Thursday, July 24, 2008

FINALLY....FREEBIE Alpha is all decorated and Ready for YOU!

GOOD Morning everyone! It has been an exciting week so far. My first day in college went very well and learning my way around the virtual campus was really kind of fun. My first paper is do this Sunday and I am all finished except the references page...WOO HOO. As I said before now I wish I would of pay more attention to how my kids were to put their yearly science projects together, but I have it donw now. Not sure how many of you know that one of my CT's is my daughter, Dusty aka mikeyjavimami2124. Well, is she...LOL but she is attending college at AIU also. What a fast learner and smart girl, if I say so myself. It is so awesome to be able to share and learn together with her. Since she moved back to Florida and lived close for about the last year and a half we have become very close as friends. And what an awesome feeling that is as she was a real tough cookies as she was growing up. But has always been MY baby girl! (Love you sweetie)

Credit for layout: Kez

Check this out: This is the first Layout someone that has downoload Bugs Alive sent me a link to there layout....isn't she cute...THANK YOU SO Much for sharing with me...Awesome job on this layout! (Layout is linked to her blog!)

I finally finished this alpha last night. It turned out pretty cute I have to say so my self. I have removed the links for the first three posts to get them ready for my store for the first month of August. I will leave the alpha up until then as it is a pretty file in itself, so I won't need to change any of it.... I have alittle secret for YOU! month I have the Daily Download at The Scrapping Garden and It matchs this kit as well as a FREEBIE add on kit if you purchase one of my kits during the month of August from The Scrapping Garden...and yes I will have a discount on all my kit there TOO! WOO HOO so I just now came up with a name for the collection...My SUMMER FUN PACK. I will be posting the preview and link here next week!

MY new DailyDown Here on my blog!

P L U S....I will be starting a daily download here and I need your input...should I use the same color palette so it all matchs for the month of AUG or Start a new idea...? I am adding a poll on the top left of my blog for a few days where you can answer this question......PLEASE LEAVE YOUR VOTE!

AS always THANK YOU all for your love and support. Your kind words in your comments here and on 4share. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO COMMENT either place, but I hope you would comment here....ENJOY YOUR ALPHA and talk to you soon!

NEW DOWNLOAD Here CAPS (this one is NEW)

the lower case are repeats from before sorry if this was confusing

DOWNLOAD lower case and DOWNLOAD Symbols

(this is the same as I posted below)


Lisa said...

Dawn, Sounds like your college career is getting off to a great start! That's so cool that you and Dusty are working together and also attending school. Thanks so very much for this awesome alpha set, the capital letters are the cutest I have ever seen. I really appreciate your generosity. I put my vote in for August and am so looking forward to seeing the daily download. Thanks again.

Elaine said...

Thank you so much! This kit is so adorable! I am looking forward to the daily download.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!
TY so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
So glad that school is going great it does take a little while to get back into the swing of things!!!!!!!!!!!!
Off to vote!!!

grammy201 said...

I love the alpha; so unique! It's the most creative alpha I've seen! Thank you very much!
I'm so happy to hear that you are doing the DD at TSG this coming month! I love Bugs Alive and I'm anxious to see the matching kit!
Looking forward to the DD here as well; boy you are going to be busy! Two DD's for the month of August and school!
I haven't been coming to this site for very long but I'm very impressed with what I've seen. I've enjoyed reading your posts and I love your designs.
Thank you very much for sharing your talent, time and hard work with us!

Judy said...

Love this is beautiful.
Have voted for your DD and look forwatd to August....can't wait to see what you come up with. Thankyou for your generosity.

Kez said...

thank you so much for posting the layout of my daughter! as soon as I saw your Bugs Alive kit, i knew i would be using it for THAT photo, and many more. it's great and the pieces and papers are all so cute! i can't wait to do some with the alphabet too!

Cher said...

Hi Dawn!
I voted...
So, so happy about you being able to plow through all that good stuff aka the college paper - ugh...I was one of those mothers that always "helped" the kids do their projects - what a booboo that was - my poor dd suffered for it at Pasco CC, then FAU! She pulled off a 3.8 for her AA, and unbelievable 4.0 but I wish I had NEVER done the "late night-before the project was due" typing, etc for her - please parents - don't "help" your kids, especially the high IQ ones that are more than capable! Hope you don't mind me using your comments - but I am passionate about kids going to college - even us "old kids"...on to YOU, Dawn! I want to apologize for leaving that message on 4-shared instead of your blog - I see why now - meant to come back and leave you loveees on blog yesterday so here are loveeeeeeeeeees - you are wonderful - I was so smitten by the bug kit I never took the time to look around your blog - and it hit me tonight - TSG - of course!!! And to have you be the featured artist next month - (love this month's - Deanna) WOW!!! AND a daily here - and school - I wanna know how much caffeine this is gonna take - lol! Just want to thank you so much for caring so much about us - it means alot and certainly is a way to always keep you in mind when shopping around - mhy "udder" dd is a designer (now on hiatus) and she did freebies fir several years before going in to shops. This ius wat to long - tytyty and hope ya get some rest -
Cher ~ a Floridian in Austin, TX

Robbi1 said...

Dawn, thank you for your beautiful work....Ive left you a little something on my blog :) You are totally awesome and very deserving of this :) Hugs and much thanks for your adorable kits!

Anonymous said...

havin trouble with the symbols cant download

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 24 Jul [LA 11:00pm] - 25 Jul [NY 01:00am, UK 06:00am, OZ 04:00pm]).

anke-art said...

How very cute, thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Cherismoore said...

Good morning.
I love your alpha!
I could not download the lower case letters. Said that maybe the website was having problems, but was able to download everything else.
HELP! LOL, I just love it

harleygirl said...

thanks so much for this cute alpha. I love it

nancypinct said...

Wow, this alphabet is amazing! I love how you have done EACH ONE!! What fun to have such a spectacular alphabet! What a great kit. A daily download too, well, yiiipppeee! I will be there everyday! How brave of you to go back to college. Good for you! I went to community college when my kids were 4 & 6 as I just needed adults to talk to! It was a very good experience for me. Best of lucK, and thank you for this very nice gift!

Karen said...

This alpha is sooo cute. Thank you very much for sharing it.

GrannyNKy said...

Sounds like college is starting off just great! I am so glad for you1 Thanks for the alpha!

Penny S said...

Neat alphabet. I was able to download the upper & lower caps but the Symbols file doesn't work. Are they still availble? In your store?