Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mel , Caryn and Erin's New blog FREEBIE Release

It is really late but I want to share this AWESOME collab that MEL, CARYN and ERIN did together called, "Grosgrain Girl" It was super to work with that I did a layout from each girls part of the collab....From the name you would think this kit was design for mainly girls, But Mel was very surprised that I two layouts of my grandSONS with it...I so enjoyed it and I hope that you go collect Grosgrain Girls for all your kids and grandkids as they all offer the Huge collab on their blogs as a FREEBIE...AWESOME job gals and PLEASE REMEMBER to leave them all some lovin by posting a comment on their blogs....just click on the images for each of them.

I meet these awesome gals being on Mel CT team...they are alot of fun the play with....Thank you all for sharing your awesome designs with me and your kind comments and stopping by my blog as well.

I will be back tomorrow with that freebie from Linda's New "Love Me Tender" Blog Freebie.

Mel's part of the collab

Day 7-Mikey's Money by Snowsmoon Designs Thank you Mel, Loved working with this one.

ERIN Part of the Collab

SISTER (Karley and Gracie) by Snowsmoon Design Thank you ERIN! Awesome job.
Baby Javi Loves to take pictures with mommy camera
" C H E E S E" by Snowsmoon Design

Will return in the morning with your goodies, I hope I am off to DREAMLAND.

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