Sunday, March 05, 2017

....Continued of Week One, Kendallynn Meets the Family

Hello again,
I have had a few busy weekends and between working long hours those weeks, I haven’t had much time to put my thoughts down on paper, So let me see where I left off in sharing from my #happyplanner and continue in my story.
I think, we were still sharing about the visit we had with Greg, Joy and Kendallynn. We were at the beach at Kendallynn’s request and the day was a windy rainy day so we only stayed down on the beach to take a couple of pictures which I shared on my last post…….…

We had family meet us at a family favorite pizza place I use to take the kids to a lot when they were young, the original Bizzarro Pizza in Indialantic, FL. This was the first time my kids meet her. We were all excited.

Kendallynn’s birthday is in a few days, so Jessica gave her an early birthday “mini” party. So she opened her gifts while we waited for our pizza pie.

We had a nice lunch, check out this LARGE pizza, it couldn’t even fix on the table. Not sure you can tell by the photo, but is was as big as the table top. One piece hung over the paper plate, they were so big! GREATEST pizza in the world!

She was so excited and must have been over whelmed with all these new people in her life doeing over her. It was an amazing time to see them all excited for her, wanting to meet her. As we sit and ate our lunch we chatted of old times and catching up with each other as well. We decided to go back to Jessica’s house to wait for Dusty and the boys to arrive.

We all got into the cars and drove to John and Ashley’s house so Kendallynn could meet the rest of her family. Uncle John and Aunt Dusty with Javi, Mateo, Tre (she had already dropped Xander off to his Dad’s house so she didn’t get to meet him).


The boys were so shy, so they really didn’t get to know each other, but I did get this of them all. (missing is Ashley who was at work and Xander, Chaz and Brittany which she saw earlier in the day).

I don’t think they realize how so HAPPY they make me when we all get together. THESE are the VERY BEST times and so enjoy them so much. No,  it’s not the WALTON’S (inside family joke) but they are my pride and JOY and a Mother can only hope!!! I would love to have them all together in one house to be able to say, “Good night, Jessica & Alex. John & Ashley. Dusty and JonC. Greg & Joy” just one more time!!! and of Course a GOOD NIGHT with lots of kisses and hugs to my grandchildren, “Chaz, Brittany, Michael, Kendallynn, Javi, Xander and Mateo” as well as Tre. Need to get a house big enough for that first.

Here is the most resent photo of My children, which I had made on canvas to hang over my desk for now, but my black and white wall collection I am hoping to put up soon!

Thanks for letting me share my life one week at a time. Hoping to get caught up soon, but this was week one and it was a big one.

Have a  great week and thanks for stopping by!

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