Saturday, October 03, 2009


Good morning everyone. I am off for the night, a "girls night out" with my daughter Jessica but wanted you to know that Linda and I have our challenge just about ready for you....we have just a couple of details to work out as we have set up a Forum and Gallery so that we can do this challenge monthly. We will be posting all the information here on our blogs for everyone who followed our
Here is what everyone came up with last month....

Sorry I removed the layouts as I didn't think about it, but I didn't ask everyone if I could post them. Sorry if I upset anyone by posting your layout.

I want to thank all the gals that posted last month. AWESOME AWESOME layouts and a beginning of an awesome album of YOU before your kids.Oh course we will have a posting bonus and a few extras for you as well!

Enjoy your weekend and please come back on Monday as the Challenge and fun begins!

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