left column for your voting. Then Wednesday, I will post the please remember to stop by and vote Monday and Tuesday. O
f course stop to get a few more goodies. Oh, before I for get, I was very careful to keep up with your emails and I hope I didn't miss anyones. I will say now let me know if you didn't get the alpha, I want to make sure you get the alpha and a thank you for helping me out. With Name with Kit! It has been fun.

Aug Starbucks' Travel Mug Challenge!
As some of you know that I post my freebies onVicky site, Digi Scrap Depot and I have been doing Teri's Starbuck Coffee Travel mug Template Challenge. I really enjoyed making this one for my mom for an early Christmas Gift and I thought I would print one and get the travel mug from Starbucks to send to my sister from Santa and her daughters, Gracie and Karley . Credits and the kit I used was Miss Linda's "Saturday In The Park" Blog freebie she had a few months ago. I just love this kit, she did an awesome job with it. Thank you Linda! and Teri for the Template. I have always been a sucker for Templates....It was fun! Go check it out...before the end of the month.

ALSO......Tonight I would like to share another photo of my little Grandson, Xander. He is a big Ham....can't you tell. This quick page was made with "Name kit Kit" for you (with an added stem of leaves and stitching). I hope you like it. In the zip file, you will find two versions. One with and one without the Title in the bottom corner. I did this incase you wanted to make up you own with this alpha I sent you. Have fun and

PLEASE<>PLEASE>Pretty Please

send me any layouts you do with this kit so that I can added them to the slide show or you may added them to it also!

Download Here "Name this Kit" Thank you Quick page!
ENJOY! Baby or photo not included.....LOL!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

FREEBIE PART 4 of Name this Kit!

Well, I have to say that I am really sick of the has been raining here for 4 days. We are safe and other than a few power BLINKS....we have weathered Tropical Storm FAY fairly well.
Yesterday we sat in the eye of the storm most of the day, as it has decided to stall and just sit here. Today only moving 2MPH WNW...we are now getting the backside of the storm. Very windy and pockets to rain pouring like it is coming out of buckets. . . Sorry to complain, we are VERY lucky as there is a lot of people here in Brevard County, Florida that got up to 28 inches of rain, having to leave their homes ect....Please keep them in your prayers as some of the area that is under water are a very poor part of town with alot of older people who can't really afford to keep the extra flood insurance that is required here in FL as they live in a flood zone.Here is Grandma's little Guy, Xander. He is my youngest grandson, at 9 months. Credit to Mama's Little Man by Kimmie Stewart (freebie QP, Thank you Kimmie. This kit is an awesome little man's kit for sure.)

OK, I feel so lucky to have SOOOO many of you gals that are reling ot Name This Kit. I hope you are having as much fun as I am. I have had four gals send me layouts that you made already and I have added them to a slideshow which is now on the top of my left hand column. I will be adding the poll right under Aug please remember to Vote....

Again thank everyone for all your support and Enjoy your Part 4 of the kit. Remember to keep checking, I may add another Surprise part to "Name This Kit!"

Happy Scrapping! Hugs to you ALL!
Download Part 4 here

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Freebie Part 3 of Name this Kit and News about Hurricane Fay.
Good afternoon everyone. Here are a couple photos I took before the rains and winds really got bad last night. Hurricane Fay reached us about 8 pm last night and is still sitting over us. After listening to the news, I feel we have been lucky so far, a couple of placed south of us had 21 inch yesterday and is still raining on them. Flooding has been the main problem with this storm. (This is why I wasn't online last night to get this posted.) I didn't want to take a chance as it was lighting pretty had on and off. I want to say thank you all for all the emails of the name this Kit. I will send out your alphas a little later tonight, as long as the thunder and lighting don't start up again.

As always thank you for your support and Talk to you all real soon.

Palm Tree in our neighborhood.
This palm was on the power line all night until early this afternoon.

The winds started picking up just before dark.
Hurricane Fay Aug 18, 2008 Central East Coast of Florida

Monday, August 18, 2008

WOW...NAME THIS KIT! Contest and another Freebie

I am so SURPRISE with all the response to "Name This Kit" that I guess I am going to have to rethink this a little. MEANING...there are so many wonderful names I have seen so far and I want this to be fare to all, so. Here is what I came up with:

1.) You must email in your "Names" at (this is so I can send you your alpha links). Please put "Name this kit" in the subject line.

2.) At the end of the week August 23 @ midnight I will make a list all of the name I received. Send them to my BFF Bon Scrapatit Design and have her pick out 5 names. She will not know who sent them in as the list will only have the names on them.

3.) Sunday morning I will post a poll on my blog side panel at the top and have you all vote for the best one. Voting will be for only 3 days. Closing at midnight Tuesday.

4.) Wednesday morning, August 27, I will announce the WINNER.

Of course this means I will have to add more prizes, but that is GREAT. Let's all have fun with this.

Prizes: Email your names in ....Full Alpha Set
(everyone will recieve this)

Five runners up will get a coupon for ONE kit from my stores.

GRAND PRIZE: Coupon for 3

Here is the next part that I would of posted tonight but I have a lot of reading to do and get prepared to Hurricane Fay! Yes, I live on the East Coast of Florida about one mile for the space center on the main land. I work for an ICE plant, so I am sure the phone is going to go CRAZY.
Have a wonderful day and keep the names coming.

Download part 2 here

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Freebie....New Series....CONTEST....Name this new kit!
Well, I got my paper turned in yesterday, so today I got to play. I did something new for the next couple of weeks. I had gave you all I had made for Summer Fun and to be honest with you after three or I should say four kits in those colors, sorry but I am really sick of them. I have split this up into small mini kits. It doesn't have a name yet.....the color palette is Blues, Browns and tans. Antique looking metal. It is grungy with no theme really at all, Could be manly....Name this Kit for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email me at:

Who ever sends me a name will receive a matching alpha and the winner will get a coupon for $10.00 worth of products (two full kits) from my store.