Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Good Morning I hope that everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend. Well I guess not everyone did, but as well I hope everyone did have a great weekend. Physically mine was pretty laid back and we won't go there for the mentally. I would be here all day typing...LOL...so I will leave it at that.

I got an email from my mom over the weekend and she sent me something that is a little fun to do. I usually just delete stuff like this, but as I was cleaning out my inbox this morning I came upon this. Do you know how many people have the same name as you. Not sure it this will work for those of you out of the USA, but I checked my out and here are the results on my side bar. I thought it was kind of fun. If you like email me what you think....

Well, no other news for now. It is Sept 2 and just wanted everyone to know that my kits I have for sale are now only at Treasures To Scrap. This month it is going to be a releave as my new classes of Marteting is alot of reading and research. Sad as I had been doing well at TSG, but they understand what I am having to do. Also those of you at DSG I miss you all, but I must do what I have to do inorder to better myself.

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Becky Jo said...

Thanks for the "How Many of Me" link. Loved doing that and there are only seven people in the USA with proper my name! Only me when I use Becky or Becky Jo. Wishing you well with your schooling. HUGS!!