Monday, February 09, 2009

Hi everyone, Just wanted to share an awesome collab that the two gals I do Ct work for have in store for you this week. But make sure you check out my side bar for Bon Scrapatit Design's (Linda) and A Work in Progress (Vicki) has on their blog as well. These gals all are super designers and really have nice things on their blogs and in their stores. Please show them luvin comments on their blogs so they know that you love their hard work and sharing. I hope to have something ready for YOU in a day or so. Have been working on Taxes and playing with everyone's AWESOME kits...LOL...Please check back soon!!!!!

Freebies from Mel and Stacey....Summer Comes Early Collab

Family Girls made with Staceys part of the collab.
Check out Stacey blog Here for her part of the collab

Gracie Smiles! with Mel's part of the collab.

Check out Mel's Blog Here for her part of the collab.

Thank you for all your support and comments!


Stacey said...

Your Lo's are gorgeous!!!!

KrisG said...

First off... I LOVE YOUR LOs!!!! I sooo need to scraplift!!! Next, THANK YOU!!! I love your Winter Blues kit!!! I just can't keep up with you, LOL... before I get something done with one, you have another done! I'm gonna call you Speedy! NEXT... I finally got a LO done with your GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL STUPENDOUS Romantic Heritage Kit!! I have to find the other one.. it disappeared somehow, lol... but I plan on doing a GOOD LO with that one! Anyway, I posted my LO on my blog if you want to look. It doesn't do your kit justice but I just wanted sooo bad to scrap my grandpa and your colors were perfect!!! Have a great day... or evening if you read this tonight, LOL.

Vicki said...

Beautiful LOs Dawn. Passing by and leaving some love. Hugs xxx

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Stopping by to make sure I've gotcha covered girlfriend!!!


Hope you're not getting TOO stuffed but do want to wish you LOTS of LOVE and LAUGHTER on this YOUR special day!

If you've not yet been, hop on over to my blog and you will find a little something special just for YOU!

I love you!

Linda :)

Gail said...

Beautiful layouts! And hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

charlie said...

happy Birthday Dawn..all the best mate!

Monna said...
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Monna said...

Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to youuuuuu, dear Dawn!!

Hope it's wonderful!

Love and hugs,