Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stopping in to Say HELLO!!!!

It has been over a month since I posted so I thought I would catch you up on what IS going on since my BFF did my last post…*wink* Thank you Linda so much for posting for me during my big computer issues.  I think they are fixed now but what a messy I made of the large hard drive…too stressful to think about working on right now.

First, I have decided to take a summer break from designing. Life has just handed me a full plate and with trying to deal with emptying that plate, I need to just step back and look at the value of my time spent in all parts of my life.  I could go on and on with a lot of drama stuff here, but I will spare you from my DRAMA. This is my FUN place and it is suppose to be relaxing, but I have to admit, the more I think about it the more it STRESSES me out. SO…a break is what I have decided to take for the summer and really think about what direction I want my digi scrap hobby to take me.

I do want to share what I have been doing to relax in the evenings as I have been sharing an old hobby with my daughter Dusty, crocheting. It is funny that she asked me about this craft, as it was during my pregnancy with her I started this craft. I will have to dig out the baby set I made her I made as I awaited her arrival May 17, 1985…. Yes tomorrow is her birthday……. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. I so enjoy having one of my girls who like to craft together.


Credits: Sweet Pea by Pure Creativity Designs

Here is a crochet project I made my mom for her birthday, which was May 4. She so loved it!….cotton crocheted dish cloths. Asked her to use them as a test to see what all the rage is. They are on all the yarn sites and pattern books. I sure sponges with scrubbys on them…I am going to make one just to see what they are like. The hanging towels something else I would like to make myself…we will see. I do better making for others as gifts than I do for myself.

DSCN4704 DSCN4708

DSCN4706 DSCN4707

I also Have been doing some sewing, which I made Dusty a Project bag for her crocheting…(I have also made Dusty a makeup bag and sunglass case for Mother’s Day which I still need to get a picture of). She had asked about a crochet needle case the last time I had gone to the craft store and they were just too much money for what You were getting and I also have the habit of saying to myself, “I can make that!”  It is away of talking myself of impulse buying…LOL. But I came up with this bag instead…it does both hold her needles and supplies along with her project. I am making me one too, I go to my sisters and older daughters to visit and I need something to carry my projects in as well…already have to fabric picked out. Thinking of making a weekend over night bag to match. (I know BIG ideas, so little time.) LOL



I made my own pattern from looking at a few on Esty. They have Tons of cute crafty for sale and a great place for crafters to get inspired.

I have also been working on a baby set to Linda’s new Baby Girl, which will be arriving this summer. She is so excited about having a granddaughter and so I wanted to make her a special gift for her. I really want to surprise Linda’s as well, but I want to show you the CUTIEST little girls booties (and I wanted to show YOU Linda, but this is the only part you can see!…. as I told you on the phone, I want to do them in pink).


credits: pattern from   Angels Chest of Treasures

I also have two lap size afghans I am working on…will share when they are done.

I haven’t done much scrapping, at least not as much as I usually do but have a couple of layouts I have done since my last post…..


Credits: Sweet Pea by Pure Creativity Designs Freebie, Thanks!



CREDITS: These two were made with Bon Scrapatits “Heartfully Your” Bog Freebie


CREDITS: Summer Surprise by Bon Scrapatit Design - Blog Train

Which by the way I don’t think I ever posted for my mom as I had forgot about it, Sorry Mom! I did surprise her with a spring flower delivery! But Linda did say I could share the scrapatit with you along with the word word I have made. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s day and that Your support means the world to me. Until next time, which I hope to post an update monthly during the summer….Enjoy!




Jennifer Prescott said...

I love your crochet project! It's SOOOO pretty. I wish I knew how to do that. BEAUTIFUL! And thanks for the freebie!

Denise said...

You are so talented Dawn! Love the flowers on the hanging towels and that project bag is awesome. You should start your own etsy store...seriously!!

Oh, and those booties are the cutest things I have ever seen.

Have a great summer my friend!

fl_connie said...

Ok - take a break from us out here in digi-land - but please don't forget to come back! Enjoy your vacation!

Love your crochet projects! those little shoes are so precious!!

We'll miss you!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

I too LOVE your crochet projects.I use to crochet a lot. I made an afghan while my Daddy was dying of cancer.I sat next to his bed and crocheted while he slept or while waiting for his Dr's appts.That afghan means a lot to me now.:)
I haven't tried the sewing a whole lot though.Your bag looks wonderful.:)
Thanks for sharing the freebie and have a wonderful summer vacation!!:)

Cath said...

Beautiful crocheting. Would love to see that on a layout or qpage. A lost art. I used to love to crochet

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 12 post on May. 17, 2010. Thanks again.

Simply Sarah said...

WOW.... I can't believe you made those super adorable booties! I want some! lol. I think its great that you are taking a little break and getting some other hobby time. Sometimes I want to start my paper scrapping up again but I cant stay off the computer long enough!

I will miss seeing you around but hopefully you will still check FB & such!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good Morning SWEETY!!!!!!!!!!
So GRAND to see your post & HAPPY BELATED BDAY to your LOVELY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE your crocheting & TYFS the COOL PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not much going on here just weeding my flowerbeds & planting!! LOL
TY so very much for this MAGNIFICENT QP & WA!!!!!!!!!

LouCeeCreations said...

Wow! glad to see you are spending your break productively! the bootees are adorable, and so are the dish cloths.

hugs to you Dawn x

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

WOW girlfriend! It's been a rather emotional day for me today and coming to visit your blog is just what the doctor ordered! Can you crochet, or WHAT? BEAUTIFUL work sweetie and ... and ... uhm, I felt the tears well-up in my eyes when I saw those PRECIOUS little crocheted shoes and my name at the same time (can't, can't, CANNOT wait to see the rest)! They are SO adorable and I am SO proud of you for rekindling your love for the craft of crocheting and finding some special time with Dusty in the process!

Happy "belated" birthday to Dusty!!!

Love your mother's goodies and I, too, would like to hear the report on what the "rage" is all about as this is TOTALLY new to me!

Thank you for the LOVELY QP and Word Art girlfriend - they are both SO very lovely!

It was SO good to hear your voice yesterday. Seems my life is meant to be hectic this past year and it's not stopping any time soon. Just when I think I have a few moments to sit down, something comes up that requires my attention elsewhere! LOL!

Love you oodles and I can't wait to see more of your crochet projects! You GO girl!


P.S. Sometimes our stepping back from something gives us a whole new perspective, eh? Wishing you a GLORIOUS summer girlie! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello, your blog is really well done!
I am approaching the world of scraps and would like your opinion on a
my creations still very simple but made with love.
I hope to see me pass,

amsangel said...

I am one of those who has turned FACE (lol, FaceBook Junkie at your service!!) and I am sorry to say that I am one that contributes to the mess of Farm & Mafia posts - you can "hide" those you know, click the "Hide" button when you mouse over the upper right side of one of those posts, you can always unhide them later if you get sucked in LOL!! (and don't forget to add me as a Neighbor!! ROFL!!)

ANYWAY, I LOVE that bag you made for your daughter's crochet projects, and YOUR projects are awesome too! I tend to stay away from the piece work projects, stitching them together gets tedious or something. My last obsession was snowflakes and small doilies (big sigh). I wanted to share that I keep my hooks in a toothbrush travel case. I had to put a piece of tape over the drain hole in the bottom because I keep a darning needle in there too (for the piece work). I'm so afraid I'll break or bend those tiny hooks, that case gives me a little peace of mind :)

Hope you're enjoying your "summer break," see you around!!