Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hi everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I bet you are wondering why I posted a photo of some guy, dressed in a dress, dancing and waving to everyone that drives by. Well, isn’t it funny how something will hit you, which makes you feel very thankful for what we do have in this crazy self serving world we live in today? I drive pass this guy dancing and waving to all the by passers and think to myself as much as I hate my job and the company I work for, I could have his job and laugh to myself. I am not downgrading what he is doing, as there are not many people, much less a man, who would dress like the Statue
of Liberty, dance like he is listening to head banger (alterative) rock music, look up at you with a smile and wave each and everyday during Tax season (He works for Liberty Tax), but it makes me feel that life could be a lot worst. I could be standing on that same corner, panhandling to feed myself.

If you listen to the news, which by the way is too depression to watch on a daily basis anymore, people are losing their jobs with companies they have worked for years. Big name companies that just last year was on top of the world with cash flow and doing well on the stock market. My point is that sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture to see that maybe our lives aren’t as bad as we have made them. Everyone has choices and we have to live with the choices we make, whether it be good choices or bad ones, we still have the choice how we live. I guess, sharing this with you, I wonder what has happened to us. As we always hear the entire negative side to everything in the world but not much good. What happened to the nice little things people use to do for each other, snail mail a thank you card, a note to say HI to a friend, hack you rarely get a real card at all for anything since email. And what happened to doing care deeds, like holding a door open for the little old lady walking into the store as you are going out instead of shaking you head because you think she is walking to slow? I know that doing little things really fills my heart with joy and I now smile each day as I past the guy dancing on the corner, as it reminds me how lucky I really am to have the life I have as imperfect it may be.

So I challenge you to try to do at least one good deed each day of your life and I promise that it will make you smile and feel good that you helped someone in need of so that something Positive can be talked about. It is the little thing that makes a BIG difference in the world. (Stepping down from the soap box)…LOL.

Tomorrow I will be posting a new freebie that I have put together for a blog friend of mine, I am sure that you know her if you follow blogs on a regular basis, Kim B. She has a color challenge over at DSO each month. I love the color palette and the little goodies she offers for posting in the challenge. She has an awesome turn out and that are lot of bloggers that take part in her challenge to collect as well. (I hope you don’t mind Kim for posting this little shout out for you! It is to show you how I appreciate your hard work and LOVE reading your post as it really shows the humorous outlook you have with life!) (Remember to do a layout with her FRIENDS mini from her blog for her anniversary).


GSCreations said...

Im in for your challenge! We do tend to take our own lives for granted and dont realise how lucky we are, your words are very true. For every action there is a consequence, my mom always said if you make your bed you have to lie in it. How you make your duvet more comfortable is up to you, sometimes my blankets are thorns but prunning them becomes a way of life LOL.
Here's a smile for you and a little hug too.
have a great day

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

what a fun fun photo and awesome challenge... I just love sitting here reading your blog and catching up.. You are a remarkable woman and wow on all you are doing.... WTG GAL!!!!! you rawk!!
luv your gutz,

Joanna said...

You are right, kindness is the best policy. I think we all need a reminder sometimes, so, thanks! :o)

Carole N. said...

What a great read, Dawn. I agree with you so much so as I sit here snowed in with my hubby at work 20 miles away snowed in...all roads closed...I am thankful he is inside, warm, and has a job. I am in a warm home with plenty of food. Yes, we have so much to be thankful for and I tell myself that every day.

Love you, girlfriend.