Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hi everyone,

I am sorry I haven't got in here for a while it has been a very busy couple of months and it is still not over. My wonderful parents are here visiting until July 2, when we are all going to Disney World for my niece, Gracie Day, birthday. I am having so much fun having them here and mom and I have been digging through all my old craft and quilting stash. YOU know all that fabric I JUST had to HAVE. Bins and Bins of it....Well dad is hating it but she is taking almost all of it back home with her. (SORRY DAD!)

This is the happiest I have seen my parents in years so I wanted to share a few photos I have taken so far. They are living it up in our hot tub and enjoying being back in our area (they use to live here for 15 years or so).

I Know this is one of the worst photos of me but don't have many photos with her ....Until I get a few more minutes and more photos to share from a pinic we had last weekend (the hottest day of the year, but we had a good time).

I did watnt o share a couple of things my digi friends have post today......

News from Charlie's Digiscrap......

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And look at the ADORABLE Frame From Bon Scrapatit Designs. What an awesome job, Linda. And what a hoot....the name on her post....Another HANG UP of mine....

Please make sure you leave them both comments with lots of lovin!

Check it out HERE!

That you for stopping by and I hope to have you some goodies When my house and computer time is my own....It has been a nice break but I do miss your loving comments!

HUGS and Thanks!
Dawn aka Snowsmoon


charlie said...

Missing you lovely lady but looks like you have been having an absolutely wonderful time with Family..take care ((Hugs))

Vicki said...

I think the photo of you and your Mom is wonderful and your parents really look very happy! Missing you lots Dawn - enjoy the rest of your family time. Big hugs xxx

makeyesup said...

Wonderful photos of your parents, they look so happy you would think that they were newly weds.

Sassy said...

Those are lovely Photos Dawn!!
I love the one of you and your mum!
I hope you're having fun :)

KrisG said...

It sounds like you're having a great time... even if we miss you bunches. Life is more important. Fabulous photos... the things scrapbooks are made of!! Have a great time while you can. Hugz

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awwwww girlfriend!!! Talking to you the past week has been AWESOME and now seeing the photos of your mom and dad and you and your mom make every bit of it SO much MORE real to me!!!

LOVE the photo of your parents holding the champagne bottle and glasses! What a FABULOUS celebration y'all have had spending this MOST precious time together!

You just KNOW we are all missing you to pieces, HOWEVER, it does my heart GOOD to hear you talk about what you and your mom are doing together and the talks you have with your dad. Time is short and we do need to SEIZE the moment(s) that we are afforded the LUXURY of spending such QUALITY time with our loved ones!!!

I LOVE YOU girlie and MISS you bunches BUT ... I know where to find you!!! ROFL! MWAH!

Linda :-D

P.S. Thank you for showcasing my HANG UP and boy did I BOOF ... I really did have a "hang up" getting the file put together properly!!! LOL! Maybe I need a vacation, eh? *wink*

I shall go and check out Ms. Charlie's goodies too! Thank you for sharing sweetie!!!

charlie said...

I have an award on my blog foryou lovely lady!

Robbi and Mike said...

Dont think I could say it any better than Linda just did- we miss you too but time with Family is so very important - you cant turn back the clock...Enjoy each day and each minute you can (we know where your'r at. and you know we'll be back!). Hugs!