Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good afternoon everyone... I hope you are enjoying your evening. So how is everyone doing with the huge challenges that I have noticed all over scrapland, Project 365 photo per day? When cruising my regular blogs and sites, I have seen all kinds of versions of this very popluar challenge. I have been working on mine too. Woo Hoo, I have taken a photo or two each day....Labeling them and doing some journal notes for each one, too. I will post five more of them tomorrow or Monday, but here is my first layout from that project. I want to do a layout with my new release, Snowflakes, Too! It finally got put in my store last week and this was a good photo (Day 3) to do it with. Here are my journal notes for it:

Day 3- On the second night I was at my sisters, she wanted to share a special kind of ice cream she found, Strawberry Cheese Cake with graham cracker crust in it...and she made me laugh as we had been visiting my mom together over the summer and she was always telling us we were using the wrong bowls for things we were eat....long my sister said, "To share this special ice cream we have to have a SPECIAL bowl, Ice cream cone shaped bowls with SPECIAL SPOONS, too!" and we both laughs so the picture is Gracie and Amber getting the SPECIAL bowl out and fulling them with the SPECIAL ice cream. Brandon really thought we were crazy as we keep asking each other, "Doesn't is taste better in the SPECIAL bowls and spoons."

New Release in my store at Treasures To Scrap. Keep your eyes out for some new changes upcoming for Treasures To Scrap!Here is a Quick page I made for sharing with you. I used mostly all my new kit but the frames I had got from my dear friend at A Work in Progress aka Vicki Parker which I altered a little. I hope you enjoy it and remember my retirement sale still coming on at TTS, too!

Download Quick Page Here
Can you tell I like this new kit, New release which does match my part of TTS Treasure Chest for Dec, my blog header, and yes I dressed up a new avatar too! I hope you enjoy it too! Thank you for all your support and wonderful comments. Happy Scrapping and 365 photo taking.


Juli and Brett said...

Thank you for the pretty qp. Your LO is just beautiful! THanks for sharing!

Simply Sarah said...

HI! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my 365 blog. You are so lucky to have a BF like Linda - she is so nice.

love your site here... and what a cute snowflake kit in the shop. I'll be back to see more of what you have.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hey SWEET STUFF!!! After two days, I am on the loose again!!! LOL! Watch out SCRAPLAND!!! ROFL!

I will have to catch you up when I can actually talk! Still takes a lot out of me and I've been pretty quiet ALL day today!

FABULOUS QP and I SNOW wish I had our recent snow adventures but will have to wait to retrieve them, SHOOT!

Hope you are able to read without TOO much distraction girlfriend! Take it easy and be GOOD to YOU!

Love ya,
Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...



Franny said...

Come to post all your freebies at:

Picklebeans dot com / Forum

I hope you or your CT's will use the forum to post your freebies, it is really easy!

Be sure to tell everyone you's new!

Hope to see you there:)

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful. Thank you. It's snowy here so it will be used right away!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing this gorgeous quick page!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

How pretty! Thank you so much:)

Teri said...

Love this page. Now if we would only get some snow here. :-) Thanks!