Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just a quick note...I have had a few of you say that the symbols link doesn't work. But each time I have read the comments, I have checked them and I have had no problem...So it must by 4share. Please keep trying but if you like email mail at and I will send you another link from mediafire. OH, I am beat...I just have my references to add to my first term paper to heand in by Sunday and I am done with all the assignments for thei week. I am a little nerves as I haven't wrote a paper like this in YEARS.....Have a wonderful Saturday and I will have some goodies for you as soon as I get this paper turned in...SWEET DREAMS and TTYL.


Anonymous said...

Dawn, im looking forward to seeing your July Template challenge layout. Dont forget to get it in before Aug 1st.


Anonymous said...

finally got it dear
thank you

Lisa said...

Good luck on the paper!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those cute lil bugs :) ali x