Sunday, May 19, 2013

Project Life-Book One "Days Gone By"

Project Life-Book One "Days Gone By"

     Good afternoon everyone. A couple of weeks ago I ordered Becky Higgins, Project Life album, different size pocketed page sleeves and a few other things to start scrapping my paper photos. I got everything out (as you can see above) and took pictures of my new goodies, dug out the organized photos which my family helped by put into what we think is by the year, then event where we could. WOW, I have lots of paper photos too. So I asked myself, where do I start and what do I want this album's theme to be since I have so many they will not all fit into one album. Trying my hardest to stay focused on the task at hand, a flood of ideas started swimming in my head. So I stepped back, grabbed a bundle of photos that was labeled "ERVIN STREET-Scan to edit". That was a starting point, I guess. . . . or a distraction from not knowing WHERE to begin....Laugh Out Loud!!! (*WINK, BFF*)

     Needless to say I haven't been back to the scrapping table yet this weekend. But all is not lost...I did work on some scanning and editing which I shared with family and friends on FaceBook to get some feedback to start or add to my journal for these photos. I had some good laughs from what comments I did get back in return, so I was a good thing. But as I was scanning and trying to edit, I am having a couple of light bulb moments. I know once I do get a direction in mind and start, I will have no problem telling my family's photo Story. Any suggestion, please feel free to pass them along in the comment area, PLEASE!!!! 

     The first was, I sure don't know what I was thinking when I took these pictures. 110 Instamatic and can't remember the other, but the flash washed out everyone's face. (laughing because after taking a couple of classes and ALL my digital friends out there, I know better now). And the second was I sure should of SLOWED down to focus and frame the images much better. BUT I tell myself now, at least I have the moments and memories even if they are hard to make what they should be like. I love working with restoration but there are just some that are beyond help...LOL. 

    So now I have some cleaned up photos I printed, more importantly correct journaling for them and now my weekend is almost over. So I will share a few I got ready for my first few pages. Wish me luck, I am going to get more photos ready during the week so that I can spend next weekend, SCRAPPING!!!! 
Photo's (edited) from 1976-1980

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Let the fun begin!!! Great assortment of tools to get 'er done!

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