Sunday, February 02, 2014

Organizing and Cleaning OUT!

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Facebook post I loved...and needed this week. Was still not feeling the best this week, but I made it through feeling some what like myself again. I so wish I had a person who would do a daily walk or a few days a week at least. In today's world I just really don't feel safe doing it alone, but I have to start facing theses fears because my health is depending on it. (ok, enough of the poor me stuff)!

I always find comfort in my BFF chats. We have been internet, Skype and phone pals for many years now. And if you have followed either of us through the years, you know that the craft of digital scrapping has made for many people a way to have a social outlet, become friends though the craft and end up a life long friendships. The support and kindness is endless in connecting with the right person. With all the many things that are fast trending in forms of communication, Linda and I have fumbled though it all together and I so love her for it!!! (many other reason too! *wink). Face time would be an awesome treat, but it doesn't matter as we are always in each others heart. 

So for my Sn@p album I am making of and for myself I made this to print for it. Because it is truly meaningful to us.......No Matter the Miles between us! BFF's 4 Ever! 
Over the past few weeks I have been looking at everyone's ORGANIZED Project Life and other ideas to keep your life running smoother, I have spent most of this weekend, cleaning "Out" my office. Here is what I started with....The picture doesn't really give you the real MESS I was trying to work AROUND.

Not totally finished but here is how far I got last evening. Doesn't look that much different BUT, Two and half large Kitchen trash bags later, drawers cleaned out, only currant files for mowing business and LOTS of foot room cleaned out under the desk.

Going to leave you this week hoping you all have a SUPER (Happy Scrappy) Bowl Sunday! (Goal for me is getting a touch down on the finish of this office and next my scrapping area, again).

PS....Here is the finished OFFICE!

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