Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am Back...with your Alpha for "Hearts As One".

I have been a busy scrapper today, I just relaxed and decided to sit back and do some layouts today when I got home from my little get away. I had a wonderful time. Visited with a friend, helped her move a few things, she took me out to dinner and we went to see a play at the Melbourne Theatrical (local theather group). The play was called "Driving Miss Daisy". It was really enjoyable. I had never been to one as I explained my last post...I hope to go see another soon with her. She and her partner belong to the group and they have a great time together. Then we went to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream so that I could share my (new) favorite ice cream with them, "Strawberry Cheesecake".

I stopped by to see the grandbabies on the way home and boy they were so excited to see "Grandmama". Mikey was hanging out the door and Baby Javi was standing on the steps, "Grandmama, Grandmama is here." And my little man, Xander standing in the door way, reaching for me as he always is....I love being greeted so lovingly. After our usual hugs and kisses and a few pictures, as Grandma can't wait to capture their sweet little faces all happy, Xander started climbing on the coffee table, that they had just moved back in the living room since Xander started crawling. He got so mad because mommy won't let him climb on it, I got this picture in the first layout below. I did it with a freebie I collected from Sarah of Sweet Blossom Designs. You can find it HERE.

Here is "Xander's Mad Face" layout is did. Thank you so much Sara, this freebie is wonderful and awesome to work with.Credits: Numb3er by Sweet Blossoms Design
TITLED: Xander's Mad Face.

This next one I did for my MOM for Mother's Day...yes a little ahead of myself, but I made this with Bon Scrapatit's Blog Freebie "Love me Tender" and Just had to use it for my mom, as it is her favorite colors and I know she would love. The photos were the ones the three of us had made this past summer when my sister and I went to visit her. I called this one Treasured Memories.

Credits: Love Me Tender by Bon Scrapatit Designs

This one is Hearts As One and I used a template I had got for a challenge but I can't remember where I got it from...I do know who's template it is. Credits for template goes to Mandak and her blog is HERE.

Here is one I did with my new Freebie. I would like you to know that the picture of me and Dusty was taken by Mikey, he is five and really thought he was something, getting to use grandma's new camera. Not too bad...I guess.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this kit as much as I did making it your alpha is below. Remember tomorrow is Monday and Mel and Vicki has a new Collab coming is so cute. Make sure you check it out.

Hearts as One by Snowsmoon's Design
Enjoy and I will be back soon with something new for you....just give me a few days to finish it up. HUGS and thank you all soe stopping by and leaving all the wonderful comments here on my blog. I surely treasure them....Good Night.


Pattycakes said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful alpha!! :)

®€gî said...

Very nice kit. Thanks a lot

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

So glad that you had a wonderful time!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the GRAND Alpha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MandaK said...

I love what you did with my template! Thanks for sharing!

dani said...

I just downloaded this whole kit- it's lovely!! Thank you!

Lucy said...

Beautiful, many thanks for the lovely gift.

Tink said...

Thank you for the matching alpha.

amsangel said...

Lovely LO's, swee boys! Thanks for the alpha!

amsangel said...

arrggh!! fumble fingers!



makeyesup said...

Thanks lovely alphas. And wonderful layouts, how warm it feels when the grandchildren run to you with smiles and wanting and giving hugs. Take advantage of it as they grow up too fast and then it's rare to see them as they get so busy in their lives. Great layout for your Mom too.

Maurine said...

Somehow, my download was missing the lower case "q". How can I get that?

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Girlfriend, you have had a layout- making marathon going on me thinks!!! WOO HOOOOOOO for you girl and they are FABULOUS!!!

I SO love your Mother's Day gift for your mom and the way you DUPLICATED the HANG UP'S!!! He, he ....

What a SCRUMPTIOUS alpha to round out this GORGEOUS kit, HEARTS AS ONE!!! You are ROCKIN' it girlie!!! Thank you, THANK YOU!

Yes, I will be busier than all get out and will, hopefully, be a little more sane come next week!

Linda *hearts*

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely layouts - thanks for giving us all a look!

The alphabet is wonderful - thank you for sharing all the pieces to this gorgeous kit!

Brenda said...

This kit is so fun. A big thank you for being so generous - and hellos fom Palm Bay :-D

Anonymous said...

Thank you! cj

Carole N. said...

Red is my favorite color so you know that I LOVE this kit. LOVE the gingham wrap on the frame and the sparkly alpha. It's all perfect, Dawn.

Thank you so much. I am so behind on visiting blogs so am trying to get caught up. I was so glad you still had the links active.

Love you!

Carole N. said...

I meant to add that I LOVE all your layouts, Dawn. The one of your mother is priceless.

I love looking at your layouts and getting inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

Love and Hugs,