Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good evening

I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful holiday weekend. Our family don't have much planned for this weekend as we are all busy preparing for next weeks up coming events. And I am finishing up my granddaughters
graduation gift and printing the final pages. This has been so much fun and I get lost for hours looking through my stash for the perfect kit, what event to scrap and the longest and hardest part is PICKING the best photos. Brittany is a very social butterfly and has many good friends, as most 13 year olds do......(continued below).

oh oh....TODAY is Brittany 13 th BIRTHDAY!!!
....Grma Love YOU

(I really hope she isn't checking my blog like she use to, but I don't think so today, her step sister is graduating high school today and her brother, Chaz is having a band awards thing tonight and being at her Dad's for the weekend....being sick this week I will not be attending Chaz event tonight, but all of us as photo crazies, so I am sure Jessica will have tons for me to copy! Good luck Chaz!)

OK, back to what I was talking about, Brittany and most of her friends are so photogenic and with Brittany being a scrapper and very creative nature, I am blessed with TONS of photos. I am finishing up a 22 page album, printed and in an 8x8 size purple leather book. They are all of her and her 6th grade year. :( going to Jr. High school next year! So I will have lots of layout to share with you as soon as I know she wont be peeking! Her graduation is Thursday morning, and will be giving it to her then. So after my get away weekend, I will be posting a lot so that I can share them with you.

OH...Congrads to her as well as she just text me and she made the School JR High cheerleading team...she was so nervus and scared but WOO HOO, she made it! (Sorry, mom it looks like another VERY busy year).

Sunday evening: sorry I am back and didn't get this posted! I will finish up quick and be back in tomorrow with lots and lots to share from my new adventure at a CT member to Charlie's Scraps and of course a new freebie for you!!!!

One reason I wanted to post was to let you know that the elements to the freebies I have been handing out, DREAMS, this week or so are coming but they will be exclusive to Charlie's Scrap Newsletter for the month of June....You can sign up here so you wont want to miss it. It will be worth it I promise. (her sign up is on the top right hand side of her blog).

Also tomorrow I will be posting my mini kit that I did a two fer with KimB's color challenge and a new release of some CU stuff From Charlie's until tomorrow, have a safe and wonderful Holiday tomorrow for those who have a holiday or Have a wonderful Monday!!!!


charlie said...

Happy birthday to your darling Granddaughter..she is just a month or so younger than my eldest!I cannot wait to see the finished album too..sweet dreams lovely lady!

Vicki said...

Hi Dawn - just passing through and leaving some love. Happy birthday to Brittany! And lots of love to you from across the pond!

xashee's corner said...

Happy Birthday to Brittany! thank you so very much for ALLLLLLL that you share! i signed up for the newsletter, sure don't want to miss out! hehe Have a safe & WONDERFUL Memorial day! :)