Monday, January 26, 2009

by Mel's Lightbulb Moments (Mel Haines) and A Work in Progress (Vicki Parker)

I wanted to share a few layouts and kits that my good friends are sharing from their blogs and a new kit Mel has in her store. I feel bad that I didn't upload these to her gallery in time for her to post them on her blog post so I am post tonight to show you what she is offering to share with Scrapland.

I love this little collab Mel and Vicki did together. The color palette is awesome and the papers are outstanding. Since I am on Mel's Creative team I have did a layout of only her part of the kit and I have one started that I will be back to post to show you with Vicki's part.....Click on the images, and it will take you to their blogs. There you will see all the awesome work their CT have done as well.
Down by the Lily Pond by Mel and Vicki

I used the photo I took on Day 23 of my project 365. I was on my way home form work and stopped by the roadside park to see if I could find some wild life or some interesting to take for my project and stood there by the water looking over the river. It was so calm and peaceful...but a cold day so I didn't see much wild life as I usually do so I thought I need to get creative here as it was almost getting too dark to photograph anything....the rivers edges, so calm and clear I could see the bottom even through the that was it. Day 23, The River's Edge.

Next is a mew kit Mel has in her store at !Scrapbook. What a wonderful kit to scrap the one you "Forever Love".
Forever Love by Mel Haines in her store at !scrapbook
This is my sister, Amber, on her special day in 2002 (no, I don't remember the date, CRS has really been in full swing lately).....they looked so happy then as they both seem even more in love now.

I will be back with a layout with A Work in Progress, Vicki Parkers part of the collab her and Mel did "Down by the Lily Pond". You can get her part if you click on the image below...Be Back soon!
Please make sure that you leave these gals lots of love by posting a comment on their blogs...and thank you so much for stopping by. Thank all of you that has stopped by to collect my freebies the last couple of days. I see that a lot of you have been collecting and I appreciate all the lovely comments here on my blog as well as on 4share....I will have a new goodie for you in a couple of days.


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

GORGEOUS layouts with some BEAUTIFUL designs girlfriend!

Stopping by to leave you some LOVE sweetie! Today is my baby boy, Mark's 23rd birthday and I just got off the phone with him for the second time today! Bless his heart, he had to work!

Talk soon! I am in a WHIRLWIND! WOO HOO!

Linda :)

Stacey said...

Hey girl!! Your designs AND your LO's totally rock!!! I love your stuff! I would totally love to do a collab with you!! Thank you so much for all the sweet comments that you leave me!! what is your email addy? mine is