Saturday, October 11, 2008

GOOD Morning

I would love to thank ALL of you that have left me wonderful, loving and very encouraging comments. I want you to know that I REALLY appreciate all of them and I have noticed that a lot of you have had trouble with some of my link to Fall Splendor Blog Party. I tested them and for some reason they were not letting them be downloaded. SO...I removed the old uploads completely and re-uploaded them to my 4share and tested them again. They worked for please keep me informed if it happens again. I have emailed 4share and asked why my links were getting them error, but haven't heard back from them as of yet. I am hope to have some more goodies for you posted by tomorrow evening. Here is my email address to let me know if you have any trouble downloading these links: if you email me I can reply and send you the repaired links and thank you for letting me know.

I am finishing up my 4 assignments that I have with week today then I can play.... I have two classes this five weeks and noticed that I will have for the rest of the time I am enrolled, so it doesn't give me much time to play and design but I am finishing up a couple of kits I started ahead of time that I can post for you over the next couple of months.

For those of you who would like to follow my postings, I have put a followers link so that you can visit my blog as each new post is posted. I love using this as I can keep up with my favorite blogs and know each time they post all in one area and not have all those short cut links on my desk top....LOL. It was getting pretty ful.

Enjoy your weekend gals, I will have your goodies post tomorrow.


eilajean said...

Hi, Love your blog. I'll definately be a following. Have a great day!


Dawne said...

I'm glad to see you stop by the garden.... ummm, I thought you had planned on dropping out of all your stores? You need to stop by my new home!! It is soooo awesome.. okay... thought I stop in and give you some {{HUGS}} hope you got your assignments done... see you at the garden honey!

KrisG said...

Just stopping by to say HELLO and see how you're doing! I have to stop by daily just to get my daily fix of awesome music, LOL. Hope all is well and have a great weekend!

Vicki said...

Hi Dawn - I've nominated you for an award sweetie. Check out my blog. Mwah!

Jody said...

WTG getting our assignments done AND achieving a 4.0 GPA Congrats.